Anonymous: Russian Interference in U. S. Politics

   The following is an article written not from radio news and reflection, but from the study of Russian involvement from the inside.

Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess


I have an overarching theory of Russia’s attack on America and the West. Here it is.

There have not been a series of attacks on America and Europe by Vladimir Putin. There has been one single operation; it is the same operation.

By 2008, possibly even earlier, according to John Schindler, a National Security expert formerly at the NSA, Russia had placed moles in the highest levels of US counter-intelligence. I take this as my starting-point, because all the subsequent facts bear it out.

Mr. Putin always wanted to use the strength of the West as a lever to attack it, because Russia is weak and poor. So he did, and he used a very old-fashioned and effective method. Spies inside the IC. He also believes in propaganda and mind-games. He uses them on the West, he uses them on Russians, in Russia.

Hillary Clinton correctly noted that Putin rigged his own election in 2011. This, apparently, is when he started to hate her.

By the 2012 election, Russia’s desire to interfere with American democracy was already there, but it as yet didn’t have the tools to succeed in that aim. I deliberately omit some of the timeline here in order to get to the bigger points in the story, but I will return to it later.

Russian moles placed inside the NSA recruited Edward Snowden. A letter between the FSB in Cuba and SENAIN in Quito held in a file marked ‘Assange’ in London, dated 4th April 2013, the day before Snowden sent his only email on legalities, April 5th 2013, and before Snowden took his uppermost level documents during the rest of the month of April, proves conclusively that Mr. Snowden is a Russian agent who acted on instructions from Moscow. After Snowden fled to Hong Kong, he escaped from there by an Ecuadorean travel document arranged by Julian Assange, and tried to get to Cuba.

Snowden is a low-level IT idiot. He had help taking what he took from the NSA. I recommend the NSA review their case files and pick up the Russian moles within their agency. Snowden used stolen credentials, but it is almost certain that he received a piece of removable media like a memory card from his Russian handlers. He took military secrets. And by “he” I mean the FSB.

In 2013, after the Russians received all of the Snowden files, and China some of them, most press coverage concentrated on the traps that terrorists and Russian spies were able to avoid. They missed that Russian hackers would now proceed to use the NSA’s tech offensively.

In 2013, the Russians briefed their army of hackers.

In 2012/13, a young Russian hacker called Yvegeny Nikulin, then 26, was using Snowden’s NSA techniques – stolen credentials – to hack LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring.

Formspring, which shut down late 2013, was the app that Anthony Wiener used for his sexting.

According to John Schindler, “a hacker”(Nikulin) was picked up in Prague, October 5th, on suspicion of interfering with the DNC and the Democrats in America’s election. He had been sought on an FBI red warrant.

He is being extradited to the United States (if Jeff Sessions, a Russia partisan who recruited the spy Carter Page into Team Trump, does not try to stop it)  over strong protests from Russia. The DoJ announcement on his indictment mentioned not only Formspring, but ‘a count of conspiracy’ and ‘sending a code to a computer’.

It was three years later. Nikulin was now 29.

On Oct 26, Rudy Giuliani joked on television about a big surprise coming in the election that would turn things around for Trump.

On Oct 28, Director James Comey of the FBI announced that more as yet unexamined emails had been found on an old laptop of Mr. Wiener’s.

Mr. Putin, it is my surmise that some of the Russian moles inside US counter-intelligence work within the FBI’s criminal division, and particularly, within the New York field office.

It is my surmise that your hacker, Nikulin, sent a command buried in a virus earlier transmitted by Formspring to ‘wake up’ that old computer and either find, or place, emails from Huma Abedin on to it, and that you then contacted your moles inside the NYPD/  FBI NY and told them to “suddenly find” emails that, the expectation was, could not possibly be combed through in time before the election.

Your agents within the FBI Field Office then did a number of additional things.

Firstly, they illegally spoke to any friendly press and the Trump campaign about putative ongoing criminal investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the matter of her email server.

They told Fox News’s Brett Baier that Hillary Clinton “Would soon be indicted” and this was reported on TV, and then retracted after the damage was done.

They told your agents of influence, Rudy Giuliani and X Kallstrom, that ‘a group of active FBI agents’ had demanded Comey release his letter. Both of them stated as much, Mr. Giuliani specifying ‘active’ FBI agents.

They used your agent General Flynn – I scorn to use ‘of influence’ in this case, Flynn knew what he was doing – to say on live television that active FBI agents were talking to him about an going ‘criminal investigation’

And they told the New York Times that the FBI ’Saw No Clear Ties to Russia’ in the matter of the Russian bank servers. And the New York Times printed it, even though they, the Times, knew it was false.

Before the election, only I reported, correctly, that the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence division in Connecticut had obtained a FISA warrant for ‘any US persons’ relating to the two banks involved in the Trump Tower server; Alfa Bank and SVB Bank.

So your moles in the NSA recruited Ed Snowden in 2012/2013.

You got to work using NSA hacking techniques. Stealing legit credentials features often. You hacked Wiener in 2013 via Formspring. You waited.

You used your moles in the FBI Field Office and, in 2016 at the right moment, you woke up Wiener’s laptop via the ’Snowden Virus’, found or planted old emails on it, and suddenly had the FBI Field Office “find it” and then lean, hard, on Comey to produce the letter he did.

