I Started A Joke: Barry Gibb

Copied from Songmeanings, this is one of four candidates for the greatest songs of human despair of all time.

I started a joke which started the whole world crying
But I didn’t see that the joke was on me oh no
I started to cry which started the whole world laughing
Oh If I’d only seen that the joke was on me

I looked at the skies running my hands over my eyes
And I fell out of bed hurting my head from things that I said
‘Till I finally died which started the whole world living
Oh if I’d only seen that the joke was on me

I looked at the skies running my hands over my eyes
And I fell out of bed hurting my head from things that I said
‘Till I finally died which started the whole world living
Oh if I’d only seen that the joke was on me
Oh no that the joke was on me

Also from Songmeanings, the highest rated comment:

General Comment  by musiclover68on October 08, 2005Link

Let’s say for every joke you tell, you cause others to cry. Lets say every tear you shed causes laughter in others. Imagine that your death is the cause of the people in this world living. Not existing, but living. You are not a Christ figure. The tone from the music suggests the speaker is more of the reason that people aren’t enjoying life at the present. Your mere existence is simply a hindrance to the world. The speaker is tormented. Crying to an empty sky and hurting from “things that he said”. The speaker is tormented by his past words. For he now realizes that they have placed him out of love and acceptance from the world. They have left him abandoned and it is all his fault. In short, the song is about the remorse and isolation that comes from words and actions that have caused irreparable harm to many. It is the realization of youthful immaturity, that, in itself, only hurts the self. End to End, the joke is you

   Except that Barry Gibb never harmed anyone, most likely. Still, at Christmas, the song reminds us of the despair and loneliness of Jesus. His mother, too, is not told at the Annunciation what she will face at the foot of the cross.
   Hey Donney, was he a “success?”
   Here is an old comment I left on Songmeanings:

   This is a very hard song to read, and we will try to comment on it in a way that does not detract from the meaning. At any rate, we are the “listeners themselves” who “have to try to interpret it themselves,” as Barry said. The inspired song came to him following a bit of nervous collapse. Mr. Gibb heard the melody in the four engines of a plane he was riding in, knew immediately what he had, and stopped the plane to work out the song. Were he not a wealthy songwriter, he might be considered abnormal and drugged. The reaction to things said is like things said in awakened states, and the way these things can grate one as they come back later upon reflection. Socrates would say he had a little man at home with a stick who would beat him for his errors in speech. Prudence in speech is a high virtue, and the “bridle of speech” perhaps the highest continence. The things he said, in line four, is the joke that opens the song in line one. That the joke started the “whole world” crying is difficult, and in trying to understand the universal effect, people have mentioned Jesus, the Devil and Hitler. Another possibility is that the Joke is this song, which everyone in the world has now heard. In 1967-8, he may be introducing a new kind of despair into the expression of ballads, as such things were not said in public previously. But in what way is the Joke on him? Around the time of this writing, he had gone into a fit where he could not stop crying. They had just done the song about the mining disaster, for example, then he saw a train wreck and was unable to help the injured on the scene. The joke being on him would fit with the sorrow expressed by inspiration in the song shattering his soul a bit, as it does to see the deeply sad things covered over so we can just get through our days. If one will look at the skies and run their hands over their eyes, one will see into the meaning of this line a bit: it is an involuntary gesture of anguish universal to man, as is waving and such. It means that we look to the highest things for an explanation one does not expect to find, and clear our eyes as though they must be blurred over, given what we are seeing (while perhaps exclaiming: “Arrgh!”).  Mary Lee Foote, at NaPathon.net, mentioned above, reads his falling out of bed to mean “out of his dream state into reality.” Has he seen the principle of tragedy, that Providence upholding the just is not what the world is about, or is not quite what is going on here? That his death starts the whole world living is indeed like Jesus, but is also like the poet, whose “words trickle down from a wound” he has “no intention to heal” (Simon). The poet, and indeed the soul, is an image of God, though those who do not look above the soul can become confused by this. The alienation is that of one whose joke makes everyone else cry, and whose death allows others to live. The “schizophrenic” can be that alone, that alienated from human community, which makes even parrots pull out their feathers. The scapegoating of the mad is half their malady, or causes an additional injury to the soul. That the joke is on him, though, is that the sorrow he saw brings him down, and this is part of the principle of tragedy that he has seen.

mmcdonaldon September 07, 2015   Link

The Case for Indicting Donald Trump for Election Fraud

   The reason that Donald Trump must be indicted for election fraud is to save America and our constitution, so that government of the people, by the people and for for the people shall indeed not perish from this earth.

