Constitution Man

…Son, what I do for work is not your business. I am a U.S. citizen dedicated to upholding all oaths of office to obey our constitution- but there is a virtual superhero, in the realm of the Invisible Republic, where lake Woebegone and text wrecks are more real than video games and English teachers like Ann Kurzon are heroines and  conversations can last thousands of years. Our Time warp portal can be entered sometimes through NPR, and sometimes through the spaces between the bookshelves and the isles in the public library, the last bastion of privacy, until the Pseudo-FBI took them over in a previous episode. And you thought the Texas Ranger from 1958 was cool! But bullets bounce off us because we do not quite exist even in the virtual reality of computers and the internet, but in a world that has been around longer, and will be here after. Constitution man will enter this world on occasion to uphold not parchment but the genuine constitution no one has ever seen, but yet it is, on the high end of “between being and not being,” just a little less eternal than the numbers, and a little further less than the deeds of the saints that are the garment of Bride. Constitution man comes from there, these phases of what Popper called World Three, and enters into our world to secure  particular constitutions in times of crisis, when normal authorities have been usurped by treachery, honest men and women deceived, and particular constitutional governments imperiled.

3 thoughts on “Constitution Man

  1. So we’ll have this Geek with a C on his leotard, “CONSTITUTION MAN!” “One guy has to work for free!” is his motto. “He’s everywhere” like Chicken Man, but only in the US. One comedian, one wise guy, who does not have a career! When the C is in danger, he’s right on YOUR porch!
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