Indict Trump, or Make Russia Great Again

   Mr. Tillerson, the Trumpster of choice for Secretary of State, is said to have been awarded a very high medal by Mr. Putin, in the name of the Russian regime. As Barack said, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave. The rewards have gone out for the election fraud committed for Donald Trump. and our administration and Department of Justice are hogtied. Most now agree that this is occurring, yet will not move to stop it. Literally millions of lives are at stake. We may be watching the Russians take over our government in the name of “smooth transition.” I continue quite sure that soon I will hear that Trump has been arrested. We must indict Trump or suffer tyranny. But  what tyranny does is to seize the law, and this has already occurred, at least in part. What keeps occurring, as with the electors, is that the same methods of the control of popular opinion and a bit or intimidation to plug the dyke are used to avoid any consequences for the fraudulent election methods having been used, as though Putin had secured his conquest months or even yeas ago. My website continues blocked from outside traffic though search terms, and no one will even check, let alone do anything about it. Maybe eight fellow wordpresses, who do not study these mattes, are allowed to read and to consider, together with a few to whom I manually give my address, and who get past the slanderous presentation orchestrated demonstrably through Yahoo, Bing and probably Google. Do you not see that if these small things continue, it will be Russia rather than America, tyranny rather than liberty, that grows large again? No one in any position to do anything about these matters seems able to make the connection, but if the violation of the Bill of Rights continues, our nation will, or has already, become a tyranny. 95% of the citizens do not know what this means. And of the remainder, 3 1/2% still do not care or welcome the change, having learned from their worship of mammon how profitable tyranny can be.


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