Trumps Answers Imply: If It Were So, We Could Not Know

 The answer of Trump to the charges of Russian interference in the election all imply that if it were so, we could not know, are disallowed from considering and thinking it, and should do nothing about it? He answers just as he would if it were so and he knew it. Do not forget that Bright Bart provided domestic assistance. Trump and the Russians keep parading out the error regarding Saddam’s WMD. No one is asking the Donald, “Do you mean that if it were true, the CIA could not know?” And, “Do you mean that it is fine with you if it did happen, and you are a tyrant who will destroy American interests to the great delight of Putin in an endless grasp for power?” This is in fact what he means, and it is obviously false that the CIA could not know it. It is also false that the electors should not consider these things when they resoundingly and heroically reject the Trumpster and fulfill the function which the founding fathers intended their college to serve.

   Dolts who have never studied are not very good at the Constitution, so as to know when the election is really over, nor are they very good at logic. They do not know to with begin a line of investigation from an hypothesis, then watch all the things that do appear magically line up. The cosmos which led to our picture of the Copernican universe presented mankind with the question of what accounts for these appearances. For thousands of years the truth was right in front of us, but it in fact is very difficult to demonstrate that the earth is going around the sun and not the sun around the earth: How could one tell?

   Induction and deduction are difficult, because induction cannot prove an hypothesis. All the white swans in the world do not prove that all swans are white. That “conspiracy theories” are often false surely does not prove that there are no conspiracies. But that is why humans do not have certain knowledge or what Socrates calls “divine wisdom,” a certain chain of reasoning based on a certain first principle, such as that sought by Descartes.

   We are hoping for at least 40 electors who know a scam, a scammer and a tyrant when they see one, and are capable of setting aside partisan differences for the good of their nation when great matters just might be at stake. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats need Donald Trump, and the risk, given the evidence that does appear, is just too great for our nation. Besides, Hillary won the popular vote, so that the choice of the electors has added legitimacy. And the hands of the Democrats were deliberately tied by getting them to respond when the Donald said that if he did not win, the election would have been rigged. So much of a salesman’s accusations must be turned back upon themselves to find the truth from what appears.

   Again, we are not Democrats, but the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist party, the smallest political party in America!


2 thoughts on “Trumps Answers Imply: If It Were So, We Could Not Know

  1. Once upon a time, a long time ago, people who talked about conspiracy theories were mocked. My father said that to not realize that there were conspiracies was naive. What he said was that there were so many conspiracies going on that they cancelled themselves out. Oh, if that were ever true, we wish it were true now!

    People, I believe, are capable of reasoning, but unfortunately it seems, they are also incapable of registering – they hear but they don’t listen – what they say to one another to have an ordinary conversation. One must be interested in expanding one’s view to have a good conversation.

    • I have a Trump supporter, UMC, who says Trump is going to fix Aleppo, and on the radio a Mr. Huff said it was the weakness of Obama that allowed that to happen. What does one do with that stuff? He praises a butcher, and the Trumpsters blink like Nietzsche’s “last” men. I said “Putin has that handled too.” We hope and pray for the electors. My search term access from outside has been blocked for over a year, and no one will do a thing about it. Our FBI is so on top of it! Not.

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