Right, Now, If It Did Occur It Is Obama’s Fault

   Thinking both sides of every issue, now the Trumpster says that if the Russians did turn the election with spy-marketing, targeted interference, help from Bright Bart and a bit of hacking, it is Obama’s fault. Indeed, he should have been on top of it all. Until just yesterday, he was saying that the CIA report was “ridiculous,” etc. As when campaigning, Trump just takes any evil in the world and blames it on Barack to his own advantage, since the trumpsters cannot think, for example, if something worse was the alternative, since one cannot always literally choose peace, if others choose war with you. Indeed the internet has gotten away from us, just now. Indeed, people like myself screamed bloody murder months ago, like in August, in direct communications, and indeed, no one listened, just like no one is listening now, though we did get a word or two in edgewise. Barack is dependent on the agencies for his information on petty matters, and as I have said, I believe myself to have been black listed, and to have certain individual persons who think this is ok. Our communications have been suppressed, and our lives likely threatened, especially for saying that Russia and the U. S. mob seem to have worked together on the oxy-heroin scam. Come kill me, maybe then someone will listen, and it will almost be worth it. I reported the mathematics, that if we do not impose something like the Bill of Rights onto all internet business going in and out of the United States, universal tyranny is the mathematically necessary result, because the most unscrupulous will prosper. Indeed, we warned about the deregulation spirit in the Republican congress, but hey, they are the ones who know how to make money, right? We warned about Kaspersky, spy-marketing and targeted interference in general and in particular, and no one has ever come to talk to me about it, or even returned a phone call. My phone goes through the Philippines. My T.V. and computer (Magnovox and Toshiba) are still spying on me by camera and recorder (look up their “privacy policy” and default settings). We suspect the FBI does not care because they are using the spy-marketing to spy on everyone-except themselves, which is sub-contracted out. I too am shocked at how quickly this occurred, as the mathematics do not indicate that, how fast tyranny will result. I might have guessed we had ten years. But if we ignore the Fourth Amendment and the Bill of Rights, not increased security from terrorists, but universal tyranny of Biblical proportions is the necessary result. And if we do not turn out Donald Trump in the Electoral College, the destruction of our nation is the necessary result.

   No, Obama did not appreciate the importance of the Fourth Amendment, and could not politically oppose the intrusions, since everyone is so terrified that they forgot their Bill of Rights. But Trump does not even believe in the Bill of Rights, and this is what it means when we say he is a tyrant.

   Electors Consider, and STAND UP!

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