How To Turn An Election

   Ok, here is how the election might have been turned given the actuarial input. I would use my detailed spy-marketing information on every American citizen first to find certain wishy-washy Democrats who might vote, but might not, those least likely to get to the polls. I would then interfere with these, some in practical ways and some just to discourage them from voting. I believe Bright Bart has already admitted to discouraging votes in black neighborhoods. I would use my spy-marketing to target my efforts. I would also take undecided votes only of a certain kind, and barrage them with fake news, such as that seen in the Trump-supported National Enquirer. I would do this maybe only in the swing states, so as to lessen the likelihood of discovery. I might also have my Klansmen who happen also to wear a badge shoot some blacks, inflaming the latent racism in that blue collar group of white guys. That might be enough right there, and I am just a loony guy, not a smart guy like Bright Bart.

   And with a little thought, I’m sure I could come up with at least as many ways as the unregulated multi-billionaires have found to manipulate the markets. On an NPR show last night (probably the excellent Ted Talk), they were discussing experiments that show how easy it is to manipulate markets. In one participants were shown a picture of a man named Joe, and asked whether they liked him. Each were asked to hold a cup of coffee for the experimenter, and did not know it was part of the experiment. Some were handed a cold cup and some a hot cup of coffee. The apparent accident proved decisive. Their explanation was that the centers of the brain perceiving temperature are right near the centers for cold and warm feelings about others. Another point was about strings of seven numbers, such as phone numbers, again proving decisive. Since we have spent so much effort on these things in psychology, and none studying the soul of psyche, there ought be plenty of little tricks compiled by now for the science to be used in service of making money- the truly serious human activity. My frigging cats are having their appetites manipulated by Friskies, and there is not a thing I can do about it so far, though I strongly suspect it is occurring. A year has gone by, and no one has even checked. I just asked a vet at the Petsmart to check, and we’ll see if he ever gets back to me, since every one knows that since I am funny looking, it must be “just me.”

   I would also limit the access to political websites, so that those searching for certain topic just never arrive there. I would use the criminals and traitors I had with such great difficult planted in the FBI. And I would laugh like hell when they complained and nothing was done because congress is on the take for their campaigns. My Kaspersky too would be a big contributor to NPR, so that no one would listen to the few who figure out what a danger this is.

 The American electorate is very balanced in certain ways for natural reasons. The voters who do not care are less likely to go to the polls. We, the CLC, think that is fine, if the people who care more are the ones who once directed American politics. The accidental voters too cancel one another out, so that the more deliberate are the ones to decide a normal election. The few and the many were balanced, so that once Trump had astonished the polls in the primaries (Do the exit polls match the voting results while the entrance polls do not?), the republicans who vote and the democrats, who are far more numerous but have more trouble voting, are balanced. When they begin to become imbalanced, the positions of the parties shift to accommodate the changes opinion, and they shift just until they are winning again, and then are no longer motivated to accommodate, so that the many and the few are balanced. If one party begins to become extreme, some leave and some switch parties. The Americans are so stupid and so deaf to any thought not already opined by the herd that they would fall into my mouth like ripe fruits. Hence the election is easy even for me to turn, if only there is the intention. Trump is the first candidate, too, who openly espouses winning regardless of how one plays the game. He did not spend money on advertising, though he believes money buys everything, because someone promised him the election. And he accused the Democrats of election fraud if he should lose because he knew they would have to match his election fraud, and he may have believed, with a little help from Bart, that the Russians were having their way with us through Kaspersky or something similar. If Bight Bart did discourage the vote, say in Pennsylvania around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, I would know that if anyone figured it out, no one would believe them, and that the same methods used to tun the election could be used to squash the movement for a recount or reconsideration. The only reason that Russian interference is being discussed at all is the self-interest of the Democrats, and the virtue and perhaps the guilt feelings of Jill Stein.


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