Electors Consider:Trump Collects Names of EPA Officials Involved in Climate Change Policy

   One said it “felt like a hit list.” Another has said that any actions against officials carrying out the policy of a previous administration raises questions about the commitment of the Trump administration to the rule of law.” That is the obverse way of saying tyrant. It is so glaringly obvious that the Electoral College should reject this candidate that is is becoming difficult for me to speak. But if he does such things on stupid questions like whether we should take certain measures because human activity might be effecting the climate, just to be safe, imagine how he will act with his lists on other issues. As always happens in the rise of tyrants, the republicans are still currying favor and thinking it will just be those other people he goes after, and it is still astonishing for the public to consider that the electors just might reject him and save their nation from a growingly glowingly obvious tyranny. Do the electors know a tyrant when they see one?


2 thoughts on “Electors Consider:Trump Collects Names of EPA Officials Involved in Climate Change Policy

  1. Gotta have hope?

    The list of disqualifers goes so far beyond even a short list, pick any few from the long list, that aught to be convincing to the College, or later to the House and Senate, that I am considering a new Aristotelian concept: Unnecessary Causes.

    • Yea, like more than sufficient! I just hope the electors know that they can make a choice, and even that binding them is unconstitutional. What if a Pres. Elect were found to be an ax-murderer? Or just an election-thrower and a great benefit, or “aid and Comfort…” I am once again proud of John McCain today!.40/309 republicans is what we need, I think within just two days.

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