Electors Consider: Stand Up!

   On one hand, we do not need Donald Trump. Neither America nor the Republicans will even benefit. On the other, the destruction of your nation may be at hand. People are seriously discussing petty economic matters while the tyrant Trump admires is target bombing hospitals in Aleppo. The electors are afraid of retaliation from Trump if he wins, so each is afraid to act alone. We know he has lists of academics. There is a time to stand up against tyranny, and the time is now, since soon it will be too late. Vote him out, and this whole thing dissolves like the Wicked Witch of the West, and something like the universal fascism we fear will happen later, rather than sooner, and perhaps we can even, given a bit of time, get hold of this thing and preserve the human world we all know and love.

   It has occurred to me that perhaps the Trumpsters do not think bombing hospitals is wrong if only it appears profitable. For these, like the racists who think what was done to Emmitt Till is ok, all we can say is that what we do to others is and will be done to us, by an inevitable law of a nature that includes justice, much as we like to ignore it. You will see your sons and grandsons go out in brownshirts and come home in boxes for your disregard. And perhaps what was done to Emmitt Till will be done to you, since you are far less innocent than many of the victims of tyranny in the modern world.

   Trumpsters inhabit a two dimensional world, and do not see tyranny, nor are they able to consider its significance for America. They do not see what it means to arm a man with the foreign policy wisdom of a four year old and the ethics of a mobster with nuclear weapons. Neither does Putin, by the way, and he is a rather sharp pencil. I wonder how the stock market responded to Hitler, say, in 1936 and then in 1946. But surely the markets are a good indicator!

   P. S. My internet search word traffic is still blocked, and that for one citizen is enough to invalidate a whole election. All my traffic is word of mouth, and I am being spied on intensely. I can only hope the FBI is above them, watching them spy on me and drawing the obvious conclusions. I have also called for oversight of the FBI. In Aikido-Jitsu, when they grab you, you have them!


2 thoughts on “Electors Consider: Stand Up!

    • Did Art Stay? Big news last night-retaliation promised- and today-Trump knew, which I believe is legal treason, to add to emoluments (bribery) and of course a zillion crimes and misdemeanors. Sufficient. But they still say the odds are low. The electors can vote Evan McMullin, according to On Point- I thought a guy needed at least 1 electoral vote, but apparently not. Then in the House, they might even avoid a Pence Trump suck up administration and cabinet. Yea!

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