Your RIS moles in the FBI then engaged in some agitprop with Giuliani, Flynn, an innocent Fox News, a not-innocent New York Times who deliberately used its prior authority to rubbish Franklin Foer and David Corn’s Alfa Bank server reporting, to make absolutely certain that “Trump-Russia” was suppressed and Clinton was defeated.

Your agents in the FBI Field Office in New York did, however, make one incredibly stupid mistake. A coder named Dustin Giebel caught it and he flagged it up to me.

The trouble with hiring young and foolish men to flood twitter and Facebook, to act as your hackers and so forth, is that they are young and foolish. Trolls gonna troll.

In this case, the Twitter account @FBIRecordsVault ceased being dormant for the first time in two years. It went on a little tweet storm. The last tweets were attacks on Hillary Clinton with a chaser of an attack on Eric Holder, the former AG. The first tweet, however, was a tweet praising Fred C. Trump. (Donald Trump has often said that his father is his only hero). It used language about Mr. Trump senior that was not only unlike any FBI descriptors ever used before, but had been lifted from Donald Trump’s commercial, company website.

When I saw that, I was overwhelmed with joy. It was not the severity of the offense, it was its traceability. Somebody sat at a keyboard and typed those tweets. Identifiable people. An FBI statement wrongly said that these were automated responses to three FOIA requests. Not true. Some identifiable person ordered and gave that statement. When I filed a private FOIA lawsuit with Mark S Zaid and Bradley Moss, we wrote the questions in ways that would be difficult to avoid answering. Who wrote those tweets? How many agents knew of them? What records exist of FBI agents or staff visiting the Trump commercial website to lift the descriptor of Fred Trump? What internal investigations exist into FBI agents leaking criminal investigations to Flynn and Giuliani? Do they feature any of the same agents who composed, knew of or authorized the FBI Records Vault tweets?

Days after our FOIA requests landed, Mr. Giuliani abruptly withdrew from his application to be Secretary of State. A week after our lawsuit was announced over non-response, the Department of Justice announced an investigation into more or less every matter named in our lawsuit, including the FBI Records Vault’s beautifully traceable tweets.

Even little pawns, like Twitter accounts, can become Queens, if you let them reach the 8th square, Mr. Putin.

So there you have it. Part One:

Russia has moles inside the IC, several of whom are not yet caught.

The NSA moles recruit Snowden.

Assange Ecuador and Russia give Snowden orders, and removable media to scrape intel and military secrets.

Ecuador exfiltrates Snowden to Moscow.

2012-2013, Russian hackers are given all of the NSA techniques. Nikulin hacks Formspring and Wiener. He plants a virus in his laptop. He waits and wakes it up in October.

Russia’s FBI Field Office moles “suddenly find” the emails, perhaps even placed on that computer, at a crucial juncture.

Russia’s FBI Field Office moles pressure Comey into releasing his letter, and thereby spin the election to Trump.

How am doing so far, Mr. Putin? You know, for a woman. And an amateur.


Or, James Comey’s Counterintelligence FBI vs Rudy Giuliani’s NY Criminal FBI

There are three parts to this theory, like a good play, and narratively, the next section ought to be about your spy ring in the University of Cambridge, your hacking of Facebook and Twitter and your propaganda wars across Europe, but as I have learned from you one must play to the audience, and I think American readers are mostly terrified that Director Comey will throw America under the bus and cover up your coup.

I don’t agree. Here is my take.

Before the BBC and the Guardian confirmed my HeatStreet exclusive on the FISA warrant issued in October, I was a lone voice in the wilderness on its existence.(And may history record that our conservative-leaning website had that scoop). When the writer Jason Leopold of Vice asked if Trump had been under investigation in September he got a GLOMAR response: ‘We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any such records’.

GLOMAR responses are named for a submarine and can only be given if a matter of national security is at stake. Mr. Leopold announced he would sue, for why should a concluded investigation be a matter of national security? I told him, with little credibility then and tons now, that the GLOMAR response made sense because there is an ongoing investigation into Mr. Trump and his associates on a matter of national security.

Democrats, including Democrats in Obama’s government who ought to know better, have asked if James Comey had ‘a double standard’ over the investigations into Clinton and Trump. Yes; he did, and he does. He may talk about a criminal investigation. He may not talk about a current, ongoing investigation into espionage, bribery, money laundering and so forth that affects US national security.

Over the summer and early autumn Democrats wrongly stated that the FBI / Comey had said they were not looking into Roger Stone and had declined to investigate Roger Stone, who announced his links to Wikileaks. This came from a Senate hearing and Mr. Comey’s testimony to Democrat Rep. Nadler. Rep. Nadler asked if Stone’s boasts constituted special circumstances, Comey said “I don’t think so.”  It must have been frustrating for Comey. He was GLOMAR-ing Congress right to their face and they did not understand what was going on.

Subsequently, the heads of NSA, CIA and FBI “Glomar”ed, in no particular order, two Congressional open Russian hack hearings, one closed briefing to the House of Representatives, and in the case of the CIA’s Director Brennan, Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Furthermore, although Comey is a natural Republican he appeared to have played it straight. In the summer he cleared Clinton of a criminal standard of negligence. In the fall, he had been sandbagged by Russian moles inside the FBI Field Office in New York. But I do not believe Mr. Comey surrendered wrongly to ‘pressure’. He knew the moles had effective kompromat – the emails your hacker Nikulin planted or woke – and that were he not to revise his testimony in the light of new evidence, his far more important natsec investigation into the traitor, Donald Trump, would be discredited. He then worked around the clock to clear Mrs. Clinton.

