Machiavelli on Conspiracies

   Since we are by now all convinced that there was Russian involvement in our recent elections, it seemed good to get out my old Machiavelli books and read up on conspiracies, since these are for them the highest studies. Machiavelli is annoying, because he sees around him vulgar religion, which thinks of God Most High as though he were some Zeus, like any of the plural gods, prayed to by men for their own fortune, since we are to presuppose with him the pre-Socratic parameters, unveiled to the enlightened, who then may proceed upon the certainty that “religion” is nothing but politically useful illusion. Since the Socratic turn is so rare, we run again into impenetrable ignorance trying to show the Biblical account of the soul and how this might fit with genuine Socratic philosophy.

   The main point from the chapter on conspiracies- for our purposes- is that a conspiracy against a republic is impossible if it is un-corrupted, as we were still in World War II despite the thirties, but easy once it has become corrupted. Since World War II, we had the required two generations of corruption by the mobster ethos, due again to prohibition and our own deviation from our principles of liberty. But the stunning thing is how the internet, through fake news and the spy-marketing system, allowed for the pace of corruption to be set on warp speed, while science allowed for Oxy-heroin part of the scam to be grafted onto the drug-gang culture. The prohibition of Marijuana destroyed the assumption that the law is a guide to what is right, so that the few might be corrupted through legal and illegal oxy, and the distinction between honest legal entrepreneurship and underhanded immoral “capitalism” made to disappear.

   I have not yet given up, but do not ask again in twenty days if we do not indict Donald Trump for election fraud and overturn the results of the whole Russian election. Incidentally, there is no reason that the Supreme Court can not take hold of the whole situation and declare a do-over, but we must bring to them the case. None, that is, except the limitations of our courage and imagination, the self interest of the Republican party and the cowering of most men and women in the face of intimidation.

   Add to this that none have faith in legal proceedings, nor in the bloodless methods of Brutus, the founder of the Roman Republic, nor in the Martin Luther King Jr band of Christian political action, and one cannot be very optimistic. When I fail to penetrate those in a position to act, I will try to go to Canada, but am again not optimistic even about making it there. Again, these people do not know why murder is wrong, and our “Republicans” no longer care.


One thought on “Machiavelli on Conspiracies

  1. It is interesting that the account of the Discourses goes past the end of the text of Livy that we have, supporting the thesis of Leo Strauss in his Thoughts on Machiavelli, that a conspiracy against Christianity is set up in the development of “history,” the same that led the world to suddenly become democratic, in the development of modernity in the orders of the West. Perhaps that is what happens when the authority of the Spirit is cited to commit the sins, for example, of burning heretics and witches, as characterized the medieval world from about 1215 till just prior to Montesquiue. Pedophelia, noted by Rousseau, also hid beneath the cloaks of the priesthood as early as Rousseau, as is evident in his Confessions. The sins of the Church allowed for the conspiracy of Machiavelli. We are amused today at the contrast between the imaginary tyranny of Mr. Spencer and the Nazis compared with the “matter” or “effectual truth” for which Machiavelli, in his Prince, rejects Plato. The beginning and the end of modernity contradict, as we have said, all modern philosophy is self-contradictory. Machiavelli probably knows the end of the Manlius Capitolinus story from Plutarch, but I am very rusty at these things.

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