The Game Analogy Argument

   Showing a surprising ability to understand analogies, the Trumpsters keep arguing that the difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote- 5 or six times greater than the three previous elections where there was a difference- is irrelevant because the game is decided by the score at the end, not by yardage or the score of a seven game series combined, etc. The teams aim their efforts not at yardage nor at scoring more runs over a seven game series, but at the final score and winning four games out of seven.

   What we are saying is that one side cheated massively, and so it does not matter, for example, whether we get rid of the electoral college. They would simply have targeted their cheating to the popular vote. The rules in sports are elaborate and have developed over a century to exclude the influence of the unscrupulous, so that we can have games that are fun at all. The level playing field is set by regulations. It is not much fun to sit through seven games and nine innings only to see the ump or some player obviously throw the game like Shoeless Joe Jackson for the profit of some mobster bookie. This still happens quite often, by the way, and it very difficult to “prove.” Our best method is still to force people in trials to swear to tell the truth and then ask them.

   No, Trumpsters, the game is not decided by who can throw out fake news, practice targeted interference and marketing with the help of foreign spying, drug the opposing players, etc. The game is decided by who can gain the consent of the voters to be governed by them, so that some semblance of self government can be preserved in civil society. Oh and by the way, for those who spend their time reading the Constitution and the Federalist papers, the game is not over until the Electoral College freely votes, and then the candidate probably cannot be in Jail, and may have to be cleared of treason, bribery, High crimes and misdemeanors. Look what happened to Wild Bill when that federal judge mistakenly decided that he should take the stand in a petty civil lawsuit while being President of the United States. They maneuvered to force him to commit perjury. Heck, I myself might commit perjury rather than tell the truth, if for my wife when I came home I would have to face Hillary!

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