Arrest Donald Trump!

   A citizen’s arrest of Donald Trump has been published and promulgated by informing Ms. Lynch, head of the Department of Justice. The charge is election fraud, and that seems to be plenty, though we were also considering treason. But we will leave that charge for the office holders, as I am just a citizen. I am not sure what else I have to do. For some time now, the FBI has been telling offices to ignore me, and these obey. But it has recently become possible for the first time to question the FBI, and they have been acting very questionably lately. We remind them of their oath and their commitment to obey the law. If the FBI helped interfere in the election, well, good luck America. Barack controls this agency, at least in name, for about 5 more days, and we suggest that he use it.

   I would call that the smoothest transition available to us, since it has become apparent that Russia has helped us to elect a tyrant, and Mr. Putin hopes we do not stand up, so that he can destroy America. The Donald does not seem to realize what he has gotten himself into. These people will do as they like with men like Donald Trump, just as Donney would do to me. He may not mind a nice easy way to back out and go home, as I have advised we offer Mr. Putin, by backing out of all the gains he took by turning these elections- including the primaries, the Brexit, the Philippines, the French, etc. The American oligarchs just do not understand tyranny, and will be eaten alive by these “men.”

   Nor do our Democrats understand tyranny, or Trump would already have been arrested. What, you do not have enough evidence of election fraud to arrest him, and END THIS CHARADE? Perhaps we will have a congressional committee do a six month investigation, before concluding along partisan lines at taxpayer expense, while Putin takes over Europe, and leads our sons and grandsons to their deaths in the middle east. Now that, Barack, is not a “smooth transition.”

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