All evidence shows that James Comey is pursuing your assault on America, Mr. Putin, with the fearless I expect from a counter-intelligence patriot. In June, he named Donald Trump to a FISA court as an agent of Russian influence. In July, he did the same. Both times, the court turned him down. In April, Mr. Comey received audio of Russian money financing Trump – that’s the same time that Paul Manafort joined the campaign to run it. He formed a joint CIA/FBI /Treasury task force to look at the money.

Over the summer, US counter-intelligence met with Chris Steele because they had already got their own independent information that he was correct. On October 5th, your hacker Nikulin was picked up on an FBI ‘Red Warrant’ in Prague which means Director Comey had put a top priority on getting him some time before. Armed with whatever Nikulin spilled – and, Mr. Putin, he fainted when they caught him – Director Comey went back again, to a new FISA judge, on October 15, and he got his warrant.

Every indication is that Director Comey is not only independent but plays better chess than both you or I, Mr. Putin. (Can I call you VVP? I feel like I know you). For in September, the FBI did not join the ODNI statement about Russia’s intent being to aid Trump. Why not? Because while the NSA and CIA had heard the tapes of Americans in Trump’s camp working with your officials, taking your bribes, disseminating your information, Director Comey had not yet received his warrant. In order not to give Trump’s defense and the defense of his camps anything to go on, the FBI was Caesar’s wife. It did not act on surveillance of US persons abroad offered by the UK, Estonia, BIS, and Lithuania until it got the warrant. Director Comey does not want any ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ defenses (no pun intended, Mr. Putin, and may I remind you sir that it is bad form to kill one’s opponents in chess. It’s cheating).

The FBI ‘changed’ its stance on the final Russian hacking report because they had, by then, listened to the tapes. Legally. Under a warrant.

The FBI has, fortunately, always employed the principle of compartmentalization. The FBI Counter-Intelligence division in New York kept their dealings secret from the criminal field office in New York.

But, some readers will say, Russian moles in the NSA – OK, it’s a worthy target. Why would the Russians have sleeper moles in a mere FBI criminal field office, even if it is New York?

And the answer to that is simple; a corrupt FBI NY Field Office guards the interest of Russian mobsters, allows them to launder their money through Trump’s “failing” casinos and building projects, makes sure that Trump being paid double for a Florida house doesn’t get investigated, allows paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to keep a mansion in New York City,  ensures that Trump’s criminal taxes don’t get investigated, and sits hard enough on the NYPD that Trump can commit crime after crime in plain sight, socializing with the FBI’s most wanted mobsters, and never get charged with a damn thing. It ensures that Manafort and Stone can live in Trump tower, that Cohen’s trips on Russian-Registered private jets get washed. It allows the “FBI” to be next to the media, including the New York Times and Fox news, and act as un-named law enforcement sources. The FBI Field Office in New York wasn’t just infiltrated by your agents to scupper Hillary Clinton, Mr. Putin. It was there to guard the money of your billionaires and to cover the tracks of your handlers in the Russian embassy and consulates. That’s why the dead security guard at the Russian consulate never got investigated. You have a lot of people in New York, and they are very affable, pleasant folks, too. I’ve met a couple.

But let’s get back to the game. Your trouble is that Mr. Comey is not for sale. You have nothing on him. Let’s remember your hacker Nikulin, whom Comey was chasing since who knows when. A few days ago Comey picked up another of your hackers in Spain as he was about to board a plane to France with his wife. You yourself, through your propaganda sites, connected this to the DNC hack. You had the identical reaction that you did to Nikulin being picked up. You threw a rather beta male hissy fit. Stanislav Lisov had coded a bank virus. But there’s rather more to it than that. Lisov fits the hacker narrative in the Steele dossier. He needed paying. He has Gazprom connections, and he has a scary interest in satellites, which you, Mr. Putin, would like to weaponize against the United States.

But you know, the FBI caught him, none the less. Comey caught him. They know about the US company he formed, how it transferred to Oregon from Florida, and how money was funneled through a failed ‘secretive startup’.

The white knight is outplaying the black knight and all his moves indicate that.


Is it really worth chronicling the rest of the match? You, Mr. Putin, have relied on big data and on propaganda, including an army of trolls. It is plain to UK intelligence that you have a Russian spy ring at Cambridge University; that you may have combed through and stolen, illegally in the EU, the Facebook data of hundreds of millions of Americans; that you use propagandists SCR and combined GSR and SCR to form Cambridge Analytica; and that you used Twitter’s database to create a bot army.

It’s plain from both money and propaganda that Steve Bannon is your tool, your agent of influence; that you work through Nigel Farage and so on; that RT and Sputnik are not merely spy centers, but money-laundering tools; and that you have used ‘Big data’ of Cambridge Analytica (personality types plus propaganda from SCR) to poison the minds of Americans and indeed voters across the West. You have your hackers sitting on 4 Chan, where the ‘prank’ on the Brexit petition involved Russian server addresses.

But you are a careless player, Mr. Putin. Scrubbing of tweets wherein @GenFlynn pushes your hideous propaganda is pretty dumb. Scrubbing Michael Cohen’s phone data is also dumb, when we have him and his daughter waltzing around Europe and the Caribbean in Russian-owned private jets. You live by the troll, sir, then you die by the troll. Your propaganda and how you pay for it is all traceable. America has its hackers, too.

