Canadian Immigration

   Friday, during the inauguration, I was sitting in the Canadian immigration office in Port Edward, Canada, across from Port Huron. I had decided to go on a vacation there, and to vote with my feet. I had what I took to be a death threat Thursday while working on some politics, and no one would look or believe me, though the local police did take a report. So, as happened last time I got a death threat, no one believes me and it is like my fault, so I really have to leave, and I lose my house. That makes it a good time to go on vacation.

   My plan was to visit the Potawatomi at Walpole Island, then go on to Kingsville to discover the grave of my great great great grandfather, there on McDonald street in Kingsville. I have visited the twice great guy, and starred into the midwife book of his grandmother from 1860, recording his birth as her first or second midwife job. Madeline Mallot showed me this, and owned the book, across from the Adams Motel. But the 3 greats guy, I found him by reasoning that he must be there, on McDonald street, the father of the 1860 guy in the midwife book.

   I also planned to look for work around Walpole or Point Pelee, where Margaret Atwood has a writers retreat, and I thought I might teach classes. She is doing the Tempest just now, and we could have a good class, like ones I attended long ago at the Clearing in Wisconsin. I also kept my tools in my truck- one never knows what he will need, or when he might even be painting. I did not know how long I would stay, but I told them “Plan A” was to stay 2 days and go home Sunday night. Then, if there was interest in hiring me, I might come back. Oh but that’s like a big problem. They also didn’t like my silverware, despite my circumstances. They are also quite peevish about weed, like the guy thought my granola grinder was for grinding up medicinal buds, God forbid. Had it been prescription anti-depressants, that would have been fine. Yea, and if I had been the lobbiest for the drug company that sells prescription antidepressants, they would have… His dog thought my walnut worm tincture might be “opiods,” but at least he let me keep that.

   Immigration turned me back to the states, ostensibly because I did not have enough money, according to the immigration man. (I keep hearing that CSNY song “Immigration man,” which might be the sound track to this story.) They handed me a paper which said, like, I was welcome to leave Canada immediately. I told the guy I would go back to Port Huron and try to get someone to send me 100$, come around and try again, but my stuff was so disheveled that I no longer had time to do what I intended to do, so I just gave up the mission. It turned out I had closer to 50$, and plenty for gas to make my trip. I joked about them requiring to people to spend money, and the fellow says, “this is not a joke…” but he could have fooled me! When the innocent are treated like criminals, we are supposed, for you, to take it seriously? We are extraordinarily polite and cooperative due to their concerns about safety, and if this kid wants to play “bad cop,” well…Upon leaving, I told him when he does as much good for his nation as I have done on my website, let me know.

   I have been blocked from getting work visa applications and a dual citizenship application, in part by poverty and, for the past year, by bureaucracy. The website, which numbers the immigration man wrote on the back of my permission to leave immediately, I have visited 3 times and failed to speak to a human at the Canadian embassy. It has also been suggested that the State Police have me on a list, and I do have an enhanced ID, for just such a circumstance. But I think poverty and looking for work, and being generally strange, was plenty enough to get me turned back at the border.

   While the Canadian embassy and Hospital phone systems have become the worst, all government seems to work this way. These phone systems do not work. Today I called literally ten different offices, one with 3 different answering machine menus, trying to get a deer crossing sign put up at a small steam where, each year, deer are killed, and often cars involved in wrecks. Finally I reached the DNR, who said that there must be 5 reported deer accidents in one spot in one year in order to get a deer crossing sign. “So, I am supposed to sit here and watch up to four injury accidents occur?” A horse crossing sign was just put up last fall, in a place around the corner where no horses even cross, they just walk along the road. With some griping, though the girl agreed that she was paid while I worked for free, I was out of time, and she would “Put in a report.”

   We thought Canada would understand that we were in a bit of a national crisis here, and some just might need to get across the border, whether for a couple days or for good. I certainly did not plan to stay against their wishes. They are all concerned about if you look for work, like your supposed to lie about it if you would. The U.S. border guard said they turned me back because I mentioned work. “Have you learned to lie” I was later asked. “No,” I still just tell the truth and then bitch about it.

   They of course had to turn all my stuff inside out and mess everything up. Since I had just had my life threatened on the internet, I was concerned about information that might protect others, certain web addresses that might need to know what had happened to me Thursday, when I was working on the politics. For about 18 hours, I could not find a crucial book and still cannot find a crucial paper, and a coupe Canadian paper dollars (though I found my Twoonies and Loonies.) People can die when government violates our fundamental rights to liberty and property, and this is not to say that they cannot do whatever they like at their own border. There was no need for this, a bit or streak of meanness, when their neighbors might have needed a hand.

   I’ll try again in a few months to go discover the 3 greats grampa’s grave, and see if I am blacklisted in Canada, as I am in the States.

   In Plato’s Crito, Socrates has a discussion with the laws, as in a dream. The laws say that because he is allowed to emigrate with his property, he has voluntarily agreed to obey them. To prevent emigration is characteristic of tyranny, and that is if The U. S. has done anything to block our contacting Canada. Tyranny has occurred in America because we are stupid, and are no longer capable of acting properly, especially in the offices of government. I told the Port Edward cop, though, that Canada is next.


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    • Treadin’ water. Say, when the Dr. was writing her letter, it had the same wordpress background picture as yours-it looked familiar- though we were working on twitter. They made a page come up behind the wordpress style page- very strange.

  1. People in Aleppo and Philippines have troubles- we are warm today with tobacco, books, coffee and cats! Tornados in the South- 18 dead, and many lose everything. I used to read Victor Frankl if I ever felt unfortunate!

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