Kaspersky Already Knows Yahoo and Bing Messed with the Internet

   These Russians were a bit ahead of us in computer and internet superiority. No one else reads my blogs because my search term access is blocked, but Kaspersky has already used my Yahoo blog to promote their security, and had done so within two days of its being published. I have Kaspersky by default, because the owners of this computer did not believe me when I told them that there is a problem with having 4 hundred million accounts handled through Moscow. So Kaspersky passively collected information, then applied logarithms for targeted interference with speech and to discover the most vulnerable toward whom to target their fake news, with Bright Bart’s assistance, especially in the swing states. We are so stupid and corrupt already that this practice is not even illegal, except when considered in a foreign policy context, in which it is an act of war and treason. NPR has been reluctant to speak conspiracy theories against so large a contributor with nothing to back the assertions except common sense. But I will again suggest to my word-of-mouth readers that an examination of the violations of the First Amendment in controlling the traffic of this single website will quickly show how the election was turned. This investigation will occur when someone gets around to it, and then Mat Mullenweg, the owner of WordPress, will know why I kept calling him Mellon-wedge.

   This blocking of Free Speech may in itself be enough to discount the election. How can the electors consider if they are kept from information? We call on the electors to renounce tyranny and negate the Russian plans for our future and the future of the World.

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