The DoJ inquiry has fired the first shots. It’s named Erik Prince. It knows you have the Mercers, it knows about Bannon, it knows about your moles in the NYPD. You see sir it all goes back to Nikulin. The NYPD ‘found’ that laptop on October 3rd.  And on October 5th, Nikulin comes to Prague for payment.

But Mr. Putin, James Comey’s friends were waiting there to turn your black pawn into our white queen. And whenever Flynn tweeted Russian agitprop, the FBI and the NSA had a URL.

You sir, are like a chess player in possession of all his many, many pieces, but boxed in, in the back row, and despite having them all arrayed on the board – Jeff Sessions as Attorney General even though he recruited the spy Carter Page into your teamdespite all of that, none of it will matter. White has you trapped. You and your ally Iran. Checkmate came from the Persian phrase, “Shah Mat”.

The King is dead. And I didn’t even have to bother with Sessions, Page, Manafort, Stone, Flynn, and all the SIGINT that we have on them, the deals they made with Wikileaks to receive intel that you hacked and phished and planted with your viruses.

Impeachment of Mr. Trump is on the way.

What you should ask yourself is if it is in Russia’s and your own best interest for you to keep deceiving an angry America? For when the trials do start, the back-covering, the rage, the scrambling, the desperate need to seem harder on your oligarch friends than the next politician – this could harm not only you and your allies but the next generation of Russian kleptocrats too.

It would surely be better to give it up now, release some of that kompromat now, push Trump out, and face the anger of a relieved United States after Trump resigns.

But perhaps you cannot.

Perhaps Mr. Putin, you have played yourself right into a corner.  After all, those who know what komprat you hold on them also know that you hold it. And they can collaborate with the FBI.

Chess is a good game, sir.

But the reason Russians are so poor is that you can’t stop playing it.

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  1. In the face of obvious Russian interference in the election and in the U.S. government, we citizens need to encourage our Representatives to begin impeachment immediately. But we must also counter the control of the media and internet which allowed the elections to be turned, or impeachment will be alike impossible. They know our moves in real time, and while no one else believes us, they are leaping two more moves ahead. We need to step back from the internet and resort to common sense and constitutional procedure. If impeachment could succeed under Nixon, we should be able to do it under Trump and Putin, though they have already prepared, and we have not.


  2. Odd thing is, this whole article and revelation are on Twitter. We need to take hold of the internet and counter their hold on the media. (What if) Twitter is Russian? Trump’s favorite! Get out of the Ukraine!

Hands Tied?: Use Mirror

   Trump’s crimes are evident in his accusations, which are reversed in order to tie the hands of one genuinely accusing a criminal of their true crimes. These people have spent their lives lying, know they are lying, and are quite good at it, at least in its effect upon the many or the third of mankind that salutes whatever is in fact sitting atop the flagpole, rather than hoisting what deserves to be saluted because it is worthy of salute, like the U. S. Constitution. Two stories from the first week of Trump’s presidency are related, demonstrating the same cause: The out of left field reassertion that the popular vote for Hillary was so high that it was the result of 3 1/2 million fake or fraudulent voters, and the Spicer attack on the media, with Trump’s statement that the media are the most dishonest of all people. Yea if Hillary and everyone is nice to him, maybe he won’t use his executive powers to indict her, even with some of those “alternate facts.” Trumps method is to tie the hands of his opponent by getting them to take a position such as one cannot question the results of an election, cannot accuse an opponent of election fraud, cannot accuse one of Russian interference, cannot call for the indictment  of an opponent, etc.

   Trump works his opponent into a position where, for example, the press cannot report that he is not credible if indeed he is not credible, having accused them of an attempt to undermine his credibility. God forbid!, we must say! That anyone would, in speech, undermine his obviously otherwise solid credibility! None are to accuse of voter fraud, threaten indictment, suggest Russian ties, ask for a vote recount, oppose a smooth transition or question and election result-it just ain’t right! Downright un-American!

   Use the mirror: National Enquirer reported Hillary’s Russian ties just before the election. Now she is supposed to fear indictment and scream against accusing another of election fraud. Perhaps Trump got wind of the charges in my citizen’s arrest. Tyrants fear accusations rising from every quarter, so much so that they cannot do their job. Indeed he has the executive powers, which is why Trump must be impeached in the House like tonight or tomorrow morning. The Republicans and the agencies may for a time control him, but as we move on, his own fascist platform, the U.S. white fascists, and ole Vlad will have their way with him.

   Oddly, contradicting my old CLC position, the intell. community can just sit tight in the crisis and fall back on common sense, rather than allow themselves to be made the instruments of treason. I used to complain that the career service left these more powerful than the elected office holders, because the terms of the latter are limited, while the career intell people have 40 years. Now it seems that and common sense may be what saves us. That is of course because the internet has made voting and the election of civilians to control the military no longer possible as it once was. Before, civilians would walk in as bosses of the career intell. and military, and try to listen to them about intell and military decisions while deciding for themselves what should be done.

The Brazillian Juitsu guy of the famous family Gracie would constrict like a cobra, and escape from his tactics can be impossible. My teacher wraps us up one limb at a time till one is quite stuck! Gracie beat the best wrestler from Michigan State in a fifteen minute tough guy contest, when MMA was young. All the kickboxers and flashy guys were long gone, leaving only Juitsu and Greek wrestling. He did it by wriggling his foot up between the two of them, from the bottom position, and choking the wrestler with his foot while other limbs cancelled one another out. That is the most beautiful match.

Mr Nishiyama: “Mind like moon!” Yoyachi!



