How Could Nazi Germany Ever Happen?

   Our Governor- the same who handled the Flint Water Crisis by hiring a new PR firm- just came on the radio saying that he was committed to honoring the electoral process, so much so that he is all ready to welcome the Trump administration. I told him on the phone- he never listens, never sends a call back- that I supposed that means that he will not be helping us to see to it that the Eastpoint officer- the one who beat the black man while four other officers held him down- does not retain his badge. I have not been following the story, but have heard that he was confined to desk duty. The Governor is responsible for every police officer in the state, since every city and township is a creature of the State Government, and not at all like the federalism that limits the authority of the federal government over the states.

   I began to call for the removal of this governor when I saw first hand, I believe, that the State Police were being run like the Flint water crisis. We have open terrorist targets being ignored, and when citizens make suggestions, they too are ignored. The President knows that this is not only a state but a federal issue. He sent the EPA about the target, and Ms. Lynch to visit Eastpoint-something about elections and the council. I called the governor and suggested he go help her. When the state and federal work together- there is sovereignty. And they can too, in a friendly or cooperative spirit to preserve what is right. That is different from the unitary government we are about to get. If the republicans want to ignore the CIA assessment of Russian involvement in the election, and go about respecting the results of this election, we will soon see blood on the pavement. If we do not indict Donald Trump, but rather work for a smooth transition, as if that will cure everything, well, do not ever wonder again how Nazi Germany occurred. People in positions of the public trust worked instead from fear and self-interest. Acquiesce is the word. A people is responsible for tyranny when it is seated over them, just as the Palestinians are responsible for electing Hamas. And what is wrong with Hamas, if it is profitable for the Palestinians?

Remove that officer and indict Donald Trump, or the result is an absolutely unnecessary civil war and an almost unnecessary foreign war. You will send your sons and grandsons out in brownshirts and receive them home in boxes for your oxy-protected partisan stupor while you were sworn into office to serve the people and uphold the Constitution.

3 thoughts on “How Could Nazi Germany Ever Happen?

  1. “A people is responsible for tyranny when it is seated over them…” Our body politic is decrepit and we, I am afraid, will soon be facing the consequences. It’s really scary.

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