The Current Crisis and the Electoral College

Ghoh has a very nice discussion going here on the College:

Interfering in an election is a federal crime, and I am waiting for this tyrant to be arrested according to law. Bribery, or the “conflicts of interest,” is also grounds for impeachment failing indictment. The trouble is that due to intimidation, etc, the law increasingly does not apply to this man, and his 37% of the “republican” party treats truth, news and words as though they were a sales pitch, to be spoken and proliferated according to the interest of the salesman.


Yesterday, published inThe Jewish Pluralistwas my response to an article posted there by Peter Eisenstadt:The Current Crisis and the Electoral College.

MyResponse toThe Current Crisis and the Electoral Collegeavailable with this link, and below, takes issue with Mr. Eisenstadt’s fine article on mainly two essential points:

  • I clarify that the Electoral College is the intention of the Framers.
  • I take issue with Mr.Eisenstadt over his evaluation of the possible consequences of the Electoral College selecting whomever they might choose.

My text, showing italics and bolds, and very slightly edited except for one silly typo in the last paragraph, is as follows:


Response to The Current Crisis and the Electoral College

In The Current Crisis and the Electoral College, The Jewish Pluralist, December 16, 2016, the author, Peter Eisenstadt asks:

“What would be worse? Allowing Trump to become president, and then watching him…

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One thought on “The Current Crisis and the Electoral College

  1. On Democracy, we would teach this thing about our being a “democratic republic” with the Winston Churchill phrase that democracy is “the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried. The intention of the founders is to make democracy safe for the world, to comically reverse the statement of Roosevelt, “To make the world safe for democracy.”. Prior to the U. S. constitution, democracy was rejected by all political thinkers because it turns quickly into tyranny. Our current opinion that the “will of the people” is somehow absolute paves the way for tyranny. Popular government is only possible under a constitution, and with rights that are set beyond the reach of the will of the majority expressed through elections. The demos or many are notoriously stupid and fickle, so that if government “of the people, by the people and for the people” is not to “perish from this earth,” we must uphold the rule of law and the constitution.

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