Nullify 2016 Election, Revote

UPDATE Jan 11: We have filed in lower courts and this writ of mandamus is now headed to the Supreme Court. The writ has been written, is in end stage editing, headed to Supreme Court printers and will be in the court Thursday, Jan 12. At that time, as we have asked for an emergency hearing, we are hopeful the justices will generously honor us with a positive ruling. We requested only that they permanently enjoin, or nullify, the results of the 2016 election. It would be up to the legislative and executive branches to fashion and conduct a NEW VOTE. We do not anticipate the pain of a whole new election season, primaries, etc. We just want to know that the vote is fair and free of influence by hostile foreign actors. It is the least we can expect of our democracy. If this is NOT done, then any feigning of the involvement of citizens in the election of our leaders has been exposed and our democracy will fall. We know that when this has been done in other countries, for the SAME reasons and the SAME bad players, they have effected new elections in the range of 4 months. Waiting 4 months to get a clean, non-tainted election is the least we can expect of our democracy.

It is more than clear that this election was tainted by not only direct Russian obstruction with the intent to elect Trump (and likely other Republicans) to office, likely with their consent and knowledge, but also outstanding are serious questions about legitimacy of voting machines. It is not acceptable, not only for THIS election but for the future of democracy itself, to let such a tainted election stand.

There is legal precedent to set aside the results of an election if the election was tainted by corruption. If the courts found that this election was tainted by corruption, as would seem likely given the FBI and CIA reports, this entire election result could either be voided and a new election slated, or Hillary Clinton could be named President. In one legal case, a Republican candidate was voided and a democrat put in office as a result of his corruption. This is a legal path which can be followed to right this terrible wrong. Whether the electors vote for Trump or not, this legal path should be followed as the Republican party, at its highest levels, have participated in this Russian aided fraud on the American people. Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or a zebra, every American should be aghast that our election process was so tainted.

I am grateful, beyond measure, to each and every American willing to step forward and speak up. GIVE what you can afford and stop this travesty of justice. History will tell this story and you have a chance to make history today. Be a part of this movement to re-establish the AMERICAN PEOPLE as the director of our country and not uber wealthy oligarchs who want to pillage the illustrious wealth of our country, our natural resources, our national parks with their oil and minerals, our military strength, our funds such as Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security and others, our tax base, and our people.

Step forward today and say, “No more!”

Help spread the word!

Revote: Court Asked: 2016 Election Null and Void?

   At a website called Revote, it is reported that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case arguing that the election of 2016 be declared void and new elections held as a result of the foreign intrusion into the internet. The argument is presented that the federal government failed to secure for the states a Republican form of government, as required by the fourth Article of the Constitution. There is not a clause in the constitution dealing with what occurs when a foreign power turns both the election and the Electoral College with spy-marketing and targeted interference and intimidation, (nor, of course, does it say that one must demonstrate the interference was decisive.) So this is an interesting basis, and true in this case [as the Fourth Article basis would have been in the case of slavery prior to the civil war: slavery was unconstitutional because the institution is despotic, the opposite of a republican form of government, and it is a serious question whether a state with slavery can be considered to have a republican form of government. I noticed this one day when it became clear that I could not swear an oath to the pre-1865 constitution because of the fugitive slave clause.] But here the argument is true: the states were prevented from voting properly or holding the elections required to have a free government at all, by the intrusion of a foreign nation, as surely as if they had walked right up and done it by getting their mechanics to work on the election boxes. The result is instant tyranny, to even my amazement how fast, though I had worked out the equation U.S.-4th Amend.=tyranny.

   I had been working on the question of election fraud, and thought we might get a state like Maryland or Vermont to ask the Supreme Court to void the election on the basis of election fraud. This could still be attempted as a parallel motion. The broad question needs to be set on the desk of the Supreme Court as quickly as possible, and impeachment too pursued immediately, due to the harms that may result in the meantime, and the certainty of further interference.

Impeachment II: Procedure and the Constitution

   In the United States, no man is above the law, and this is secured at the top by the constitutional provisions for the impeachment of the president. The procedure is drawn from 3 or 4 places in the Constitution. The president can be impeached and removed for “Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors”(II.4). The House of Representatives holds the “sole power of impeachment (I.2),” and by a majority vote, introduces articles of impeachment. These have in the recent past been drawn up by the judicial committee, but the committee system is not from the constitution, but tradition. Impeachment here refers to the accusation, which is then sent to the higher body, the Senate, for trial (I.3). The Chief Justice of the Supreme court presides over the trial, replacing the Vice President, who usually presides over the Senate (I.3). Two thirds, or here 67 Senators voting for conviction are required for removal. This may seem a high bar, but in the perjury charge against President Clinton, impeachment failed by a narrow margin, and the impeachment of Andrew Johnson failed by only one vote. President Nixon resigned, as Mr. Trump might, facing nearly certain conviction. Nixon was impeached for using the office of the presidency to obstruct the investigation into the plumbers break in at the Democratic Party headquarters. The second article was that he had abused his use of the FBI, CIA and IRS, violating the constitutional rights of citizens, and by establishing the plumbers as a secret investigative agency in the White House. He was also charged, in the third article, with defying the committee of Congress by refusing to produced the subpoenaed tapes, where, famously, he claimed executive privilege to withhold the tapes, but the Supreme Court decided that executive privilege did not cover hiding ones own guilt, but only national security or other crucial interests that are a legitimate part of the executive office.

