Algorithms and How They Are Applied: The Concentration of Evil


   This morning I awoke to a consideration on NPR of the Facebook Algorithm marketing system, and the way it comes up with those corny results. The spy marketing system, we suggest, was instrumental in turning this election, and the Trumpster has been heard to chuckle revealing a deep certainty that we cannot be know who has thrown the election. He acts as though he had been told that no one can find the source of interference by this method, and he may be correct that there is something occurring that is impossible to prove by mathematical or computer means. This is very similar to the sense I get that someone promised him the election, because of two things he said and how he said them. We suggest, though, that this certainty is a techie error, and that the old fashion human means of detective work and truth telling will figure it out and even demonstrate what has occurred.

   I had asked the Science Friday people to help me to demonstrate that search engine traffic through search terms was blocked from my website. My traffic is about 98% word of mouth, with almost no one or no one ever looking up “Electoral College,” for example, and happening upon my site. They did not answer me, though I had left a number, but they did give a Google answer on the air, which is that how the sites come up in the searches is determined democratically, by how many people have gone there and hence by how popular a site has been. Setting aside the logical difficulty that a site could never get started in the voting without Google having predetermined what sorts of things are likable, the other difficulty with that when one cross-checks this, by searching for key words and even keywords in quotations, many other things come up that do not logically fit the search. Check this for yourself. I have about six articles with “electors consider” in the title. Many other things will come that have maybe just one of these words in the text, and the six that should have come right up may never come up.

   I did have some help, though with this ingenious insight. I called WordPress to complain that I was blocked from search term traffic, and their answer was to try to extort money from me. And I am not just using this word as a way to describe their fee for upgrading. A foreign voice on a phone in a busy office or airport said he could help for a sliding scale amount beginning are 300$ and going up over 1000 dollars. Now, how could I ever prove that it was WordPress, and not some hacker, who I was talking to?

   The Facebook algorithms are sloppy and a joke and still they made 4 Billion dollars applying them without our consent, whoring our privacy and marketing our profiles, and we are so slavish we would do nothing about it. The contrast of this sloppy joke with, for example, the precision the profile made for me on Yahoo and Bing, are an interesting contrast and demonstrate intention. And as I have said, I can prove this to a jury in court, or at least present a preponderance of evidence. Google, too, has me profiled, not as a writer on six serious topics regarding the science of the human being, but as the sort of person inclined to think these “crazy” things. Check that out too, when one taps mmcdonald77. Again this is no algorithm, but demonstrably quite intentional. And it is similarly with intention and such methods that the election was decisively turned.

   But the thought I was awakened with is this: What if there is evil in the human soul, and the use of algorithms and the baser purposes of man, the sort most effective to that salesman, what if this stuff leads through the internet and computers to a concentration of evil that mathematically causes not only our present tyranny, by a coalescence of the baser voter, but to the Antichrist? An extract, like a perfume, concentrates one element. What if there is a concentration of evil in politics due to the mathematical effect of the internet? A marvelous basis for a sci-fi thriller, but perhaps too plenty of reason that we reject spy-marketing, and that we stand up, Bill of Rights in hand, and get a hold of this thing.


2 thoughts on “Algorithms and How They Are Applied: The Concentration of Evil

  1. The effect if intimidation and targeted interference with the internet, too, accumulates by a sort of feed-back. Everyone is of course afraid to search on google for things related to terrorism, and the effect on those who know they are being watched increases, as has been mathematically demonstrated and reported on NPR. So liberty is squashed, as the mice scurry about their virtual Skinner-box for pellets, while evil is concentrated. Throw in a little Oxy for a catalyst, and you may get our present circumstance.

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