It is now generally agreed, among those who do consider, that the Russians have turned the U. S. election. We also suspect that the worldwide turn toward fascism is of Russian manufacture, by turning the Brexit vote, the U. S. Primaries, and the recent Electoral College vote. We also suspect the Russians, through the Russian mob, of corrupting U. S. medicine, leading to a circumstance where something like one sixth or one fifth of the U. S. population is now on opium-based pain medicine. This makes it difficult for the recipient to hear and follow simple arguments. The effect of opioids is like the effect known from the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz, the subject becomes sleepy. The doctors themselves are into their own medicine bag, and this may have been seen in our own primary regarding Dr. Ben Carson.

   We have joked, and laid a bet, that more of the Electoral College was on oxy than have read the Federalist Papers. Perhaps more are on oxy than were able to read Federalist 68, in order to know that the original purpose of the electoral College to consider, and when we are in trouble from a domestic tyrant or from foreign interference, to act as the Bulwark against the waves of tyranny that constantly must threaten free government everywhere throughout history and everywhere throughout the world. The Americans do not even realize that free political orders are extremely rare. But our founders knew, as is evidenced in the First Federalist paper, that governments throughout history have been almost exclusively the result of accident and force. Perhaps the Supreme Court would consider that the Electors re-consider, if that vote were indeed turned as the others were, and by similar methods. But the fact of corruption increasingly fazes no one.

   No one doubts that Donald Trump would do such a thing if he were able. He believes in winning, and does not believe in justice, or that it matters more for humans how one plays the game. He often accuses his opponent, in this case Hillary Clinton, of just what he is guilty, and just before the election there was a barrage of fake news including the reports that Hillary was guilty of Russian involvement. For this fake news, Mr. Bannon has now been publicly and greatly rewarded. Mr. Trump owned and hosted the Miss Universe contest in 2013 in Moscow, and his new choice for Secretary of State was there, owning the very building where the contest was held. The Son of Putin, a hopeful rap star, was also there, filming Miss Universe contestants in Bikinis and high heels for a video that would make Oudai Hussein envious. These things, The disregard of Trump for women, are well known, and coherent with the tyrannical character. Also consistent is the love of money and power, foremost, that is ahead of human concerns. Is bombing a hospital in Aleppo all right if it is profitable? These are the principles we find ourselves arguing against Trump supporters, most of whom at first wanted only a bit lower taxes, if at the cost of a bit less social services, combined with a disgust of political correctness. But by the time one arrives at the methods that have become normalized in Russia over the past century, these issues appear as petty as they are in truth. Americans have been insulated against these facts about Twentieth Century totalitarianism, and I had to learn them myself with some effort and at government expense. But to weigh the blood- the easy way to present the case to the Americans in a sound bite- the Communists Tyrants in Russia, China and Cambodia alone killed about 100 million persons where no civil war was occurring, which is about eight or ten times as many as Hitler managed to kill in the gas chambers in a seven year period, counting poles and others as well as Jews. The hands of the Russians hold about 70 percent of that blood. Estimates vary, of course, because that much blood is difficult to weigh. But the Americans generally do not know this. We suspect that the Donald does not know either, because he does not read, and indeed had not even ever read his own Constitution. That is evident in the things he says which one would not say if they had read the Constitution. But Donald Trump would do it: Just as he invited the help of the Neo-Nazi vote and and the KKK for the elections, so we all know that he would invite the help of the Russians if he could get away with, even with only the wink of a mobbed-up businessman. Under oath and on the stand, he will admit rewarding the false news stories spun by persons on his campaign payroll. False advertising is a crime in business, and could cause one to lose a deal. We suggest that it is ten times worse in politics, in elections. The false advertising was done blatantly, leading the press just lately to discuss the distinction between fake news and partisan exaggeration.

