Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I am considering making a citizens arrest of Donald Trump for Treason and election fraud. I believe that I have seen that someone told him no one could detect the Russian method of interference. It was also visible when he said that if he did not win, the Democrats would surely have committed election fraud. I am not sure that citizen’s arrest works for a federal felony, but the crime was surely committed in all 50 states. Now that almost everyone including the CIA and General Hayden believe that Russian interference did occur, I would put him on the stand, and ask him many hard questions, like, “Did you give a wink or nod to Russian interference, fake news, the intimidation of the press and the control of the media leading up to the election?”

   I will do this if our government does not arrest this man in the next couple days. Over a million lives are indeed at stake, if we let the Russians and the New Fascist “Republicans” lead us into a war, not only with ISIS but with all of Islam, and into civil unrest that will lead us into a civil war, in which, incidentally, the Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and gangsters are likely to lose, ending liberty, just as the defeat of Pompey ended all serious opposition to Julius Caesar, and secured the end of the Roman Republic, ushering in a century of the worst government the West had ever seen, until Hitler.

   Does anyone else think they have seen Trump commit felony election fraud or treason regarding Russia?

  And surely they will say I risk my life here only for the self-interest of my party, the CLC, while they have no partisan interest at all. And surely they will “just get over it,” and go on” when I succeed. And again, sorry Donney. It really is nothing personal, but only business: the business of LIBERTY.

7 thoughts on “Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

  1. I agree with most all of what you say. I especially believe, although you don’t say it, that that’s the plan.

    But please, stay out of jail!

    • I do not think they have enough jails, if everyone would just stand up! I’ll give them a day or two here, and look into the legalities, but ya, one is liable if they make a false arrest, which is what their money and power will try to say. A million+ lives are at stake..

      • Yes this madman needs to be STOPED
        White crunies seem to be afaid of him
        I ani’t. I’ve beem poor all my lif

        e,but o was happy. I seen war relatives and friend .This not OUR fight .trump messing
        This madman trying to climb Climb witj russia. No more healthcare. He wnill destroy america. Arrest this madmaygn. I will help.Where do i sign.

  2. Remember, Henry Ford, when running for president, sued a guy for calling him an idiot, but failed to prove it was slander, or not true, when they asked him some questions and Ford could not demonstrate an eighth grade knowledge of the meaning of the U. S. Revolution. But at least no one threatened the guy with jail, as our 21st century American guys might, since there is nothing illegal about making a citizens arrest when one believes he sees that a felony was committed. The law is not to be seized and used as an instrument of self interest, but that is what tyrants do. We need to prevent Putin from killing a million + Americans so he can expand his manhood an eighth an inch, and I do not believe a “smooth transition” is going to do that. The Senate intelligence Committee questioned the Agencies today, and there is a classified brief seen by the Senators, but the FBI still will not even let me show them what was done on my one webpage, nor has any other person yet acknowledged what Kaspersky is. Perhaps the president will make clear this evening that the Russian plot will be foiled and the whole election reconsidered by the Supreme Court. But if the radio keeps assuming that Trump is the president, guys like Rubio do things like raise the stupid e-mail question when their grandson’s lives, our constitution and our nation are at stake, I will do it. We have 9 1/2 half days. Fascism is quite real, and twentieth century totalitarianism not funny, not about getting rich and golfing with loose women all day, as General Hayden knows from his study of History. It is about killing fields and evil.

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