FBI Hangs Up On Me/ General Sir Richard Barrons

   We have a little problem in our FBI, if the President and Ms. Lynch have not noticed. As soon as one mentions Kaspersky (shhh! Don’t say Kaspersky!), or tries to discuss the issue of Russian orchestration of the internet, they hang up on you. But the corruption has been demonstrated, right here in front of you on my webpages. If the FBI or the administration does not want these things discussed, they will have to talk to me. But they just passively absorb as though waiting for something to use against the one complaining.

   General Sir Richard Barrons is on Hard talk from the BBC here on NPR in the middle of the night. The Russians apparently employ one million cyber warriors involved at least 40 hacking operations, and have been working on this little cyber war action for fifteen years (- about coincident with the American Oxy epidemic.) Like us here at the CLC, General Barrons , when he was one of the top 6 Generals in the UK, screamed bloody murder while what he said went in one ear and out the other of the British government and people. The general message of Mr. Barrons is that the West needs to harden up, and conduct some properly rigorous investigations, rather than, as we are doing, do nothing and just hope bad things do not happen.

   The Trumpsters believe they can continue to avoid indictment, with that Teflon raincoat, every bit of obvious evidence rolling off them like the Teflon Don. Today it is that the Obama administration is just raising the questions of His use of both the Russians and Bright Bart for their own partisan interest. As my mother used to say when we accused one another as four-year-olds, “I’m just glad you would not do those things! What, then, it is to be assumed that no election fraud could have occurred because only the opposing factional interest will check and balance you? All his answers assume that such a thing is impossible, it is impossible to know, and we should not even inquire into the matter, at the stake of our liberty and our 230 year old constitutional political life and Russian enslavement by the chessman, who is in fact a few moves ahead of us.

   I work for free, and like a monk am resigned to utter poverty, which is apparently why I can see and say these things. The operator at the FBI that receives calls here in Detroit is being paid, and those dealing with our current crisis have all been well paid, some in the six figures of taxpayer money. Ah but then, because one would not whore their liberty or do crime to make money, those paid will not listen! The FBI has been too busy spying on everyone, too busy even to protect us, let alone listen- one gets a better ear if they slip enlightenment in to a tapped conversation in the hopes that some agent will use the info, without thanks, to further their own career. Taxpayer funded investigations cannot compete with internet billions of Mobsters flushed with drug money to hire armies of hackers, and thinkers. We can beat them right here, with basic integrity and those who work for its own sake to preserve liberty.

8 thoughts on “FBI Hangs Up On Me/ General Sir Richard Barrons

  1. As a teacher of American govenrment, one learns what it means when, after spilling ones blood over what seems a fairly simple but profound point, the class has not a single question for you.

  2. My old best teacher used to tell the Joke that he would finish say some great discourse on Plato or the meaning of Lincoln, and ask the question to thirty faces in apparent dumb amazement, and inevitably someone, after double prodding for a single question, would raise a hand to ask, “Is that going to be on the exam?”

    Brownshirts and boxes, then, will be on our exam, as the British general and the NPR commentator suggest, perhaps the threat of war will wake them up. Or perhaps it will take actual, visible war.

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