   Mike Rogers recently tried to work for Mr. Trump, but to his credit left the team when it was insisted that he Trumpet the line about Hillary being responsible for the attack in Benghazi. Mr. Rogers is a former FBI agent and was once the head of the House Intelligence Committee. He told the Pentagon, about a year ago that the Russians were coming right up their shadow. That is, the spying that the FBI does on its own agents, that they do not even admit to themselves or to most of the FBI agents, was being gathered and used against them, because the Pentagon was hacked. Edward Snowden allowed the Russians certain crucial clues which then allowed them to infiltrate our open and free government beyond their wildest dreams, perhaps. We worried, and still do worry, that Putin will use ISIS, together with this information, to attack the United States. Putin has been playing both sides of the Syrian Civil War, as is evident in his reluctance to strike ISIS, the publicly displayed reason for his involvement. That is a sort of clue, when one goes about thinking out the intrigues of the villain. The FBI was not spying on Mr. Traffic-ante, though they were spying on every other mobster, with only an exception or two, and by that point one cannot tell any longer the double and the triple agent (Salwyn Raab, Five Families). Would they spy on a double, but maybe not a single or a triple agent? The result was soon that John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert were dead, probably for opposing Mr. Hoffa and the U. S. Mob. Mr. Hoffa, by the way, with our union dues financed the city of Las Vegas, where Trump until just recently owned a casino, and where he strained explicit legal limits to wine and dine a certain gangster. Like the Miss Universe pageant, these things may stink to high heaven, but as in the case of the Manson Murders, conspiracy is very hard to prove. Hard, but not impossible. Manson told others to murder, and these others were, by a strange mixture of intimidation and admiration, motivated to obey. The particular things they did were not ordered, but then they brought these deeds back to their cult leader, somewhat as my cat brings to me the corpses of mice.

   We believe that Trump intimidated the Electors, who were to have, according to their job, considered and saved their nation. One resigned due in part to intimidation. Others were reported to have received phone calls, quite early, and these calls may be recorded for posterity. Again the Trumpsters accused their opposition of what they are themselves guilty, though it may have truly been the case that some exasperated Democrats actually did say threatening things to the electors. But no one seriously thinks that Hillary ordered or invited such a thing, nor that she was in a conspiracy with the Russians prior to the election. Trump has repeatedly tied the hands of the Democrats, most notably by threatening to not accept the results of the election. Then, once the disparity between the electoral and popular vote became clear, the Democrats felt they could not even call for a recount, and did not. Jill Stein had to call for a recount, and lost the effort in Michigan when our Republican State Supreme court said, contrary to the law, that she had to be within range of winning the election in order to have standing to call for a recount. The vote in Michigan remains so disordered that it is un-recountable. But if the numbers in Detroit alone had been similar to other large American cities, our Michigan electors would have gone to the Democrats.

   General Michael Hayden, just before the electors refused to consider, said publicly, surrounding the very moderate speech of President Obama, that the Russian interference in the U. S. election was “the greatest covert operation of all time.” This does not refer to the part that is public, the hack of the DNC, which revealed the thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders (the Democrats did not think that a “socialist” could persuade the center, and had a long relation with the Clintons), and the FBI director’s strange re-raising of the issue, which coincided with an eight point spike in the polls in the “republican’s” favor. Our guess is that the spy-marketing and computer interference, which the FBI will not admit because they are using it- is the center of the method by which The Russians turned the elections. Facebook said that they could easily turn an election by certain targeted actions. The Duterte election in the Philippines is said to have been turned in just that way, as, we suspect, were the primaries and the recent European votes that all coincidentally fit right in with the plans and perceived advantage of Mr. Putin. I have told the FBI repeatedly that my own computer and entire internet experience has been interfered with decisively, and they do not care. No one has ever even called me back. I told them my life was threatened, and the evidence is right there on the website, if that is true, since, of course, one alive to know such a thing can never truly know. We made it to their disadvantage, by arranging that, should such a thing occur, there would be an obvious trail, and their subcontractor would be caught, likely leading to the revelation of their crimes. But my own mother, without caring, told me that if it were true, I would already be dead.

   If Trump knew or even has rewarded the smallest piece of this big picture, he would be guilty of election fraud, and treason, if he is intelligent enough to understand what he has done. His campaign put very little money into advertising even in the swing states, which is strange for one who truly thinks the world is moved by the power of money. His statements of overconfidence convince me that someone had promised him the election, and had done just enough to assure the matter without being exposed. The Russians thought they had nothing to lose, and are assured, and have assured the Donald that their methods cannot be traced, as hacking into the physical election boxes or election computers might be.

