Revote: Court Asked: 2016 Election Null and Void?

   At a website called Revote, it is reported that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case arguing that the election of 2016 be declared void and new elections held as a result of the foreign intrusion into the internet. The argument is presented that the federal government failed to secure for the states a Republican form of government, as required by the fourth Article of the Constitution. There is not a clause in the constitution dealing with what occurs when a foreign power turns both the election and the Electoral College with spy-marketing and targeted interference and intimidation, (nor, of course, does it say that one must demonstrate the interference was decisive.) So this is an interesting basis, and true in this case [as the Fourth Article basis would have been in the case of slavery prior to the civil war: slavery was unconstitutional because the institution is despotic, the opposite of a republican form of government, and it is a serious question whether a state with slavery can be considered to have a republican form of government. I noticed this one day when it became clear that I could not swear an oath to the pre-1865 constitution because of the fugitive slave clause.] But here the argument is true: the states were prevented from voting properly or holding the elections required to have a free government at all, by the intrusion of a foreign nation, as surely as if they had walked right up and done it by getting their mechanics to work on the election boxes. The result is instant tyranny, to even my amazement how fast, though I had worked out the equation U.S.-4th Amend.=tyranny.

   I had been working on the question of election fraud, and thought we might get a state like Maryland or Vermont to ask the Supreme Court to void the election on the basis of election fraud. This could still be attempted as a parallel motion. The broad question needs to be set on the desk of the Supreme Court as quickly as possible, and impeachment too pursued immediately, due to the harms that may result in the meantime, and the certainty of further interference.

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