Let’s Hand Our Government Over to Putin

   So, now we all agree that there was fraud in the election, but we are still going to proceed to hand our government, our FBI and CIA and ETC, over to Donald Trump. Trump Committed Election Fraud in many well known ways- fake news, intimidation of electors, and quite obviously inviting Russian hacking and targeted interference, using the spy- marketing system we let the FBI put into place to catch terrorists. As far as I, or Trump himself, can tell, we are STILL going to proceed to allow this tyrant to be seated atop a nuclear arsenal in about two weeks. Rubbish! Uncasturated Male Bovine Poop! If Trump is not arrested by tomorrow, putting a stop to this dangerous charade, I will go ballistic, and I hope I am not alone. Indict and arrest Donald Trump, or it will be the end of your constitution and your nation. If you do not know what that is, perhaps we can suggest some readings, and if you have not read, well, maybe you ought shut up and go consider.

   Trumpsters, “get over it.” America is not that coarse nor that corrupt yet. Mr. Putin, sorry. You will have to wait a few more years for our corruption to settle in just a little deeper. And to both of you, hey, it was nothing personal- just business, the business of the Spirit of Liberty.

   Those still slow to come on board here, following the CLC, all we can say is to examine your arguments. We are putting together puzzle pieces into an overwhelming preponderance of evidence, and we are not Democrats, whose hands were tied 3 times, like getting Hillary to criticize Trump for not accepting election results, then she could not call for a recount. Overconfident, no T.V. adds in the swing states? Did someone promise you the election? Read National Enquirer days before the election. Before Comey, Trump was 8-10 points behind, heading for a Goldwater moment. You will note that any of their arguments could even be true, and it still be true that Trump is a dangerous tyrant, himself hand picked by Putin to lead our nation to disaster.


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