40 Electors Must See the Danger of Tyranny: America Consider

   We need 40 Republican electors who know a tyrant and an emerging tyranny when they see one. 40 out of 309 must see that this election has been turned by Russian interference through the system of spy-marketing. Evil works like that, through vices one ignores. We refused to admit the extent of surveillance to which we have been subjected, refused to acknowledge our Fourth and Fifth Amendments, which prevent the prostitution of our privacy. We refuse to oppose it because, what, one is supposed to cease communicating, banking or watching T.V? Make a spectacle of oneself in the Bank to object to spy-marketing? And besides, they give us that little pellet, just like the rats in a Skinner Box. So we acquiesced, each looking to his own advantage. One reason for the Fourth Amendment is that people have enemies who will use any information obtained for their own advantage. The FBI would not admit that with the flip of a switch, all the info they collected on themselves and others could be owned by the Russians and used to corrupt our elections, giving us a self-destructive embodiment of all our vices, such as greed, which places money above other things that are in truth more important, like liberty.

A Note: This movement to have the electors consider comes not from the Democrats, as will be asserted, but from centrists and independents. Like the recall of Jill Stein, it was not initiated by Barack and Hillary, whose hands are tied by the appearance of self-interest and even particularly by the insistence that Trump accept the results of the election. But Hillary is quite capable of holding the office. The common accusation that she is a “crook” is false news, without a single crooked thing demonstrated. How nice of Donney to magnanimously decline to prosecute her. It is especially a joke for Trump to accuse her, since he could easily be impeached if his mob connections were closely examined, say, that fellow he wined and dined in Las Vegas, or any concrete poured for his construction projects. The National Enquirer accused her of Russian involvement just before the election, and one might backtrack each Trump accusation in a similar way. They spread this junk through Facebook to those slightly dim-witted, unstudied blue collar white folks. The republicans began with a partisan disdain for her based on certain issues, issues that are simply incomparable to tyranny and the impending loss of American liberty.

   The problem with a sales pitch is that one may get taken. In politics, the stakes are trans-economic, if the oligarchs can admit so esoteric a realm of being. But here, a Machiavellian style fascist politician has simply had his way with a used car salesman sort of person, and will continue to do so, getting Trump to lead America toward her ruin. Electors Consider.


3 thoughts on “40 Electors Must See the Danger of Tyranny: America Consider

  1. There is so much here! No argument.

    We can only pray, but the God I believe in does not answer this kind of prayer. Sorry to be pessimistic, but the God I believe in answers without exception ever, in consequences to causes.

    • We pray, but have to fasten our own seat belt! We have to do it ourselves. I think the Big Cheese (the 33rd name of God) might be non-partisan, perhaps a centrist, if intelligence sees the mean. Maybe he took Jefferson’s advice and got out of politics! Now we want ‘im back in, and in a hurry! I said maybe I’ll ask the Holy Spirit ‘imself to have Barack order an investigation into this election, and Whallah! Who knows? Hope so!

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