Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?

Trump is under citizen’s arrest for election fraud. Ms. Lynch has been informed. A nod and wink to Russia is treason

The Lester & Charlie Review


When will history learn that we repeat ourselves?

Watch a clip of this 1950s television Western, where a man named Trump comes to town and promises to solve everyone’s problems by building a wall.

Spoiler alert: Didn’t work that time, either.


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4 thoughts on “Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?

    • I want to see the whole episode! We’ll be like the Ranger, and Obama will be like Clint! We’ll back em out slow, out of the Philippines, Ukraine, and we want the people of Aleppo, at least, and the France and Brexit too. Heck with this fascism rising stuff! They’ll prob’ly just go home, if they know what is good for them, and wait till we are a bit more corrupt! We caught em! I’m talking to Senator Peters office, I think, and we are taking the argument to the Supreme Court, maybe, for a do-over on the Russian election of 2016!

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