CBS Fails to Report CIA Assesment of Russian Interference So Electors Might Consider

   WWJ, which carries the CBS national news, has failed to report that little thing about Russian interference turning the election. They also want everyone in Michigan to know that all the electors are bound by law and none are likely to changes their vote. CBS and WWJ have also failed to report that most constitutional scholars agree that the binding of the electors is unconstitutional, and they have not read much of Federalist 68 on the air so that the electors might save their nation from tyranny. I called the station and reminded them, and asked, what are you already on his payroll?

   The truth does seem to be that the same methods of intimidation and fake news, targeted marketing and targeted interference have been used to insulate Trump from the electoral college. The electors are not likely to do much considering. My website is blocked, as has been explained, and the FBI already does not care. My suggestion is that if anyone in the Trump campaign has intimidated or bribed the press in the slightest way, he might be arrested and charged. But everyone sucks up and loves a tyrant as he is rising, and that is how tyranny happens. I have called until my phone is out of minutes, and written to the point of starvation. I am not optimistic. America is toast.

   The administration error seems to have been to focus only on the items already public, and to ignore the meatier information, to protect sources and methods. Our ancestors were impaled on German barbed wire to prevent fascist tyranny, and now last men, we blink. We fall into its mouth like ripe fruits. No one even knows the significance of treason regarding Russia, nor cares about the children of Aleppo. None understand the tyranny settled in the Philippines, because it is not reported. The electors all watched their football today, like good republican oligarchs, and I would be surprised if half have read their constitution.

   I hope Trump proves me wrong, realizing it is not to ones advantage in the long run to be a tyranny. But when Obama defended his inaction in Syria, he indicated the alternative: a very bloody attempt to take over Syria, depose Assad and jump into the middle of a civil war against both sides. Even if Trump is only against ISIS, YOUR SONS WILL GO OUT IN BROWN SHIRTS AND COME HOME IN BOXES in a losing cause that may well destroy your nation, but will surely be the end of American liberty. Here’s Oxy for your pains, unregulated. Civil war is likely, as police shootings will double, and may rise tenfold, and we have an armed black gang population that this violence may unite. I hope indeed that I am wrong, but these oligarchs will get a bit more than for their ignorance they deserve.


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