   Our FBI has been immune from congressional oversight, as I well know from trying to get them to ask certain pointed questions of two specific persons regarding whether my own fiance was a person who was set to spy on me. She came from the neighborhood of my former graduate school, where I pursued a PhD in politics, and was naively surprised to find the presence of the CIA. Yet I met her as if out of the blue, here in Michigan, by “coincidence,” as often happens in matters of love.

   Kaspersky is an internet security company that handles accounts for 4 hundred million computers and computer systems. The FBI will not investigate them, perhaps because of a cooperation agreement, in the spirit of Obama, where we genuinely tried to have improved and commercial relations with the Russians. The home office of Kaspersky is said, right on their website, to be in Moscow, and they are staffed by former KGB agents. John McCain appreciates the significance of that, if Donald Trump dos not. Mike Rogers, too, appreciated the significance, if the majority of the Americans yet do not.

   We have said repeatedly that the result of a Trump presidency will be a world war, first against the “Muslims,” (who number 1.9 Billion), and domestic unrest verging on and perhaps emerging into Civil war. I myself am not going to sit very long and watch them hurt little girls as the KKK hurt Emmitt Till, and as the Eastpointe police just beat a black man (I believe the officer still has his badge.) Do Klansmen fulfill most qualifications for applying for positions in the FBI? They are often known for a kind of “clean” living. But the FBI was more inclined to use the mob, as when they tortured the Klansman who knew where the bodies of the three civil rights workers that were featured in the movie Mississippi Burning” had been buried. What the American mob does not realize is that they are Putin’s useful fool, just as General Hayden said publicly that Trump was Putin’s “useful fool.” Or did they know, when it was suggested they might make a great deal more money on heroin than they were already making, that this comprehensive plan was what the Russians had in mind? Oh, he neglected to mention… And do you have enough money yet? Indeed the emoluments clause is there because one cannot serve both God and mammon, and the work of a good statesman in politics is more akin to the service to God. My math and intuition suggests that if we do not indict or otherwise stop Donald Trump, the result will be the nuclear destruction of the United States, after we are tortured, first by world and civil war. I have said this in an earlier blog, and no one cares. The Americans know that a Trump presidency means the end of the Bill of Rights, and political scientists know this means the end of American political liberty, if a majority are prepared to embrace this with a shrug and “give it a chance,” so that no one will think badly of them.

Trump: “US Should Expand Nuclear Capacity” – More Like This Could Save Our Very Lives!


​​From today’s New York Times, Thursday, December 22, 2016:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Thursday that the United States should greatly “expand its nuclear capability…”

“Mr. Trump’s statement, in a midafternoon Twitter post, may have been a response to President Vladimir Putinof Russia who … earlier on Thursday vowed to strengthen Russia’s nuclear missiles.”

“Shortly after Mr. Putin’s comments were reported by the news media, Mr. Trump said on Twitter that the United States must ‘strengthen and expand’ its nuclear forces ‘until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes…’”

You gotta be kidding!

But this could be the best of news or the worst of news. On its face it’s the worst of news, and if it has no consequences now – as it seemed that the overture to Taiwan had no consequences – it’s the worst of news…

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The Wizard of Oz and U. S. Politics

   The Wizard is of course the quintessential American myth, and is worthy of detailed and edited commentary. Everyone notices the similarity between the three parts of the soul in Plato’s Republic, with a slight difference. The three parts in the Republic are desire, spiritedness and reason. In the Wizard, these are the characters Scarecrow=brains, Lion= spirited heart, woodsman = the craftsmen and the earthly heart, or compassion. The point is that the characters represent parts of the soul. Aristotle’s 3 good forms of regime correspond to the three parts of the soul, as in Book VIII of the Republic, the kinds of regime in the cities are due to the kinds of soul in each among the citizens.) There is also a two-part understanding of the soul, and inquiry moves back and forth between the two. Seth Benardete has a study with a slightly different understanding of the parts. But here Dorothy is the soul. She is also the American people in a very exact and specific sense, if this is hard to get at.

   So many things about this movie are prophetic. Right now, we are in the prophecy of the opium poppies, perhaps, as one sixth or more of our nation is too doped out to understand an English sentence if it contains an  argument.

