Electors Consider the Duterte Campaign

   The Duterte campaign in the Philippines used some very interesting methods of campaigning similar to the methods that we suggest were used in the United States. These methods, and much else, have been reported by the BBC, which we get through NPR in the middle of the night, while most Americans are sleeping. An organized little army of internet trolls went about controlling social media especially through Facebook, and making death threats. We suggest that our election was turned, perhaps by Bight Bart, using similar methods. I called my congressman- on my Obama phone, which goes through the Philippines, to tell him three things about this report, to ask him to listen to it and be informed. My congressman is a Trump supporter, and does not listen to me. I told him that I had made a personal acquaintance through this phone over there in the Philippines, had my life threatened, or so I thought, in a vague way that only I would understand. I also told him that if I called the FBI, our FBI, and told them these things, they would laugh at and hang up on me. Perhaps I will drive over to Jackson and make my next call to the FBI from his phone, and he can see them do this for himself.

   Electors consider: The Philippines is a preview of what may be seen in America, and a post-view of what we have seen occur in our election.

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