Lindsay Graham says Electors should not vote for Trump If He Does Not Acknowledge Russian Hacking

   In what may be the first or second hopeful sign, here two days before the Electors are to vote, Lindsay Graham has said he would not vote for Trump if Trump does not acknowledge the CIA reports of Russian hacking and interference in the election. We also heard that Russia effected the congressional votes for the Republicans. In Detroit, the votes were so messed up as to be un-re-countable, adding to the legitimacy of Republican electors from Michigan abstaining or taking guidance from the national popular vote, which gives Hillary a great deal of legitimacy. The Republican disdain for her really needs to be re-considered given the fake news and partisan gullibility of the republicans, which have embarrassed them by now. But while the vote in Philadelphia and other large cities was in the 90% range, the Detroit vote was closer to 80%, again enough to turn the Michigan election, so that we must agree that we do not know who won the vote in Michigan. Again, we had 80,000 votes with no choice at all for president, and this has yet to be compared with non-swing states.

   I did not think the majority of Americans could be that coarse and vulgar yet, and the truth is we are not. I was astonished throughout the primaries, attributing his rise to the weakness of the Republican presidential candidates. Could they really be afraid of the press, like their mommy the people is going to find out they smoked weed? But the capable Republicans seem not to run because the press and people can be so cruel. Those capable might be Marco Rubio, Evan McMullin, our own Mikey Rogers, maybe Larry Arnn, and guys like that, guys with some serious kahunas, brains and experience. The rise of Trump makes much more sense with Russian influence, and many other oddities too fall into place once one gets on to the right hypothesis.

   Lindsay Graham told us we wee snowed by Trump a long time ago, and did not vote fo him, apparently, in the election. We vastly appreciate, and give ascent to, those Republicans who knew and stood up, like George Bush and the Koch brothers, rather than slavishly change their minds according to the direction of the political winds.

   Electors, take this to the Bank: this election was turned decisively by Russian internet scams, and it is our own fault, for the same slavishness that keeps the press from mentioning the spy-marketing system and targeted interference, which the FBI still wants to use without our knowing, if possible.

   Take this with you too to the bank: This website is not accessible though search terms, which is a violation of the first Amendment. If this is occurring not only to me, do to Russian or FBI blacklisting, but to very many others as well, the suppression of political speech is sufficient to make elections and free government forever impossible.

   Take this too: Donald Trump admires and allowed the influence of a man who is a “butcher,” a killed of children in Aleppo and a bomber of hospitals, just as he welcomed the support of the White Supremacists, who do not care about what was done to Emmitt Till or Martin Luther King Jr. America indeed has some penance to do if we survive this, and we must also take precautions against the Russian plan B, which may well be war. Electors, America must reject Donald Trump because he seeks his own interest and aggrandizement at the expense of his nation, and that is what a tyrant is.

3 thoughts on “Lindsay Graham says Electors should not vote for Trump If He Does Not Acknowledge Russian Hacking

  1. Hi!

    I had prepared a more detailed comment, but probably composed it here and then lost it here before posting.

    In any event, in summary: Our tragedy is that this is Graham’s only “Essential” cause to at last engage himself to do a right thing, too little and probably too late.

    What about the endless, and growing number of “Essential” disqualifiers that neither he nor the Republican Party or too many of the electorate care at all about?

  2. As Porgy says as he sets off for New York in his goatcart, “I’m on my way!” we have hope for him, but maybe that’s all we can have. And we can have hope for ourselves too. 20, for certain, is entering the realm of possibility.

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