Indict Donald Trump for Election Fraud and Overturn the Russian Influence

   Sanctions we announced today affecting 35 ambassadors, two Russian houses and perhaps four companies. To this date, I am the only one mentioning Kaspersky and the control 0f four million accounts from Moscow staffed by former KGB. After a few calls to NPR a few months ago, it was mentioned once that this was indeed true, that they were Moscow, and it was assured that U. S. government computers do not use Kaspersky. But the citizens do, and spy marketing and targeted interference with the internet turned the election, in addition to hacking into the DNC. Our current hypothesis is that the FBI does not want to give up these powers to fight terrorism, and so is concealing these “sources and methods.” Incidentally, my internet, which has Kaspersky and Microsoft, still does not work well enough for me to work profitably, say as an internet instructor or book publisher- to get off the dole, and these policies are destroying the middle class. I have written a book on the Revelation which took seven years, and am economically ruined by the blocking of its publication by the blocking of search term traffic into my website, by WordPress and perhaps the FBI. If it were FBI, no one would inquire and nothing would be done, so you do not know that what I say is false.

   The most important way to “retaliate” for Russian interference is to reject and overturn the result. We are afraid to do this because it has never been done, but this has never occurred before. Hey, bone up! We have a Supreme Court, and for twenty more days, we have constitutional procedures.

   Trump has said, characteristically, that we should just Get on with it” “Get Over it,” ya, “ferget aboutit,” which is what they say when they want to retain the advantages of their crimes. He seems to have finally begun to learn his advantage in saying nothing of substance until he is seated, so as not to inflame those who might prevent the emerging tyranny and the end of constitutional government in America. Oh, now he says he agrees there should be an inquiry, perhaps after the Trump supporters in the FBI finish their inquiry by January 20th and are rewarded by keeping their jobs in his fascist administration. Americans may simply have become too slavish to retain our liberty.

   We should stand up just here, and call for the indictment of Trump for election fraud because he encouraged fake news and rewarded Russian interference. with such pro-Russian measures as the choice of Secretary of State and the removal of support for the Ukrainians from the Republican platform. Again, the slightest wink or nod in this matter is treason, as well as election fraud. Acquiescence will bring the end of the U. S. Constitution we have sworn to uphold. I keep waiting to hear that he has been arrested, like “Ding-Dong, the Witch is dead.”

2 thoughts on “Indict Donald Trump for Election Fraud and Overturn the Russian Influence

  1. “Americans may simply have become too slavish to retain our liberty.”

    I am sorry to say it, but that says it all!

    Sorry to sound like a broken record, and so dreadfully pessimistic, but I believe that recourse to our ability to respond as our Founders anticipated is hopeless.

    But, I still believe in the power of fear. I had hoped the international community would have helped us out, and they still could, but I still have hope that he will terrify our own politicians to get him out by impeachment.

    I ask the following question of the Founders as I imagine them and believe them to have been: Given the undefinedness of high crimes and misdemeanors, would you approve of Congress removing Trump, given you agree with us in how we see him to be, by convicted impeachment, if he had not just no “high crimes,” no felonies, and not even one teensiest misdemeanor? Not even caught making an illegal left turn?

    I say YES! My confidence in the wisdom of the Framers tells me so!

    • I think we have him on election fraud, which will be a high crime, for rewarding fake news spreading and knowing about Russian election interference, as seems evident in his overconfidence. On the stand I would ask “Did someone promise you the election and say it could not be detected?” The Supreme Court may throw out the whole election, too. But after Jan. 20, with control of all three branches plus intimidation, were toast. I am calling for his indictment, so far alone- I have called Congress (Both my Senators) and twittered Mikey Rogers and Larry Arnn, and the Hamilton Electors. Next is John McCain. I have an amusing argument going with a “Christian minister,” who I asked, “Why (italics) is murder wrong? Does Trump believe that murder is wrong? I wrote on the faith of Barack, and told him I was waiting for his essay on the faith of Trump. He is M.J. Thompson, and wrote “Stop Blaming the Russians.” Also, (in a separate musing) it struck me that the Ishmaelites are Semites and even “Hebrews,” from Shem and Eber, as well as believers in the God of Abraham ! Convalescence can be fun! The Senate can decide whether the constitution means crimes great and small or rather high crimes and High misdemeanors, but legal treason may require a declared war. I have to look into it, but it is ethical treason, however stupid Trump claims to be. If he invited, rewarded or even gave the wink and nod, it is treason and voluntary election fraud. I keep expecting to hear that he has been arrested- which would be an astonishing example to the world of the resilience of American liberty!

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