   We would recommend the following articles be considered from among the vast store, and we focus on the comprehensive issues and the truth about what is occurring, rather than the smaller matters, which may indeed be a part of the impeachment, but taken by themselves may not succeed.

I Election fraud has been committed by rewarding the spread of false news and intimidating the press surrounding the U.S. elections of November 9, 2016, a high crime. A foreign government may also have been invited to interfere and may have been rewarded for interfering in the U.S. election. The internet was used in a comprehensive manner to interfere with the voters themselves, especially in the swing states. The Electoral College was then prevented from considering, as is their job according to the Constitution as explained in Federalist 68. 26 reasons for charging Mr. Trump with election fraud are presented in a previous blog.

II. The press has been intimidated with threats as just occurred this past weekend, when Mr. Spicer told the press there would be “consequences,” and the press was called the most dishonest group of persons ever (neglecting tyrants). This is a violation of the free speech clause of our constitution and of the oath of office taken just days before, a high crime.

III. Bribery is committed already, as the emoluments clause forbids receiving payments or loans from foreign governments.

IV. Constitutional procedures have been interfered with, as the attempt to bring the election fraud before the Supreme court in order to postpone the inauguration.

   Treason is narrowly defined (III,iii), and requires confession in open court or the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act- a bit more than a wink and a nod. But if Russian interference in the election was invited or encouraged, this may be treason.

   Detailed reasoning has been presented on the issue of election fraud in previous blogs on this website. The newness of the internet and Russian control of the internet has allowed this to occur, as these are simply not the results of a legitimate election or election process.

   To repeat, the delivery of our presidency through illegitimate election to one incapable of the office is a blessing to our enemies that may well have been intended. The immediate result for our nation will be the expansion of the war against ISIS to parties with whom we are not at at war, and the intended destruction of many of our sons and daughters. Domestic tyranny is also likely to result, as this president has praised the methods of the tyrant Duterte in the Philippines and the tyrant Putin in Russia, under the excuse of an unprecedented war on crime. Civil unrest is a certainty, and civil war a definite possibility. The security of our nation therefore, and not only considerations of Justice, requires the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump.

   One impeached may be subject to indictment, but is by impeachment itself subject only to removal from office ((II.4). In this case, that may be blessing for Mr. Trump, to be removed from an office for which he is unprepared, by peaceful and constitutional procedure. The illusion that by this we violate an election or fail to “give him a chance,” as would be required in an election that was without fraud and foreign interference, simply are not true in the present instance, a national crisis.

Constitution Man

…Son, what I do for work is not your business. I am a U.S. citizen dedicated to upholding all oaths of office to obey our constitution- but there is a virtual superhero, in the realm of the Invisible Republic, where lake Woebegone and text wrecks are more real than video games and English teachers like Ann Kurzon are heroines and  conversations can last thousands of years. Our Time warp portal can be entered sometimes through NPR, and sometimes through the spaces between the bookshelves and the isles in the public library, the last bastion of privacy, until the Pseudo-FBI took them over in a previous episode. And you thought the Texas Ranger from 1958 was cool! But bullets bounce off us because we do not quite exist even in the virtual reality of computers and the internet, but in a world that has been around longer, and will be here after. Constitution man will enter this world on occasion to uphold not parchment but the genuine constitution no one has ever seen, but yet it is, on the high end of “between being and not being,” just a little less eternal than the numbers, and a little further less than the deeds of the saints that are the garment of Bride. Constitution man comes from there, these phases of what Popper called World Three, and enters into our world to secure  particular constitutions in times of crisis, when normal authorities have been usurped by treachery, honest men and women deceived, and particular constitutional governments imperiled.


   Impeachment is of course next, though there may no longer be impeachment in the United States. A president may be impeached for crimes committed before his inauguration, and we had published a citizen’s arrest for election fraud. But after taking the oath, the shyster could not get through the weekend without violating the oath he had just taken to uphold the constitution. That is how it is when one has not read the constitution. Specifically, Trump has acted to intimidate the press, in having his Mr. Spicer tell all the journalists there would be “Consequences.” I am sure he does not mean only that they will make spirited counter-statements. One Wall street Journalist has stopped writing. Everything one says will only be used against you.

   The intimidation of the press is a very serious matter, and illegal for the executive to do. If Trump has had his Russian friends intimidate this blogger, it is probably also treason. As I was writing a comment on a letter to the president written by one working on the porch of the Supreme Court, a new page came on with naked women all over, like the Russian prostitute trolls, and then the scary picture came on with a few words including assassin and assassinate.” Two persons I had communicated with then appeared in hindsight in a different light, one with scary eyes and hair I had thought was a joke, and another  who indicated knowledge of my location. Charming. Impeachment is useless if we do not correct the communications, media and the violation of the First and Fifth Amendments.

   The primaries, the elections, the Electoral College, the attempted indictment were all decisively interfered with by Russian control of the media and internet. Impeachment will now be impossible due to these, and the FBI and CIA are no longer free, working for a free government and not a tyrant. That leaves the States and the State police, who are under the governors, and I suggest that these grow some patriotism and forbid the violation of fundamental law and the U. S. constitution each within their respective states.

   By the way, no one has yet looked to see or try to trace my death threat, nor to raise a question regarding the procedure with which it interfered.

