Was the Ft. Lauderdale Shooter on Antidepressants?

   Shootings in public places of anonymous persons where no motive appears always involve antidepressants- that is our hypothesis, and it has not yet been refuted. As elaborated ad infinitum regarding previous shootings, the politicians will not check, and there is no public statistic to confirm our suspicion that the answer is 100%. The shooters are always under the care of the “mental health professionals,” drugged with antidepressants. The effect of these is to “drop the floor out” from under  a weak or bad soul, one who does not care about others in the least, making them suicidal.

   We suspect that the financial interest of the drug companies prevents them from studying the issue. Lieutenant Governor Calley will not even listen to, let alone consider the hypothesis, though someone from his office did let slip that the Uber driver was on a certain antidepressant. 100%. These shootings do not occur with weekly regularity in any other nation. We have always had guns, though access is indeed much too easy. But the other thing we are doing in the age that began with the Whitmer shooting in Austin Tx. is that we drug every person who enters a psych office and mentions depression, and refuse to consider the issue. That is why these shootings are an epidemic nearly unique to the U.S., and of course these are a category different from the lone wolf terrorist inspired shootings, though the two categories may begin to overlap.

   Incidentally, and for full disclosure, I hold a degree, a B.S., in psychology, but left the field because of the way academic psych is- they did not even study humans, except statistically, and as one would study rats or animal training. Then we give them authority over our souls. They have an assumption about brain cells and chemistry as human causes, and the assumption is, in a word, false. But it is a philosophic question, so the shrinks cannot understand the question- but they understand the dividends from the drug companies well enough, just like the oxy doctors.  I went instead to earn a PhD in Politics or political philosophy. I have a chapter on the Psych page through the menu setting out the first principles of a new, Socratic psychology, to replace our pre-Socratic or “scientific” psychology. It allows us to say things like ?weak or bad soul,” and “drops the floorr out from under them.”


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