   As is true throughout her journey, all she has to do is click her heels, and she will be back in Kansas, but she does not realize it. The good witch Glinda of the North, of course, tells her this, though she might have told her sooner. Similarly, if we but click, or throw a little water perhaps, this tyranny would dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West, and the enslaved republican henchmen shout “Hail to Dorothy.” But first, there are some things each must learn through their trials. Each part must be integrated and educated.

   Brian Balke, most famously, has written comparing Trump to the shyster balloon guy, the peddler from Dorothy’s hometown in Kansas, in his blog “Do Not Look At that Man Behind the Curtain.” This seemed to have been picked up by the Clinton campaign in one speech by Hillary. Of course, all the characters seen while in Oz, in her coma, are based upon characters in her farm world in Kansas, before the tornado.

   The Witches are of course the theoretical gem for interpretation, and we have suggestions sprinkled about our blogs. The East Witch is killed, remember, when the house lands in Oz. We are the Munchkins, oppressed still by the Wicked Witch of the West, and our suggestion is that Totalitarianism is the Wicked Witch of the West. The directions correspond to Intellectual virtues and perversions. We do not see the Good Witch of the South, though Glenda does mention her sister there in Munchkin land when she talks with Dorothy, if I am not mistaken.

   I wanted to include detailed studies of the songs of the Scarecrow, Lion and Woodsman especially, and “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is a better song than “White Christmas.” That song is by Yip Harburg, the alias of Isidore Hochberg, with music by Hymer Arluck, so I suspect the three other songs are written by them as well

I could wile away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain
And my head I’d be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
If I only had a brain.
I’d unravel any riddle
For any individ’le
In trouble or in pain
With the thoughts you’d be thinkin’
You could be another Lincoln
If you only had a brain


Oh, I would tell you why
The ocean’s near the shore
I could think of things I never thunk before
And then I’d sit and think some more

I would not be just a nuffin’
My head all full of stuffin’
My heart all full of pain
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only had a brain


Lyrics submitted by NFGPunkr. Here is a prize comment from Songmeanings:

Did you know that they cut the original song, thus cutting the last verse of this song? Yes indeady! Though, I’ve got to say, it was mostly a very lengthy dance.

Cut verse (at the end):

Gosh, it would be pleasin’
To reason out the reason
To things I can’t explain
And perhaps I’ll deserve ya
And be worthy erve ya
If I only had a brain.

paperfangirlon April 22, 2008Link
(Tin Man)
When a man’s an empty kettle
He should be on his mettle
And yet I’m torn apart
Just because I’m presumin’
That I could be a human
If I only had a heart.
I’d be tender, I’d be gentle
And awful sentimental
Regarding love and art
I’d be friends with the sparrows
And the boy that shoots the arrows
If I only had a heart
Picture me a balcony
Above a voice sings low:


(Snow White)
Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

(Tin Man)
I hear a beat, how sweet!

Just to register emotion, jealousy, devotion
And really feel the part
I could stay young and chipper
And I’d lock it with a zipper
If I only had a heart

Song of the Lion
Cowardly Lion)
Yeah, it’s sad, believe me Missy
When you’re born to be a sissy
Without the vim and verve
But I could show my prowess
Be a lion, not a mowess
If I only had the nerve
I’m afraid there’s no denyin’
I’m just a dandylion
A fate I don’t deserve
I’d be brave as a blizzard(Tin Man)
I’d be gentle as a lizard(Scarecrow)
I’d be clever as a gizzard


If the Wizard is a wizard who will serve

Then I’m sure to get a brain

(Tin Man)
A heart

A home

(Cowardly Lion)
The nerve

   Hence, it is the Wizard that is expected to give to each their completion, and for Dorothy this is to return to Kansas as it is the virtue or proper function for each of the parts of the soul.
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare dream,
Really do come true.Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
Away above the chimney tops,
That’s where you’ll find me.
Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can’t I?Repeat


