Court Arguments: The Russian Election of 2016 should be Declared Null and Void: Evidence and Arguments

  The Courts are asked to declare the Elections of 2016 Null and Void for the immediate good and safety of our nation.

   Whole states can bring the case directly to the Supreme Court as soon as possible. Other motions might also be filed, but these will arrive at the Supreme Court anyway, and part of the suit is that the inauguration cannot take place.One would think that cases involving foreign interference in federal elections would also qualify for original jurisdiction, since cases regarding foreign ambassadors do, and if the Russian ambassadors were asked to leave because of evidence that they interfered with the elections, the Court might hear the case directly without having to persuade a whole state to bring the case or waiting for the case to go through appeals. The right judges, too, might accomplish the appeals process in a single day, due to the emergency.

   We need to get some smart lawyers thinking out the procedure, for example, asking for time to prepare a case, during which time the election result is suspended, if the present evidence and reasoning are insufficient to conclude within four days.

Evidence might include

1) video of Mr. Trump saying that if Hillary wins, it will be fraud: Someone promised him the election.

2) Video of him saying that the means cannot be detected, especially the first time he said this. Later he said he knows a lot about computers, and it could have been anyone, how do we know it was Russia.

3) The National Enquirer and its ties to Trump. Days before the election, they accused Hillary of ties to Russia.

4) Business ties to Russia have been documented, as by the Huffington post.

5) The fake news has been spread through the internet, as in story that The Pope supports Trump.

6) Mr. Trump can be directly questioned about rewarding Breitbart for fake news. False advertising is a crime in business. Perhaps an indictment and questioning under oath can be entered as a corollary of the arguments to the supreme court.

7) The possibility of blackmail from the Miss Universe pageant.

8) Questioning about the selection of Mr. Tillerson for Secretary of State. He owned the building where the contest was held.

9) The possibility of affecting the electorate through spy-marketing: Facebook can testify.

10) The fact that Kaspersky is centered in Moscow, and handles computer security for 400,000,000 accounts, and is staffed by “former” KGB.

11) The fact that information can be collected and interference with voters targeted on this basis through computer analyses.

12) The possibility that this company worked with the FBI to prevent ISIS attacks.

13) The fact that this company pays NPR, and so controls the U.S. media to some extent.

14) The intimidation of the press such as Meghan Kelly. Examples can be called for, and press agencies questioned about intimidation, such as “If you are nice to me , I’ll be nice to you.”

16) The intimidation and disinformation of the Electoral College- ask members to testify or submit testimony through e-mails.

17) The repeated insistence that there was no “mechanical” interference. Paper copies of the ballots kept by each voter would have clarified recounts, such as in Detroit, though this was not done.

18) The refusal of Republicans to allow a recount of the votes, as in Michigan.

19) CIA information that is admissible, or their testimony that there is information they cannot share.

20) The partisan effect of the e-mail question raised by the FBI director, and the re-raising of this question days before the election without additional information.

21) Ask Mit Romney why he said Trump is a fraud.

22) Ask Mike Rogers about when he left the Trump administration because he was asked to lie about the responsibility of Secretary Clinton for the attack on the U. S. embassy in Benghazi.

23) Ask General Hayden why he said the Russian involvement in the election of 2016 was “The greatest covert operation in history.”

24) A pattern and characteristic of not caring if methods are immoral so long as legal, nor illegal if undetectable, can be established.

25)Redistricting has been used as a tool by the Republican party to enhance the effect of Republican votes and decrease the effect of the votes for the opposing party.

26) Voters were intimidated at the polls to discourage them from voting, especially in Democratic districts targeting likely democratic voters.

Only election fraud need be demonstrated, as treason is not the question required to declare the election void. All this might be done in a single day.

   It need not be shown that the effect of these frauds was decisive. A winner caught cheating is deprived regardless. As in sports, decisive effect may be obvious though difficult to prove, for example that steroids allowed Sosa to hit 70 Home runs cannot be proven, though it is obvious, and would hold up in such a case if the question is decided one way or the other on the basis of a preponderance of evidence, as in a lawsuit. The evidence of the polls suggest the effect was decisive. The Court can either disallow all Republican candidates, some, or declare Hillary president. We recommend keeping current officeholders seated and having a replacement presidential election with an examination of congressional elections.

   Evidence and argument can also be used in an impeachment in the House of Representatives, though this is not safe nor recommended unless the appeal of the states to the supreme court fails.

   The present statement can be edited and added to in order to make the language more precise and legal, by many other very smart and terrific people, and it will be just great, and sure to win.

   We call for Electors, Journalists and business partners, victims of Trump University, etc, to bring forth evidence and testimony.


The counterarguments generally are not real arguments. They are:

1 Ad Hominem, implying that such a person should not be listened to or cannot say anything true.

2) The argument given might be true, and still the point made of no effect, because the argument is irrelevant.

3) That fraud is impossible.

4) That fraud cannot be known.

But in no case is the argument refuted by the Trump brand counterarguments.

   There are many more arguments scattered throughout previous blogs, especially following November 11, when it occurred to me that the disparity between the popular and swing state votes was simply impossible, and Mrs. Clinton was then leading by less than one million votes. It is by far the largest disparity in history.

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