WHY (Italics) Did Putin Throw the Election?: Indict Trump

   It is important to deny Putin the fruits of throwing the election because of the reason that he did it. Only part of this reason is known, but he did not do it because Trump is going to make America great again. Nor do shrewd tyrants undertake such actions out of some animus for Barack and Hillary. He has plans for an America governed by Trump. And we do not want to see what this is. Brownshirts and Boxes is one suggestion, war and civil war, followed by nuclear attack, an attack on Israel and an apocalyptic scenario. The Republicans think they can control him, because he has no policy ideas of his own-that he can state publicly- and they are likely to be wrong. We nice Americans cannot imagine such things. Nor, pervaded by Oxy, do we seem much able any longer to follow out these sorts of questions. We just bury people, like the 50,000 that die on the highway, and then pretend the failure of their prosperity is their fault or just the way of the world. No do we listen after the funeral.

   Trump must be indicted for election fraud, evident in his rewarding those known to have done this, Bright Bart with his false news and Putin though Kaspersky and his spy marketing, FBI sponsored interference. Someone promised Trump the election, as is evident in his overconfidence, his statement that such things cannot be known- which is a repetition of something someone has told him. I do hope I am not the only person to whom these things seem evident. He threatened the electors, then blamed the Democrats for threatening the electors- a good indicator of his crimes are his accusations. I can only hope that something is in the works, though no one wants to talk about it, but I am afraid that Kaspersky is still handling security for 4 hundred million from Moscow.


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