Punish Putin By Indicting Trump: Take Away the Fruits

   As it becomes more evident what has occurred regarding the 2016 elections, our President has taken some measures to demonstrate our displeasure. Yet, to all appearances, we are prepared to allow Putin’s man to just keep walking into the most powerful position in the world, with control of the U. S. nuclear arsenal. Perhaps the Justice Department is considering an indictment, but perhaps they are, as the Republicans have been, rather slavishly looking to their self interest- a fact on which Putin has staked his little project. Fear and self-interest has so far prevented a recount in certain crucial states and prevented the Republican electors from even considering depriving Vlad Putin of the fruits of what General Hayden has called “The greatest covert operation in history.” I keep expecting to hear that Donald Trump has been arrested, but the news just is not coming yet. Perhaps they are gathering evidence or trying to prove that he knew or encouraged Putin in some way that can help the charges stick in court. Did he not seem over-confident in not advertising in the swing states, as though someone had promised him the election, and promised to do it in a way their techies told them could not be detected? Has he not rewarded Bright Bart and then Tillerson, who owned the building where they hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2013, in Russia?

   Now Vlad has said he will return-retaliate after his boy is in office. Hence, we will all be safe, all our money and our jobs, and the heck with our constitution. Safe, that is, until our sons go for Putin to fight the 1.9 billion Muslims in the world, while he waltzes across the Ukraine to the Atlantic. The BBC will get the news when they see him out their office window. Safe, that is, until Vlad and Donney get in a squabble about who is going to be butch dyke (to show how politically incorrect a Trump opponent can be, and to get your attention while adding a bit of humor to a very tense situation). Now Donney has answered that he always knew Vlad was “very smart.” Vlad, of course, has him on calculative abilities as well as experience being a tyrant. John McCain is right, these men are thugs, and Vlad is a butcher, as was his namesake the “Impaler.” We are just going to sit here and let Trump take office? Perhaps the yuppies that do not know this are too young to hold office in American government.

   We are also afraid of the electoral confusion that would result, but as John Paul II quoted you- know-who, “Be not afraid: I go before you always.” The circumstances are unprecedented, and so must be the response. But we have a Supreme Court and Constitutional procedures, at least for another twenty days.

One thought on “Punish Putin By Indicting Trump: Take Away the Fruits

  1. “Safe, that is, until Vlad and Donney get in a squabble about who is going to be butch dyke.” And therein lies the fate of the world! Although Putin is the tighter cannon, who didn’t realize that. God help us!

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