How to Pursuade the Old Republican Trumpsters

   The electors were chosen at the party convention in August. They are, then, old republicans long dedicated to the party and likely to be those who supported the Trumpster throughout the primaries. The Republicans have elevated certain oligarchs, who have no idea without a dollar sign next to it. Betsy de Vos changed her idea about education when Trump offered her a job: “Core Curriculum…no, I really meant School of Choice.” That is because she has never studied, let alone studied education. So that is what we are dealing with. That explains why we are having trouble gaining 40 electors who know a tyrant when they see one, and treason when they see it. I am surprised they have 40 who will vote for him, and this shows how, in my persuasion attempt, I cannot possibly target the right electors.

   But there are going to be some who know John McCain is a patriot and Trump a sham or shyster. They do not understand tyranny, let alone treason. They live in a world where tyrannies are suffered by those other people, and cannot possibly be happening to us. They live in a world where there are no genuine conspiracies because there are many errors about conspiracies. They can be taught to reject every idea expanding their limited opinions with a catchphrase, like “liberal media,” or “Democratic self interested propaganda.” God forbid there be self-interest and fake news in politics! But the truth about Bright Bart can only be admitted by expanding their opinion. They are falling into its mouth like ripe fruits, and will pay for it with their sons and grandsons, just before they themselves go to their graves, tucked in like little children with a bed time story.

   So, one can say, “Have you seen Aleppo lately?” They will parrot the party drivel, as soon as it comes down to inform them, “That is Obama’s fault, and Trump is going to fix it.” And have you heard that the CIA has said, well, there is a little bit more at stake in this election than how much to tax and help the poor? There is no answer, but it changes nothing. Do you see that the vulgarity of Trump is the true appearance of Tyrants who have not yet learned to keep their robes fastened in public? That General Hayden has called him Moscow’s useful fool? That Obama is right, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave to see 37 % of the G.O.P. approve of a totalitarian? That there is a difference between the way these beasts fight war and the way, say, Jefferson in the Declaration assumed the barbarity of the “merciless savages” who indiscriminately kill women and children? They blink and wait for the party anti-propaganda line, while the people trying to flee Aleppo are butchered and we do not even have time to consider South Sudan. The Philippines, too, is not what we might see next year, but something that happens to those other people, those unsuccessful ethical degenerates natural selection is soon to rid of us of. They cannot hear Jesus unless his message has been pre-approved. Indeed, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.

   Perhaps then the way to persuade them is, as with old Betsy, to offer them a job or show them their own economic self interest. War and civil war, tyranny and conspiracy, these are expensive. Just ask the Hitler followers about 1946.


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