Right, Aleppo is Obama’s Fault and Trump is Going to Fix It

   Our point about Aleppo and the Philippines is that Putin is responsible for these atrocities, and has turned the U. S. elections. Our electors must reject Trump, who does nor care. He has flattered a butcher, and Trump supporters do not care. Our nation will be much worse than the Philippines after January, should the electors fail to fulfill their duty to prevent tyranny. Your sons and grandsons will be sent out out in brown shirts and returned in boxes from an unnecessary war that serves the Putin interests, allowing him to roll into Europe. That is what President Obama has avoided by not diving into the middle of a civil war, which is just what Putin is trying to force us to do. The alternative is to hit Putin, which Trump is also not going to do. A few days ago, the Trumpsters were trying to say that the opposition in Syria was “Al Quaeda,” a word we have not heard since they morphed into ISIS. That is a profanity far worse than the vulgarities uttered during the campaign.


2 thoughts on “Right, Aleppo is Obama’s Fault and Trump is Going to Fix It

    • I think they are going to reject him. Lindsay Graham said tonight he would not vote for Trump if he does not admit the CIA report. Like you said regarding necessary and sufficient, what on earth does it take for these thick…to know a tyrant and the disaster of their nation when it is right in front of them?

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