Bana Alabed: Electors Consider

   Bana is the seven year old in Aleppo whose twitter account vanished, perhaps for her own security, as she may have become an assassination target. I just tried to re-tweet a report about her, before the tweeter button vanished, and trying to go back, Yahoo barraged me with advertisements.

   She had written that her house got bombed, …”and we got in rubble.” In the sixth year of war, he city has been in terror her whole life. She used to go to school, until her school was destroyed.

   Hundreds of civilians have been killed just lately, but we fix upon Bana because she gives a human face to what is being done. Her followers have just gone from 4,0000 to 200,000, so maybe they will not be able to kill her directly.

   Hey, do we not admire those guys who ride bareback shirtless, so much so that we elected Donald Trump? This is what that choice means, America. Yeah, that Obama, just can’t stick to it when he draws a line in the sand. Myself, I might have considered sending a damn missile through the computer intell. section there in Moscow, but there might be seven-year-olds there as well. Now, let us hear from the republicans all those whining reasons they have for dissing Hillary. Dammit, some things are more important than others. Where is my Oxy?

   The fact is that President Obama may be one of the greatest presidents of all time, possibly comparable to Lincoln if he avoids civil war, and Hillary will do just fine, especially with a republican congress, if these elections are not also overturned, as the courts have begun to consider gerrymandering.


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