Electors Consider:Stein Needs A Million $ for FBI to Investigate in Penn?

I do hope the electors are watching the Republicans obscure the attempt to examine what has occurred in the elections. If Barack does not get them off their …partisan platform to investigate the election and take appropriate action, …we will pray that the Holy Spirit do it itself! Some things are more important than self-interest.

      Russian interference has become increasingly obvious, and the reason for withholding or rejecting the electors from these states is increasing. What if Trump chose Bannon to be Chief of Staff right before the electors vote December 13, rather than two weeks before, and hence obscuring the tyranny revealed and providing a big clue regarding the interference with the election? The people seem only able to focus on a single issue at any given time, and to lose interest in a week or two. But then our platform for the “Alt-right” here, Mr. Bart-the-Bright, would not have been so helpful in rounding out the cabinet of the President assumed Elect.


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