Now I am in tears, and so goodbye.
Ok, I can see again. Answering a good comment on songmeanings:
   …If it is like the Jews and Israel, that is because it is like all human longing. It is the longing that takes Dorothy on her transcendent journey. We say she is the soul, or is the American people. She is also like Hillary, a bit. But this is one of the best Lyrics of all time, on a very short list. Think heaven, think Platonic realm of the intelligible, where she completes her soul through her journey, contradicting Judy Collins, who says “there is no way to stand Kansas when you’ve been to Oz.” Indeed, there is no place like home.
Now lets go get that broom!
   To get the broom of the Witch of the West is the task, in order to show the wizard and get back to Kansas. The two witches are indeed like the way in which Nazism was destroyed at the start of this period, leaving  to be dealt with, both from a German source. The Witch has a crystal ball that is like the internet, and even flying monkeys. She is overcome decisively when she attacks the scarecrow with fire, and is accidentally hit with remedial water, and being made of sugar, melts. Even modern tyranny is made of self-interest and the enthronement of this in the order of the soul, or it would have no power.
    *A note: In the book, Glinda is from the South, but in the movie, more accurately, North. Dorthy back in Kansas may fill in the place of the fourth, and interestingly, with the Kansas Nebraska Act and the John Brown incident, this central location was the flashpoint of the civil war.

The Center is the Cure to Left and Right: Start Your Own Centrist Political Party

   Our two sides are increasingly unable to talk, in case you have not noticed. This, though everyone knows our cure lies in the common ground between the sane republicans and the Democrats. I myself tried talking to Trumpsters, and it is very difficult. One gets to first principle quite quick, and of course no one is very good at even consciously holding, yet explaining, their first principles.

   Around primary time, I launched a new political party, the “smallest party in America,” called the CLC. I set out “our” platform in detail. No one read this because my search term access through WordPress is blocked, and this too has been explained in detail. There are a surprising number of serious issues- maybe seven- to which we brought bi-partisan solutions, most of which are ignored. But an example is the oxy-heroin epidemic and legal prescription drug abuse. We were the first to make this a platform political issue, then Bernie Sanders took it up publicly. We also wrote state legislators on the property seizures issue, as I got sick of seeing the legal thievery of the cars of my neighbors by police, and then the judicial system fixed, quite locked up so that nothing could be done about it, all the way through the Michigan Supreme Court. We think it is obvious what was and is going on on these issues. Barack took up a number of CLC themes in his State of the Union address. Some guys, including Walberger, read my letter describing how difficult it is for the simplest of all economies- mine- to comply with the tax laws. The truth is that I am a public person, working for free from morning to night on what seems best for the common good and for humanity. I could declare myself to be my own church and be tax exempt, if I could focus long enough on the forms required. (Plato had a theory of the forms, and how we fill them out, so one would think I would be able!) I tried to run against Tim Walberg federal representative, but was not able to gain 3000 signatures to get on the ballot. He is a pretty good representative, moderately pushing partisan issues while fulfilling his office with honesty and integrity, so far as I can tell. But I like John McCain more than he does. We beat our brains on the campaign finance problem.

   At present, there is an opening for a third party in the center. If we do not care about winning elections and holding office, we can tip whole elections by endorsing one party or the other just before election time, as Jill Stein should have dropped out one week before and endorsed Hillary, numerically winning Michigan and a few other states, plenty again to make this a Goldwater year for the Republicans, as it should have been, and well may have been in truth but for Russian interference through the internet. We pushed for Internet integrity long before any of the politicians did, and kicked off our political blogging when the Ann Arbor News would not publish my editorial on the Fourth Amendment. This essay, by the way, predicts tyranny if we do not revere the Fourth Amendment. At present, the Wild West of the internet exemplifies all the reasons that men have government, like the marriage customs, developed over thousands of years. I published a long piece on the Militias about twenty years ago, arguing that the Governor is the Commander of the Michigan Militia (Not Mr. What’s His Name- Norm Olson) because we have civilian control of the military, and the Governor is elected. The last Governor to actually do this may have been our fist, Stevens T. Mason, about whom I am trying to write a comedy, surrounding the Toledo War. But the argument is that when we assemble armed, we are under the commander in chief, who in the state militia would be the Governor. Private armies, such as preceded the destruction of the Roman Republic, are illegal, or must obey the Governor. The argument is still true, and I still believe it.

   Right now, on federal issues, I am following or endorsing Barack, of course, but also John McCain, Bernie Sanders and Hillary. I was a follower of Ben Carson for President for a while. But this is the CLC. Come join or start your own centrist political party, and we’ll be with you in coalition, after we do a little house cleaning here on this tyrant.

