Can the Supreme Court Postpone the Electoral Vote?

   If only we had a few more days. The Electors barely know, and do not yet believe, that their job and their duty is to consider. The press has again been interfered with to prevent the Electors even from knowing that they can, let alone must, consider.

   Our ancestors impaled themselves on German barbed wire to prevent tyranny, and now were voting for it, from fear and partisan self interest.

     The Supreme Court can indeed and should postpone the electoral vote on the grounds of Russian interference with the press through the internet, Trumpster intimidation of the Electors themselves, the ongoing CIA and FBI investigation and the enormous consequences for world history. The Electors have been deliberately prevented from considering. They could use to chill for a week or so.


5 thoughts on “Can the Supreme Court Postpone the Electoral Vote?

  1. I know this is not on the subject, but I think you will like this post:

    Book of the year. Peter Wadhams (2016) A Farewell to Ice. A Report From the Arctic. –

    • Hi Joe! Were getting ready to lament by listening to Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne and Hallelujah- Praise ye-Jah! The republicans, I’m sorry, are as dumb as a box of rocks, or pile of dog poop. Thanx 4 visiting!

      • Brownshirts and boxes to Putin’s delight. They are discussing Syria on the radio as though nothing had happened today. Barring an indicment, we will send our sons out in brownshirts and receive them in boxes, and that too will go in one ear and out the other. It is very sad, and we hope they prove us wrong. I have already written looking for a sponsor in Canada, but that is a pipe dream.

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