Nullify 2016 Election, Revote

UPDATE Jan 11: We have filed in lower courts and this writ of mandamus is now headed to the Supreme Court. The writ has been written, is in end stage editing, headed to Supreme Court printers and will be in the court Thursday, Jan 12. At that time, as we have asked for an emergency hearing, we are hopeful the justices will generously honor us with a positive ruling. We requested only that they permanently enjoin, or nullify, the results of the 2016 election. It would be up to the legislative and executive branches to fashion and conduct a NEW VOTE. We do not anticipate the pain of a whole new election season, primaries, etc. We just want to know that the vote is fair and free of influence by hostile foreign actors. It is the least we can expect of our democracy. If this is NOT done, then any feigning of the involvement of citizens in the election of our leaders has been exposed and our democracy will fall. We know that when this has been done in other countries, for the SAME reasons and the SAME bad players, they have effected new elections in the range of 4 months. Waiting 4 months to get a clean, non-tainted election is the least we can expect of our democracy.

It is more than clear that this election was tainted by not only direct Russian obstruction with the intent to elect Trump (and likely other Republicans) to office, likely with their consent and knowledge, but also outstanding are serious questions about legitimacy of voting machines. It is not acceptable, not only for THIS election but for the future of democracy itself, to let such a tainted election stand.

There is legal precedent to set aside the results of an election if the election was tainted by corruption. If the courts found that this election was tainted by corruption, as would seem likely given the FBI and CIA reports, this entire election result could either be voided and a new election slated, or Hillary Clinton could be named President. In one legal case, a Republican candidate was voided and a democrat put in office as a result of his corruption. This is a legal path which can be followed to right this terrible wrong. Whether the electors vote for Trump or not, this legal path should be followed as the Republican party, at its highest levels, have participated in this Russian aided fraud on the American people. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or a zebra, every American should be aghast that our election process was so tainted.

I am grateful, beyond measure, to each and every American willing to step forward and speak up. GIVE what you can afford and stop this travesty of justice. History will tell this story and you have a chance to make history today. Be a part of this movement to re-establish the AMERICAN PEOPLE as the director of our country and not uber wealthy oligarchs who want to pillage the illustrious wealth of our country, our natural resources, our national parks with their oil and minerals, our military strength, our funds such as Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and others, our tax base, and our people.

Step forward today and say, “No more!”

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