Michigan Electors Think They Are Bound?

   29 states have passed laws supposedly binding their electors from voting contrary to the party which appointed them electors. These laws are unconstitutional, and if they were not, we could through the legislators and the executive together, withhold our electors as a lot, here especially on the grounds that our vote is un-re-countable. It is the Cummings and Wise Text that reads “most constitutional scholars agree that these laws (binding the electors) are unconstitutional.” That would seem to be because the elections are federal, and the supremacy clause assures that states cannot change federal election law. The electors can vote however they want, and I would warn against the federal crime of threatening them or interfering with them in any way- including blocking traffic from the web that they may freely click and read. About one more interference from Bright Bart, the FBI or the Russians, and the Supreme Court might cancel the whole election, and make Barack work overtime- “till we sort this thing out.”


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