Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I wish, then, to declare the arrest of Donald Trump for election fraud, here in writing now. I Do not know which agency to contact, but will do that within the next day. They really need to contact me, since, I have told my Senators, if I call the FBI, they will not understand and hang up on me. The State Police, too will send a 24 year old adorned with so many cameras he can hardly walk, let alone sit for philosophical arguments. Ok, Donald J. Trump, presumed President elect, you are hereby under arrest. The charade is over.

   I wish, too, to appeal to the Federal election Commission to declare the vote of the Electoral College illegitimate, and the U. S. elections of this past November to be null and void, due to foreign interference which may well have turned the presidential and some congressional elections. I request a do-over, with paper copies of each vote, sealed and kept by each citizen in case there is a problem.

   I suggest, too, that until we sort out what the true vote of the people is, all office holders keep their places, in the interests of national security.

Note: Incidentally, this is quite in the interest of Mr. Trump personally, though it may not yet appear to him. On the charge of Treason, he may well be able to plead that he really just did not know what he was getting into. Crime requires intention, and there are various levels of intention and different senses in which one did not know what they were doing.

12 thoughts on “Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

  1. Please forgive me lecturing, but I don’t want you arrested or in jeopardy:

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer and His Hitler Salute…

    Dr. Bryan E. Galloway

    1 year ago

    On June 17, 1940 (the day France surrendered to Germany), Dietrich Bonhoeffer was with his close friend Eberhard Bethge “in the Baltic village of Memel. They were relaxing in an “open-air café when suddenly a special announcement came over the loudspeaker that France had surrendered. Bethge wrote:

    The people around the tables could hardly contain themselves; they jumped up, and some even climbed on the chairs. With outstretched arms, they sang “Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles” and the Horse Wessel song. We stood up, too Bonhoeffer raised his arm in the regulation Hitler salute, while I stood there dazed. “Raise your arm! Are you crazy?” he whispered to me, and later: “We shall have to run risks for very different things now, but not for that salute!”  

    ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Volume 16: Conspiracy and Imprisonment 1940-1945, 1-2.


    • Good point, and thanks for you concern, but if they will do that contrary to law, they will do whatever they want anyway, and for mere speech. We have 7 days, and I have done nothing for which one may be arrested. The FBI needed to arrest Trump months ago, and will not do it. No one will do it, and that is called “Smooth transition.” Rather than arrest me, they can and probably will ignore me. In Aiki-do, through, when they gab you, you have them! All the news agencies I have contacted might take me seriously if they would demonstrate illegal government by arresting me without cause. My internet communications have been interfered with, again without cause and contrary to law, though it seems to be back on now. Consider the Election Commission blog. They are not permitted to speak to me, and neither is the FBI- who hang up on me for asking “At what point is election fraud an indictable offence.” As the president said, We have to do it. He and Ms. Lynch may feel that they cannot because they are black. Let’s see your salute! Besides, I may be dying, and due to the end of the fourth amendment, hospital appointments are an opportunity for execution, according to an NPR report this morning, me yesterday, and for the past two months. Perhaps I should not have complained about the Fourth Amendment, since it is gone now and did no good, but I am starving because even my sister would not hire me due to true things I said that others found unbelievable.

      All the German slaves were fine while they killed 6 million Jews, and a lot of us, two, might still be rich and warm in 4 years, but I do not think we have five years. Did Bonhoffer’s fiend do more good later? I hope so. We do not have to let this happen. Stand Up! All at once

    • Arresting Trump now, while Barack controls the FBI, is our last chance. There will be no impeachment because of intimidation, the very sort you advise I live by for a future good. Law, the rule of law and legal proceedings are also our last alternative to civil bloodshed, in which I will not take part (except to bleed.) In eight days, our constitution will be meaningless parchment.

      Judge Taney could have prevented the whole Civil War had he just decided Dred Scott was a man, though surely he had a family and would have been intimidated. Surely he would rather see a “smooth transition with the Missouri compromise, half slave half free. (Brown is the guy who should have taken your advice, in Kansas.) DEFIANCE! Non-Violent Tension! One man on a barbed wire fence.

      What great good did Bonhoffer’s friend later achieve? Seriously, because that too may well be true. In every circumstance, there is only one right thing, and if I were Putin, I would back out real slow, cause Clint caught him sneaking in.

      • “What great good did Bonhoffer’s friend later achieve?”

        – Perhaps nothing beyond reporting the story. That is something. And of course, Bonhoeffer tried, at the expenses of his life.

        “I do not think we have five years. – Agree
        …We do not have to let this happen. Stand Up! All at once.”

        – The ones who need to stand up are the ones who have the power to act. We know who they are, but they see only their immediate interests, myopically blind to their own jeopardy. We need him to scare the bejeebies out of the rest of all of us – especially the worst of his supporters – who might have the possibility of scaring them over their jobs.

        They are not scared on their own, perhaps because they can’t break the binds of their self mages. I truly believe that the energy needed to break out is inversely proportional to their metaphysical self-image which has to be very close to mathematical limits adjacent to zero.

        I am sorry to be so hopeless, but if he nickel and dimes our fall, we’re, as you expect, doomed.

        We need silver dollars. No, gold bullion!

      • Those who spend their lives in order to see are not those who live on the run, in politics. Socrates said it is possible to see “ten thousand times” more clearly. But if we do not speak and do, no one will. In Shakespeare’s Tempest, Prospero seizes control of the Italian regime from the magic island, and sets things strait for the next generation.

      • Like Barack said, we are citizens, as he soon will be. I am a citizen, and can make a citizen’s arrest, as I have done. “Yes, we can,” but not alone. In “Finding Nemo,” when all the fish are caught in the net, Nemo says, “Everybody swim down,” and they tip over the boat. CLC.

      • Thank you. No one much cares. My whole house is on camera and audio full bore, and to make and keep any appointment I offer myself to assassination, as does everyone in this nation, because we thought we would be safer if we set aside the Fourth Amendment. If I call the FBI, they hang up on me. The hospital computers are hacked. The tech is not mine, and the person who owns t will not get rid of Kaspersky and take the spy tech back.
        But I should slow down and back up, because I have not understood what you said about my being arrested. I assumed you meant only because I am small and they are big, poor and they are rich and powerful. Is there something more? What if everyone filed a citizen’s arrest? The convenience of it is that they would have to pove they were not guilty, and there is already such a preponderance of evidence that one would win a lawsuit. Most people even believe it by now, it is just that they think the way of peace is to do nothing, and they do not understand fascism nor see what is happening (Jesus said, ‘and you do not know how to read this moment [last 3 words Italics, connect with comment on Election commission, Mr. Tik])

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