No Discussion of Fraud to Make Affordable Plan Affordable

   Obvious to us in the center, the most important thing that we can do to keep Obama care, which has saved many lives, is to bring in medical integrity. Unnecessary but profitable procedures, Inflated insurance-paid bills, fraud in the office, prescription drug abuse and legal drug dealing are a few of the things we indeed cannot afford. And do not even mention the security threat of internet marketing connected to medical information or scheduling- a guy was just shot to death a few towns over cause he kept an appointment, and no doubt all his tech was spying on him and was hacked. And how often is FBI spying hacked? Do they admit it? Medicine indeed cannot work if it works the way the Ameri-kans are doing it! Fix these things, then we will talk about whether we should or should not save the lives of the poor, in whom our nation has a huge investment.

   The CLC is like that, finding a lot of ground in the center whee good can be done even right through partisan gridlock, if anyone in congress were not too pre-occupied with their campaign coffers to think of the obvious things and get them done. Our Viagra and cosmetic surgeries are an utter embarrassment. for heroin that just do not seem to quite work. Our borders are porous, and we think we can fix by building a BIG wall!

The company that perpetrated Oxy is now making money off teatment programs

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