   But we have called on the Democratic party to begin impeachment in the House of Representatives. The “Republicans” do not need Trump or the Russians to run the table with their agenda now, and his popularity numbers were down to 32% at inauguration. So far, there is only that sissy movement to sue him for emoluments, though this may be enough and sufficient. What we have to be willing to face and counter is the Russian internet and Trumpster media interference, to arrest these people and regain control of our nation’s communications, even by stuffing that Bill of Rights down their throats.

   Whenever government fails to secure “these ends” or the fundamental rights, it is our right and duty to rebel. Impeachment is nothing compared to that, but is included in that right and duty.

Canadian Immigration

   Friday, during the inauguration, I was sitting in the Canadian immigration office in Port Edward, Canada, across from Port Huron. I had decided to go on a vacation there, and to vote with my feet. I had what I took to be a death threat Thursday while working on some politics, and no one would look or believe me, though the local police did take a report. So, as happened last time I got a death threat, no one believes me and it is like my fault, so I really have to leave, and I lose my house. That makes it a good time to go on vacation.

   My plan was to visit the Potawatomi at Walpole Island, then go on to Kingsville to discover the grave of my great great great grandfather, there on McDonald street in Kingsville. I have visited the twice great guy, and starred into the midwife book of his grandmother from 1860, recording his birth as her first or second midwife job. Madeline Mallot showed me this, and owned the book, across from the Adams Motel. But the 3 greats guy, I found him by reasoning that he must be there, on McDonald street, the father of the 1860 guy in the midwife book.

   I also planned to look for work around Walpole or Point Pelee, where Margaret Atwood has a writers retreat, and I thought I might teach classes. She is doing the Tempest just now, and we could have a good class, like ones I attended long ago at the Clearing in Wisconsin. I also kept my tools in my truck- one never knows what he will need, or when he might even be painting. I did not know how long I would stay, but I told them “Plan A” was to stay 2 days and go home Sunday night. Then, if there was interest in hiring me, I might come back. Oh but that’s like a big problem. They also didn’t like my silverware, despite my circumstances. They are also quite peevish about weed, like the guy thought my granola grinder was for grinding up medicinal buds, God forbid. Had it been prescription anti-depressants, that would have been fine. Yea, and if I had been the lobbiest for the drug company that sells prescription antidepressants, they would have… His dog thought my walnut worm tincture might be “opiods,” but at least he let me keep that.

   Immigration turned me back to the states, ostensibly because I did not have enough money, according to the immigration man. (I keep hearing that CSNY song “Immigration man,” which might be the sound track to this story.) They handed me a paper which said, like, I was welcome to leave Canada immediately. I told the guy I would go back to Port Huron and try to get someone to send me 100$, come around and try again, but my stuff was so disheveled that I no longer had time to do what I intended to do, so I just gave up the mission. It turned out I had closer to 50$, and plenty for gas to make my trip. I joked about them requiring to people to spend money, and the fellow says, “this is not a joke…” but he could have fooled me! When the innocent are treated like criminals, we are supposed, for you, to take it seriously? We are extraordinarily polite and cooperative due to their concerns about safety, and if this kid wants to play “bad cop,” well…Upon leaving, I told him when he does as much good for his nation as I have done on my website, let me know.

   I have been blocked from getting work visa applications and a dual citizenship application, in part by poverty and, for the past year, by bureaucracy. The website, which numbers the immigration man wrote on the back of my permission to leave immediately, I have visited 3 times and failed to speak to a human at the Canadian embassy. It has also been suggested that the State Police have me on a list, and I do have an enhanced ID, for just such a circumstance. But I think poverty and looking for work, and being generally strange, was plenty enough to get me turned back at the border.

   While the Canadian embassy and Hospital phone systems have become the worst, all government seems to work this way. These phone systems do not work. Today I called literally ten different offices, one with 3 different answering machine menus, trying to get a deer crossing sign put up at a small steam where, each year, deer are killed, and often cars involved in wrecks. Finally I reached the DNR, who said that there must be 5 reported deer accidents in one spot in one year in order to get a deer crossing sign. “So, I am supposed to sit here and watch up to four injury accidents occur?” A horse crossing sign was just put up last fall, in a place around the corner where no horses even cross, they just walk along the road. With some griping, though the girl agreed that she was paid while I worked for free, I was out of time, and she would “Put in a report.”

   We thought Canada would understand that we were in a bit of a national crisis here, and some just might need to get across the border, whether for a couple days or for good. I certainly did not plan to stay against their wishes. They are all concerned about if you look for work, like your supposed to lie about it if you would. The U.S. border guard said they turned me back because I mentioned work. “Have you learned to lie” I was later asked. “No,” I still just tell the truth and then bitch about it.

   They of course had to turn all my stuff inside out and mess everything up. Since I had just had my life threatened on the internet, I was concerned about information that might protect others, certain web addresses that might need to know what had happened to me Thursday, when I was working on the politics. For about 18 hours, I could not find a crucial book and still cannot find a crucial paper, and a coupe Canadian paper dollars (though I found my Twoonies and Loonies.) People can die when government violates our fundamental rights to liberty and property, and this is not to say that they cannot do whatever they like at their own border. There was no need for this, a bit or streak of meanness, when their neighbors might have needed a hand.

   I’ll try again in a few months to go discover the 3 greats grampa’s grave, and see if I am blacklisted in Canada, as I am in the States.

   In Plato’s Crito, Socrates has a discussion with the laws, as in a dream. The laws say that because he is allowed to emigrate with his property, he has voluntarily agreed to obey them. To prevent emigration is characteristic of tyranny, and that is if The U. S. has done anything to block our contacting Canada. Tyranny has occurred in America because we are stupid, and are no longer capable of acting properly, especially in the offices of government. I told the Port Edward cop, though, that Canada is next.

