Facebook and Fake News

   Facebook and fake news alone are thought to have been enough to turn the election. The present suggestion is to have stories flagged, and when more than one person flags a story, it will be marked as “suspect.” These folks are brilliant, and it surprises me less and less that the election was turned by unscrupulous methods. Bright Bart, for example, would simple attack the true stories, sneak falsehood just below the radar of flagging, make some flags work but not others, and such like things. This election was turned because, while both sides worked hard in the swing states, the unscrupulous did both legitimate and illegitimate things, while Hillary did only legitimate things, for the most part. In our blog about algorithms, we suggested that the effect of the internet is a coalescence or gathering of evil like an extract. If this is so, and we cannot fix it, the internet will by mathematical necessity lead to universal tyranny. One simply cannot have an internet where multi-billionaires are allowed deregulated use of every unscrupulous method ingenuity can devise, while coalescing fortunes feed back into the ability to interfere. A billion dollars can hire an army of techies and give them all day to beat up on guys like me, who do not even have time to clear their mailbox or throw away their junk mail.

   One way to eliminate false news is to arrest people for false advertising and especially for election fraud and sue when a preponderance of evidence can be demonstrated. Of course, while criminal trials need a proof, lawsuits need only persuade juries that there is a preponderance of evidence. But the Electoral College needs only to vote with common sense, after listening to reason and doing some thinking, to save our nation in the short run from tyranny. If they do not, the seizure of the law and the disregard for the Bill of Rights may make impeachment impossible, and the unscrupulous will rule our nation and the world for quite some time. Electors consider.

   Electors are like judges and the attempt of the Donald to influence by threats or even by saying, foe example, “If you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you,” as he said to the journalist, is a FEDERAL CRIME as surely as if one were caught tampering with a ballot box. Folks, its time to call it on this man and his dim-witted and mean-spirited and some just gullible followers.

 Note: I continue to lack search term traffic. I do not try, on this website, to be popular, but true and helpful to the common good. On the internet, people like pictures, and it is very hard to work, let alone read past distractions in the room and on the web and to print out everything one wants to read

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