Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College

The following is reprinted from Ghoh, whose name is Joe- Thanks! You can connect to his blog through the comments below-MM

When running for the Presidential Elector Nominee some six months ago, I had no idea the conflict that would ensue both from without and within. To say that it has been an “educating experienceR…

Source: Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College


2 thoughts on “Conflicted Elector in a Corrupt College

  1. Been here before. To summarize: Being very glib about it, but sometimes two wrongs make a “right,”

    The God I can believe in would want us to make a “right!”

    • The electors have to do the right thing, and nothing prevents this.

      The centrist sometimes leans left, and sometimes right, keeping the boat along the mean.

      Three lefts make a right, but you come out one street south! Ditto for three rights, heading in the opposite direction.

      Pete Townshend said “I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth / North side of my town faced East and the East was facing South.

      No one knows what he meant, but the sides of every city have a constant meaning, north wealthy, south most crime…

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