Why Does the CIA Not Go With A State Into The Supreme Court Today?

   As we have said, the Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction over cases involving a State. So we have asked Bernie Sanders to try to persuade Vermont, and perhaps all the 13 original states, to get the legislatures and governors together, and walk right into the building called Scotus and bring the case of the Russian influenced U.S.election before them like this afternoon. If the CIA would help with evidence, and Harvard would help with procedure, we are sure we could get a decision Voiding the election, or at least postponing the inauguration until the arguments sink in to the 8 Justices. I am sure to that they are allowed to set those other very important matters before them aside till we can save out nation and our constitution. Then we can get back to regular business. It seems very easy and obvious to me.

   I have tweetered them, but do not know if the messages are getting through. I tweetered Harvard Law School too, to ask them to help with procedure. Sometimes I think the best way to talk to these agencies is through their spying on us, since they sometimes seem too busy spying to listen, ask, and exercise a little common sense. And then they wonder why we seem to be talking to ourselves, yeah, “…at night because I can’t forget.” Mike Roger gets it, how anything incredible is fair game to the intelligence agencies, both ours and that of our enemies who we love as Jesus said to.

   Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I have a little trouble when, like they said on NPR, “They stare at you like your rain man.” Dumbfounded. Blank amazement. Go slow then, and ask questions. Do you not see when the Trumpsters ham up some face intimidation story, or exaggerate something a few Democrats do on the fringe, when the Trumpsters are doing these things in an orchestrated and intentional way, with a little help from their friends, the Ruskies? But when I try to talk to Trumpsters, I have to explain the simplest things, like “Have you seen Aleppo lately? The Philippines? Do you know that fascism is real, not just on T.V., and these are things that tyrants do? Do you not the Putin plan for America: War in the middle East against not just ISIS, who declared war on us (sometimes, one cannot choose), but as much of Islam as possible? Ask Andrew C. McCarthy, then who’s Imprimis article has 3.5 million readers who have never even tried to read the Koran. WordPress blocks my search term traffic, so my rebuttal has like 10 readers at most. In addition, people do not read, but like tweets and pictures, and I do not have very many pictures. Watch that Trump video, then, from 1958, of the Texas Ranger. He is like Clint!

   And then Putin planned to roll over Europe, while a president Trump did nothing except send your sons and grandsons to die die in the Middle East. And this is just Act I, scene ii. Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I am dumbfounded when the Trumpsters and “Republicans” do not get it immediately. But ole Vlad may be changing his mind, if we can get this case into the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. I will again be dumbfounded if that does not simply happen, since everyone now believes there was massive Russian interference in this election. And why do you think Putin would bother so much with other nations, at such great risk to himself personally and to his nation? Because Donney flatters his ego and is going to pay back those campaign loans? I’m sure he cares- not! What then do you think he has in mind, say for Act I scene iii, or Act II?

   But perhaps, like good Americans, we all just assume that there will be constitutional procedure after the inauguration Friday, should it occur. A ninth Justice, and a little intimidation in the House, and there will be no such thing as impeachment. And with Donney firing the whole CIA and 50% of the FBI + or – 10%, do you think we not be under a tyranny? It occurred to me too just the other day, regarding my citizen’s arrest of Mr Trump (“for his own welfare,” as they say), that if it were federal, and he the federal executive, he could just let himself out! If were a state arrest, he might have a bit more difficulty, but what state cop ever just says no to the FBI?

   Incidentally, in the “your own welfare” category, the inauguration will be a big mess if not a national catastrophe, should it occur, and a security nightmare. Even if 98% of the protesters are ML King Jr peaceful protesters, that two percent who are enraged beyond self control, and those Trumpster plants intent on excuse to take care of some of their most outspoken enemies, are sure to turn it into a near riot. Right there in Washington, while Putin creeps a little further West, while we are distracted. I was thinking of going myself, to lay my body down right in the lane of the highway where Bright Bart plans to enter D.C., but he will be coming in the back door, as he has all along, probably with Mr. Ethno-state as his top aid.

   I am sure the Supreme Court could see this, if would take a minute to read some citizen’s blog. And when something more pertinent and better written, some news more real, let me know. I will reblog it, and you go read it.

More Lao Tzu

[69] There is no greater catastrophe than underestimating the enemy.

[8] The highest good is like water

Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.

It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao.

[34] The great Tao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right…

Ben Carson, too, expresses centrist politics as the two wings of the eagle.-CLC!


Therefore, “Tao is great;

Heaven is great;

Earth is great;

The King is also great.”

These are the four great powers of the universe,

And the King is one of them.

Man follows earth.

Earth follows heaven.

Heaven follows the Tao.

Tao follows what is natural.

[5] …The space between heaven and earth is like a bellows…

[62] Why does everyone like the Tao so much?

Isn’t it because you find what you seek and are forgiven when you sin?

Translated by Guy-Fu Feng and Jane English. Preface:

…according to ancient legend, as he was riding off into the desert to die-sick at hearty at the ways of men-he was persuaded by a gatekeeper in Northwestern China to write down his teaching for posterity.

It is not said whether the action of the gatekeeper saved his life (604-531 B.C.).

This was the time of the Babylonian exile of the Jews and the beginnings of Greek philosophy with Thales. The rest of the “White” guys were still, like eating their relatives!