Why Does the CIA Not Go With A State Into The Supreme Court Today?

   As we have said, the Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction over cases involving a State. So we have asked Bernie Sanders to try to persuade Vermont, and perhaps all the 13 original states, to get the legislatures and governors together, and walk right into the building called Scotus and bring the case of the Russian influenced U.S.election before them like this afternoon. If the CIA would help with evidence, and Harvard would help with procedure, we are sure we could get a decision Voiding the election, or at least postponing the inauguration until the arguments sink in to the 8 Justices. I am sure to that they are allowed to set those other very important matters before them aside till we can save out nation and our constitution. Then we can get back to regular business. It seems very easy and obvious to me.

   I have tweetered them, but do not know if the messages are getting through. I tweetered Harvard Law School too, to ask them to help with procedure. Sometimes I think the best way to talk to these agencies is through their spying on us, since they sometimes seem too busy spying to listen, ask, and exercise a little common sense. And then they wonder why we seem to be talking to ourselves, yeah, “…at night because I can’t forget.” Mike Roger gets it, how anything incredible is fair game to the intelligence agencies, both ours and that of our enemies who we love as Jesus said to.

   Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I have a little trouble when, like they said on NPR, “They stare at you like your rain man.” Dumbfounded. Blank amazement. Go slow then, and ask questions. Do you not see when the Trumpsters ham up some face intimidation story, or exaggerate something a few Democrats do on the fringe, when the Trumpsters are doing these things in an orchestrated and intentional way, with a little help from their friends, the Ruskies? But when I try to talk to Trumpsters, I have to explain the simplest things, like “Have you seen Aleppo lately? The Philippines? Do you know that fascism is real, not just on T.V., and these are things that tyrants do? Do you not the Putin plan for America: War in the middle East against not just ISIS, who declared war on us (sometimes, one cannot choose), but as much of Islam as possible? Ask Andrew C. McCarthy, then who’s Imprimis article has 3.5 million readers who have never even tried to read the Koran. WordPress blocks my search term traffic, so my rebuttal has like 10 readers at most. In addition, people do not read, but like tweets and pictures, and I do not have very many pictures. Watch that Trump video, then, from 1958, of the Texas Ranger. He is like Clint!

   And then Putin planned to roll over Europe, while a president Trump did nothing except send your sons and grandsons to die die in the Middle East. And this is just Act I, scene ii. Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I am dumbfounded when the Trumpsters and “Republicans” do not get it immediately. But ole Vlad may be changing his mind, if we can get this case into the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. I will again be dumbfounded if that does not simply happen, since everyone now believes there was massive Russian interference in this election. And why do you think Putin would bother so much with other nations, at such great risk to himself personally and to his nation? Because Donney flatters his ego and is going to pay back those campaign loans? I’m sure he cares- not! What then do you think he has in mind, say for Act I scene iii, or Act II?

   But perhaps, like good Americans, we all just assume that there will be constitutional procedure after the inauguration Friday, should it occur. A ninth Justice, and a little intimidation in the House, and there will be no such thing as impeachment. And with Donney firing the whole CIA and 50% of the FBI + or – 10%, do you think we not be under a tyranny? It occurred to me too just the other day, regarding my citizen’s arrest of Mr Trump (“for his own welfare,” as they say), that if it were federal, and he the federal executive, he could just let himself out! If were a state arrest, he might have a bit more difficulty, but what state cop ever just says no to the FBI?

   Incidentally, in the “your own welfare” category, the inauguration will be a big mess if not a national catastrophe, should it occur, and a security nightmare. Even if 98% of the protesters are ML King Jr peaceful protesters, that two percent who are enraged beyond self control, and those Trumpster plants intent on excuse to take care of some of their most outspoken enemies, are sure to turn it into a near riot. Right there in Washington, while Putin creeps a little further West, while we are distracted. I was thinking of going myself, to lay my body down right in the lane of the highway where Bright Bart plans to enter D.C., but he will be coming in the back door, as he has all along, probably with Mr. Ethno-state as his top aid.

   I am sure the Supreme Court could see this, if would take a minute to read some citizen’s blog. And when something more pertinent and better written, some news more real, let me know. I will reblog it, and you go read it.

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