Oxy, Heroin, Putin and Donald Trump

   The sociologist Shannon Monnat of Penn State has noticed a correlation between the swing states, drug and alcohol mortality rates, and counties where the Trumpster outperformed expectations. I am of course restating her conclusions that were restated on the radio, so these words and categories must be refined by critical editing. And now I am going to fit this piece of the puzzle into the “conspiracy” hypothesis, run the old computer, and state the result: The swing states may have been targeted through the Russian and U. S. mobs little oxy-heroin project. We have already stated that we suspect the dash that connects oxy-heroin epidemic was intentional, and that this could be used to prep our nation of Facebook users for false news, scam marketing and targeted interference of sorts we have not yet had the audacity of which to think.

   Of course it could be only that places of economic distress were susceptible to a message of political change, and we used to make fun of Barack in the first election for his message of “Change,” a good faggot for the fire of a thousand jokes. (We supported John McCain in that one, and still do, though went with Barack in the second election, impressed by his soul and his performance despite policy disagreements). We must then think of ways to cross-check, separate out and see, connecting this line of thought to “tyrants are inclined to do that sort of thing,” to “look under that rock and you may find a snake.”

   Electors Consider: This whole thing melts like the Wicked Witch of the West with just 40 Republicans who know a tyrant when they see one, sense a big problem when it is right in front of them, read the constitution and stand up! Lets do that for retaliation!

   Shame on us when 37% of the Republicans approve of Vlad Putin. And what do these think of Vlad Dracula? Shame on those who do not know the difference between U. S. and Russian methods of war, comparing Mosul and Aleppo. Give me a percentage for how many republicans approve of Barack.


2 thoughts on “Oxy, Heroin, Putin and Donald Trump

  1. Update: Jan. 9: Newt was on NPR today. He is all over the oxy-heroin issue. He says some guys in Mexico figured out to bring in heroin to follow up when we cut back on the oxy, and Russia’s U.S. zombies are in need. I have heard before about the Mexican source of heroin, which is interesting, because I thought it awful strange that, just when we were in Afghanistan, suddenly there was a heroin epidemic in the U.S. But see my previous blogs on the issue-MM

  2. I received an interesting Spanish comment assisting me by connecting me to a black magic cult. The thing came from the U. S., but the cult is afro-Brazillian. In addition to asking why they have forgotten Jesus, I sent along sincere hopes for their good fortune, and, sorry, threw it in the trash with the Satanic video and the FBI response to the way the Spirit of John McCain grows up like plants push though the sidewalk. Capish? Yall’l have ta go make money some other way, whether ya do me a favor or not. Ever see Clint in Grand Torino? This is Detroit! Ya owe me two nieces, and, well, it couldn’t last forever. If the FBI is still American, go find where these came from, and save a lot of people a lot of money and trouble. I’m broke already, and could not have more. F’n sissies.

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