Trump is the Only One Who Does Not Believe Russia hacked to Turn the Election?

   Add this to the list of reasons that we think it obvious that Trump can and should be indicted for election fraud, and quite possibly treason. He is not even a very good liar, but this seems to be the Russian plan- to get us to elect a guy who is not very bright concerning the human things. The list includes things like that he did not buy T.V. advertising in the swing states, as though he were really not rich at all, and had been promised the election. He was told no one could trace the Russian involvement, and that is why he thought to repeat that in response to the accusation. Mara Liason notes that he seems like one distracted by a certain concern. His connections with Russia go back years, and his admiration for Putin seems to be the only issue on which he has not taken both sides. As I told Mr. Rubio today, one must stand back amid these mounting particulars, and like Copernicus, say what accounts for these things that do appear. I read Jacob Klein. I do not believe Mr. Rubio has read- though at least he has read the constitution. Are we stupid enough to elect in the primaries one who has never read the constitution and does not know the law? Perhaps, but not on our own.

   He is in fact hugely in debt and operates on other people’s money, one reason he will not release his tax forms. OPM is how ever real estate self help seminar advises one to proceed with their American dream. A Daily Kos article says he dishonored David Koch at the golf course, and compared Trump’s fake wealth to a real Bazillionaire. He said if he did not win there would be fraud, at a time when he was behind in the polls. The pollsters have miraculously been wrong in every election worldwide where fascism is rising. Rather than assume that the sun goes ’round the earth, then try to explain what appears, think of a different hypothesis: The earth goes ’round the sun. Copernicus was then the only person in the world who knew. Without astronomy, no one could even follow the argument, and these people have no political philosophy. I am a PhD. There are indeed conspiracies, if these are indeed hard to prove, but Trump invited the Russians to hack. If he invited them to throw the election, that is called treason. His only response is that we are not to consider, just as with the Electoral College. “Merely partisan,”  we are assured, yet we are not to consider that more than half the FBI are Trumpsters. And I am not a Democrat, but a centrist from the CLC. Mr. Rubio is welcome to respond with rational arguments, but what he says is not much different from the Trump party line: It can’t be considered, one could not know, lets just get on with it, I win. And what I say could be true even if I were a Democrat. The continuous defiance of the polls is itself an indication, here in the primaries, in the Philippines and in the Brexit vote. The fascists won in France, again defying the polls. The electoral vote is disproportionate with the popular vote, not just different, but impossible, especially without T.V. adds. Facebook said they could easily throw elections in certain counties using the spy-marketing system, not to mention targeted interference, now routine for the FBI.. Director Comey preceded the surge of Trump in the polls with a strange re-raising of the DNC e-mails. The press has concluded that the polls are just untrustworthy. Fake news was spread at an unprecedented level, and together with documented intimidation, that is election fraud and enough evidence itself to indict. I have yet to hear of any exit polls. Recount attempts were blocked, and the electors prevented from doing their constitutional job, which is to consider. We conclude, rather, that they ran it up the flagpole and got the Republicans to salute, the herd flocking to flatter the new success like a Kickstarter project (That is how one is supposed to get these things started). Ya, lets get some fake followers for our website. The internet must work on integrity or not at all, or, believe it or not, in the long run we are better off without it. The press has reasoned back from the outcome of the elections, assuming it is trustworthy, when it is not.

   Tell the truth and step out on to the surface of the earth. My government has no reason to be spying on me, and so I want an account to congress of everything they have done, so I can separate their interference from that of other agents. One problem with spying is that one cannot then reason out any practical question at all without a great deal of cogitating, to which they have no right to obligate us. Tell the truth, and there is a solid surface to the earth. Spy on us, and we will have no ground on which to stand and fight an army of a million hackers. Viruses are changing the settings of your computer, accessible through the programs and the file explorer. But this can be corrected so as not to appear. Take this whoring spyware, the phones, t.v.’s and computers, right back to the store and demand security, under the old constitution where the federal government does not have powers they were not delegated.

   They have used our vice of spying on our own people, and are using the fact that we do not want to admit the extent of this. Congress has refused to even try to oversee the FBI, and this is the result. It may be that the only way of escape is to fess up and start over, with honest hardware and a new internet. But the fundamental things do not appear to politicians.

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