Obama’s Fault and Bernie Sanders

   The first thing that needs to be done is for the President to order his FBI to end internet interference and restore the Fourth Amendment. Communications are all through the internet now, and despite complaints, I have had no one ask me a single question about this or look into what is occurring. The Electors were prevented from considering by the same methods used to turn the election, and the FBI just sat there. Bernie Sanders was on the radio tonight, saying the first thing is communications, to organize and fight back. Barack controls the FBI for just a few more days. There have been very serious problems in that agency very loudly complained about and nothing was done. Barack was afraid of the criticism he would get if he did not let them spy upon and interfere with whomever they like. This blog, and everything else I have printed on WordPress, is and has been blocked from search term traffic. Every word spoken in my house is heard, just like Winston in Orwell’s 1984.

   We have called for the indictment of Mr. Trump for the obvious election fraud, and if this nation is allowed to slide into fascism because Barack was hoping for a “smooth transition,” it will be a great misfortune. If he is not lying for the sake of appearance, but like all those centrist republicans does not see the emerging fascism, or like Bernie, is still thinking that economic issues are what is next, we are in a lot of trouble. Bernie was jilted, and the revelation of this by our kind friends the Russians led to the crucial jump for Trump in the polls just before the election, bringing it within range of the interference. Otherwise, either Hillary or Bernie could have kept the new republicans at Goldwater numbers, outside the range of the interference, perhaps. Democrats and the whole DNC must do penance, as a small dishonesty has allowed a place for evil to enter. The sage has “no place for evil to enter,” according to Lao Tzu.

Civil Suits and Secession

   What if the people were to bring a civil suit against the Trumpster for election fraud? It is difficult to deny that there is preponderance of evidence. In such a trial, just as they did to Bill Clinton, pertinent questions could be put to this winking businessman-tyrant, questions that he would have to answer under oath. Contradiction and perjury might then reveal the treason for a criminal trial. But the Judicial system is already corrupted by his carrot-stick. And if the Trumpsters want to place me on their list and do me harm in exchange for being a smart ass, I wonder if his son would sell a 45 minute coffee date with my liberty to make it up to them. Justice is indeed important.

   Another point to consider is secession. The states have never delegated tyrannic powers to the federal government, so when a tyranny takes over the executive branch, we are de facto out of the union, by a sort of political logic or mathematics. Let this take effect more and more in each state as tyranny emerges, and soon states will officially go, till he is left ruling D.C. alone, and then just some hotel there on the Potomac, and then just one room. We’ll bring him some decorative bars, you know, for his own welfare and at government ex-Pence, and some cats for his social life. I’m sure his cat shepherding blog will easily out-compete mine, as did his university.

   Instead of move to Canada, we could just bring normal, decent peaceful government to Michigan!

Eastpointe Police Beat a Drunk Driver

   Bye, bye officers. We the people will have your badge now. Stop resisting!

   These cops are so bad that this man is in a state of nature, where self defense is justified, except that they are wearing the badge. Take off your badge now and step in the ring with him, and if he loses, you can have me, and if I lose, I’ll give you my teacher, who teaches police how to use their hands as well as their minds and hearts. Stop resisting.

Merry Christmas. We ask for your penance and reparation.

Man files lawsuit for alleged Eastpointe police beating caught on video

That beating, caused the man to lose vision in one eye – and it was caught on video.

– A lawsuit was filed against Eastpointe police, alleging a brutal beating against a black man while he was restrained in a chair.

That beating caused the man to lose vision in one eye – and it was caught on video.

“If you keep acting like a child, you’re going to get strapped in that chair and you’re going to stay there,” an officer can be heard saying on the video. The date is August 10, 2015. Frankie Taylor has been picked up for drunk driving in Eastpointe – and that officer wasn’t kidding.

On the video, you can see officers pick Taylor up and take him to the chair and try to restrain him, threatening to tase him. That’s when another officer comes in, puts on gloves and strikes Taylor – repeatedly – knocking him unconscious.

“Stop resisting, stop resisting, stop resisting,” said an officer inbetween every strike. Multiple officers are huddled around Taylor and that officer, with their backs to the camera.

“The guy hit me so many times, it made me cry once I seen the tape [sic],” Taylor says. “I was knocked out.”

Another concern for Taylor was how he was treated or, in this case, not treated after being struck in the head. Taylor says he wasn’t taken to a doctor. Instead, he was transferred to the Macomb County Jail the next day. He eventually ended up at Detroit Receiving Hospital for surgery on his eye – an eye that had already had a lens replaced once.

