Brownshirts and Boxes to Putin’s Delight

   General Hayden said publicly that the Russian interference in the election may be “the most successful covert operation of all time.” And the Republican electors blink. I do not mean that they pause, but the opposite, that what is said goes in one ear and out the other, passing freely through impenetrable ignorance. The CIA says the Russian involvement may have been decisive. Nothing registers. The president tries to focus on the publicly acknowledged hacking of the e-mails of the DNC that was followed by a sudden eight point surge in the polls for the Trumpster, as though there were nothing new revealed, in order to protect sources and methods. The only ones fooled are the republicans. They all assure us that the electors will not consider, because, oh, we just have not done that before. Republicans proceed not according to sight but according to tradition. There is an assumption among the majority of them that everything said is a sales pitch, because everything they say now is a sales pitch.We have never had a tyrant who is the useful fool of a foreign power before, and apparently the republicans are too conservative to respond. They still think they are dealing with a simple oligarch like them, and they ignore shysterism and mobsterism, thinking money making synonymous with virtue and success. I am appreciating, as a centrist, why Barack was so frustrated throughout his presidency. They would barely let him save lives, and now we will return to watching people die in the streets from the lack of simple medicine because we cannot find an alternative to the corrupt medicine practiced on the principle of deregulation. Soon they will deregulate the rest of competition, and we will have civil bloodshed even yet unimagined. The shooting of people by police and of police by people are already beyond what was imaginable just five years ago. It is now possible as in occurring in the Philippines, to use police to do hits, and there is no oversight, so that nothing can be done about it. The difference after January 20 is that it will be encouraged.

   You will send your sons out in Brownshirts and receive them home in boxes to the delight of Vladimir Putin, who has just pulled off the greatest the Trumpster has never seen. Here’s another, to go with “how much for your daughter?” I said this jokingly, only to find within two days in the press that he had to draw back on literally selling a coffee date with his daughter. Soon we will cease making jokes, if they keep coming true. But here’s another: If I give you like a bazillion dollars, America, will you, like, nuke yourself in five years? Some things are more important than others. All these rich people in the cabinet, is that not what we want, America? Impenetrable ignorance.


4 thoughts on “Brownshirts and Boxes to Putin’s Delight

  1. “Could you really persuade,” he said, “if we don’t listen?”

    Plato, Republic, 327b

    Plato is known for spending a great deal of time on the opening of his dialogues and on his first sentences, crafting them like jewels to reflect light in so many directions that commentary does not have time and paper to trace their refractions. This gem, though, happens to pertain to the present, and to the crucial turn in world history leading, we think, to the procession of the apocalyptic things. We have been dwelling amid these things since 1917, according to Sister Lucy, the seer of the vision of Fatima. Had the electors considered, these things would have dissolved like the Wicked Witch of the West. But now, America may well prove to be a part of what is called the “Whore of Babylon.” She is of course destroyed, and the traders at sea watch her smoke rising as they lament their self interest, since now they will lose money.
    The horrors of the apocalypse are not necessary, but occur because, given the free choice to avoid them, humans, our political leadership, won’t listen. Polemarchus, the “war lord,” is responsible for the compulsion of Socrates playfully mimed at the opening of the Republic, and this compulsion by force of the war Lord leads to or is turned by Socrates into the discussion that night which leads to what may well be the greatest piece of writing yet produced by humanity unassisted. John, in his Gospel and the Revelation, is one of the few writers, and this one of the few writings, that makes the short list of other possible contenders for the greatest book simply, along with Genesis.

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