Hands Tied?: Use Mirror

   Trump’s crimes are evident in his accusations, which are reversed in order to tie the hands of one genuinely accusing a criminal of their true crimes. These people have spent their lives lying, know they are lying, and are quite good at it, at least in its effect upon the many or the third of mankind that salutes whatever is in fact sitting atop the flagpole, rather than hoisting what deserves to be saluted because it is worthy of salute, like the U. S. Constitution. Two stories from the first week of Trump’s presidency are related, demonstrating the same cause: The out of left field reassertion that the popular vote for Hillary was so high that it was the result of 3 1/2 million fake or fraudulent voters, and the Spicer attack on the media, with Trump’s statement that the media are the most dishonest of all people. Yea if Hillary and everyone is nice to him, maybe he won’t use his executive powers to indict her, even with some of those “alternate facts.” Trumps method is to tie the hands of his opponent by getting them to take a position such as one cannot question the results of an election, cannot accuse an opponent of election fraud, cannot accuse one of Russian interference, cannot call for the indictment  of an opponent, etc.

   Trump works his opponent into a position where, for example, the press cannot report that he is not credible if indeed he is not credible, having accused them of an attempt to undermine his credibility. God forbid!, we must say! That anyone would, in speech, undermine his obviously otherwise solid credibility! None are to accuse of voter fraud, threaten indictment, suggest Russian ties, ask for a vote recount, oppose a smooth transition or question and election result-it just ain’t right! Downright un-American!

   Use the mirror: National Enquirer reported Hillary’s Russian ties just before the election. Now she is supposed to fear indictment and scream against accusing another of election fraud. Perhaps Trump got wind of the charges in my citizen’s arrest. Tyrants fear accusations rising from every quarter, so much so that they cannot do their job. Indeed he has the executive powers, which is why Trump must be impeached in the House like tonight or tomorrow morning. The Republicans and the agencies may for a time control him, but as we move on, his own fascist platform, the U.S. white fascists, and ole Vlad will have their way with him.

   Oddly, contradicting my old CLC position, the intell. community can just sit tight in the crisis and fall back on common sense, rather than allow themselves to be made the instruments of treason. I used to complain that the career service left these more powerful than the elected office holders, because the terms of the latter are limited, while the career intell people have 40 years. Now it seems that and common sense may be what saves us. That is of course because the internet has made voting and the election of civilians to control the military no longer possible as it once was. Before, civilians would walk in as bosses of the career intell. and military, and try to listen to them about intell and military decisions while deciding for themselves what should be done.

The Brazillian Juitsu guy of the famous family Gracie would constrict like a cobra, and escape from his tactics can be impossible. My teacher wraps us up one limb at a time till one is quite stuck! Gracie beat the best wrestler from Michigan State in a fifteen minute tough guy contest, when MMA was young. All the kickboxers and flashy guys were long gone, leaving only Juitsu and Greek wrestling. He did it by wriggling his foot up between the two of them, from the bottom position, and choking the wrestler with his foot while other limbs cancelled one another out. That is the most beautiful match.

Mr Nishiyama: “Mind like moon!” Yoyachi!

2 thoughts on “Hands Tied?: Use Mirror

  1. “The mirror” has many meanings, as does the literal mirror. First the log in the eye:we project our flaws into our factions. Penance is a self-knowing, and when we appear to our true self, the bad part dies. Second, as here, villainy can intentionally use this fact, and accuse others of what it knows are its own crimes. It practices how to use public opinion, making things sound terrible by how states things in hyperbole. But there are many other mysterious meanings, as there are many kinds of opposites. Left and right are reversed, but not up and down- go figure! Young girls gaze at the “vanity.” We see ourselves in an imagined public or community view. Each movement must be learned both left and right. In wrestling, there is a mirror on the ceiling, but one gets ones mind acclimated to seeing in reverse: Cars going by in a mirror appear opposite, and we see not 360 degrees-except as we see reflections, as in store windows, till the mind grows accustomed. The mirror also allows the student to see himself, and flaws are evident immediately, so he can adjust his stance. Lovers see something of themselves reflected in the eye of the beloved. Dreams appear as in water, the imago Dei “Katopridzomai,” says St. Paul, as in a glass.” In Plato’s Republic, first the things on earth appear in a pool. Lao Tzu says the ancient masters appear as a muddy pool: who can sit calmly till the mud settles.” Finally, the diabolic reverses the forms of the images, because the soul itself, intended to receive knowledge, but growing without light, has been inverted and produces inverted images: FBI profilers know many crimes make no sense in animal terms, the mundane earthly pursuits of man, sex and money. The motives can only be explained symbolically, as perversions of the soul or intellect. So the tyrannic hierarchy is a hierarchy, the same as the royal, the three parts of the soul aligned in the natural hierarchy, except it is inverted, as the hierarchy in Nietzsche is inverted. (The noble are deceived by this, agreeing that nature is hierarchic rather than egalitarian.) Marx, for example, in his Hegel essay, calls for a deliberate inversion of religion, and we say this is why Marxism leads to classocide,” an “inversion of baptism projected onto the political.” But this is why we say to that modern politics is diabolical, and why Sr. Lucy saw Hell gape in 1917. Let modern psychology compete with us, then, or with Socratic philosophy, for knowledge of the soul! Have they even begun? But Narcissus too gazed into the pool in self love (a stupid waste of time.) And how is Narcissism” different from “self esteem?”A friend is “another self,” and a relation of self-knowledge. Those we admire water the growing soul, honor and heroes important to the polity., models and mentors are the way of education. The vision of Fatima too has a mirror in its third secret. And that is most of the meanings of the mirror. But this essay is based on only one particularly useful kind, relevant to contemporary politics.

    But when our hands are tied by lying in a deliberate manner, we can use the mirror to see the crimes of the criminal, as well as to avoid falling for what is being done.

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