“He has permanent loss of eyesight in one eye. His vision is severely compromised,” says attorney James Rasor. “He has these horrible nightmares.”

“I don’t feel like that I was a threat to the officers to the point that they had to hit me until I was unconscious,” Taylor says.

Attorney James Rasor alleges not only did Eastpointe police use excessive force on Taylor, they discriminated against him because he’s black, refusing to let him make a phone call – even though he says white inmates were allowed to do so.

“You want to protect people from this type of brutality by police forces,” says Rasor. “White folks were allowed to use the phone by police officers; even one who had urinated in his pants was allowed to use the phone. Frankie Taylor wasn’t, and the only difference is that Frankie Taylor happens to be African-American.”

“I wouldn’t expect this from officers,” says Taylor.

Rasor has filed suit in federal court. Eastpointe police say they can’t comment on pending litigation.

The Current Crisis and the Electoral College

Ghoh has a very nice discussion going here on the College:

Interfering in an election is a federal crime, and I am waiting for this tyrant to be arrested according to law. Bribery, or the “conflicts of interest,” is also grounds for impeachment failing indictment. The trouble is that due to intimidation, etc, the law increasingly does not apply to this man, and his 37% of the “republican” party treats truth, news and words as though they were a sales pitch, to be spoken and proliferated according to the interest of the salesman.


Yesterday, published inThe Jewish Pluralistwas my response to an article posted there by Peter Eisenstadt:The Current Crisis and the Electoral College.

MyResponse toThe Current Crisis and the Electoral Collegeavailable with this link, and below, takes issue with Mr. Eisenstadt’s fine article on mainly two essential points:

  • I clarify that the Electoral College is the intention of the Framers.
  • I take issue with Mr.Eisenstadt over his evaluation of the possible consequences of the Electoral College selecting whomever they might choose.

My text, showing italics and bolds, and very slightly edited except for one silly typo in the last paragraph, is as follows:


Response to The Current Crisis and the Electoral College

In The Current Crisis and the Electoral College, The Jewish Pluralist, December 16, 2016, the author, Peter Eisenstadt asks:

“What would be worse? Allowing Trump to become president, and then watching him…

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Leonard Cohen’s 1985 Intro to Suzanne on U-Tube

   Here is what it means to identify virtue with the possession of money. In the Introductory conversation with his audience before a 1985 performance of the song Suzanne, Leonard Cohen describes how one of his aids came up to him with a paper, told him it was just the standard music contract, and he signed it. He soon learned that he had signed away the copyright to his greatest song. In a religious mood, he says it it is probably fitting that he not make money from it. It may be the best example of divine inspiration in lyric poetry, showing how love is related to the image of God in the soul.

   No one helped him. None of the business people in the audience said “this must not stand.” No lawyers lept up, no judges, but Leonard Cohen was left alone. No Warren Buffet came to promote a virtuous cause for the benefit of humanity. The shysters seize the law to use as an instrument in vice, but we, the community, sit idly by and allow this to occur.  We do nothing for others with our wealth and power- sure they might have fed him-until they come for us, and it is too late. None of this rubbish is necessary if we would only stand up, but we will not, or cannot see how to stand up in the right way. The gains of the petty shyster are short lived, and involve selling ones soul and future for a handful of dirt. It is, however, a bit galling to have the rich praise themselves, deride the poor as though poverty were a surety of vice, the lack of the virtues they consider themselves to possess. And now Betsy is the Earl of Education. Useful fools.

   Cohen was impoverished, and had to go back to work, giving us some of the world’s greatest poetry and performance. He may have done even more had evil not infected his life in this way. Go, you rich men, and judge of his virtue. Judge of the success of Jesus hanging on the cross. Quickly, now before the time is past.

   No one helped him. No one said “This must not stand.” No one with money and power- goods that come not by virtue but by accident, if sometimes in combination with some honest effort, but for which these never cease to praise themselves, spending more time preening themselves in a mirror that will soon be broken than they do gazing into the scriptures (Paul writes Kat-optridzomai,) “as in a glass.” But Suzanne holds the mirror. And what is reflected in the mirror?

   But on a lighter note, NPR reports a 1600 year old joke about a miser who willed his estate to himself. When Socrates was told that the tyrannous ones had sentenced him to death, he is reported to have said, “and nature them.”