Nietzsche’s Zarathustra and the “Last Man.”

   Nietzsche is of course a very bad man, a diabolical thinker, in fact. People do not realize how bad Nietzsche and Machiavelli are, until they are subjected to a tyranny and it is much too late, for the political expression of the diabolical is tyranny. Jung, though, knew quite well about Nietzsche. But then, once these things occur, everything we care about, everything worth living for will be gone, as it was for Germany in 1938, though they did not realize it until 1946, and it will be the same for us, apparently, as we are letting what is now occurring occur, and no one seems to be able even to see it, let alone to do a thing about it. We watch those who see be attacked one by one, and no one will stand. We are the “last men.”

   One respect in which Nietzsche’s Zarathusta is prophetic is in his foreseeing the coming of the “last man.” These remind me of our U.S. citizens on Oxy, where one can say to them the most earth shattering things, as Pope Francis just said, and they stare back in stupefied dull amazement, indeed like cows to whom Lincoln practiced his speeches. It is Sunday, indeed, what time is the game on? The world is in danger of nuclear war today, and Putin is trying to destroy America and with it all hope for political liberty, and they blink. They do not know what political liberty is, or why it matters if Putin destroys it and America, nor do they know what tyranny is, or consider the difference between tyranny and liberty, but how is that stock market doing, and jobs jobs jobs, it is the economy, stupid.” No, it is in fact LIBERTY, stupid!! And for nuclear war, well, it will likely only fall on those other people, right? What time is the game on?

   In the fifth section of the Prologue to Zarathustra, Nietzsche prophesies the “last man:”

What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star? Thus asks the last man, and he blinks. The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea beetle; the last man lives the longest.’We have invented happiness,’ say the last men, and they blink. They have left the regions where it was hard to live, for one needs warmth. One still loves one’s neighbor and rubs against him, for one needs warmth. ..Who still wants to rule, who obey? Both require too much exertion.

No shepherd and one herd! Everyone wants the same, everybody is the same: Whoever feels different goes voluntarily to the madhouse.

Formerly, all the world was mad,’ say the most refined, and they blink…One still quarrels, but one is soon reconciled- else it might spoil the digestion. One has one’s little pleasure for the day and one’s little pleasure for the night; but one has regard for health.

   Bodily health has of course replaced all ethics for us, as the one objective good we can all agree upon. “Just don’t smoke,” they say, as they blink.

We have invented happiness, say the last men, and they blink.

‘Give us this last man, O Zarathust,’ they shouted. ‘Turn us into these last men! Then we shall make you a gift of the overman!’ And all the people jubulated and clucked with their tongues.

   Here are two lines to compare, from early and then late in Prologue 5:

They have something of which they are proud. What do they call that which makes them proud? Education, they call it; it distinguishes them from goatherds…

and then

I listened too much to brooks and trees: Now I talk to them as to goatherds…

   We, the Jesus philosophers, can appreciate the beauty of the diabolical, though it be at peril of our souls.

   The “overman” or “ubermench” is of course the superhuman tyrant who will seek to impress his form onto the matter that is mankind, since, you know, there is, according to Nietzsche, no natural form of man that we seek to fulfill in order to find true happiness (As for Plato and Aristotle), but rather a form that we create and impose tyrannically, expressing our “will to power,” since this- self-contradictorally- is the truth about how man is. All modern philosophy is self contradictory. And why should this form be cruel and tyrannical? It just is so? No, but there is a nature of these things, and there is good and evil, and evil is the perversion of the good.

   One saying of Jesus from the Gospel of Thomas is most helpful in the Christian reading of Nietzsche, because the diabolical has the forms of the spiritual though these are inverted, so that the spiritual reader sees the forms, and, not understanding the diabolical turning, strephein or tropos, as we call it- the fallen angel is also an angel- they think Nietzsche is some fine fellow. Many clergymen cannot see this. But the saying from Thomas is:

#7 Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man.

   In both, the lion becomes man. Both refer to a spiritual transformation, the first the natural form and the second the diabolic opposite. It is because of the possibility of our becoming saints, like John, the equal of angels, that the diabolical can occur, the equal of fallen angels, and since 1917, according to the vision of Fatima, Hell gapes and souls fall in, as in Twentieth Century Totalitarianism. It is possible for humans to not allow these terrible things to occur, but the last men are too busy clucking, and making for Zarathustra a gift of the overman, as though there were nothing better to do.

Imprimis Critique: Meyer and Caldwell

   For our next Imprimis critique, we will take up the last two essays at once, that of Mr. Meyer on how intelligence works, and that of Mr. Caldwell, informing us of how to think regarding the tyrant Vladimir Putin. As I have told my Senator, Gary Peters, who usually does not seem to be listening, on the reverse of the article on how intelligence works, we see that Hillsdale College is sponsoring a luxury cruise ostensibly to Oslo Noway, which actually winds up- surprise- in St. Petersberg Russia, the birthplace of Russian fascism and the center of the Russian trolling enterprise. As I have told my Senator, we would not mind if they ran out of gas and stayed there.

   This was before there was some space, at least on the surface, between the man the Russians helped to elect our president and the “president” of Russia, Mr. Putin. Perhaps Hillsdale College will consider changing their itinerary, now that their man has brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. The essay of Mr. Caldwell seems to us to spend some time and effort softening us up to the idea of tyranny, before concluding with the brilliant, gleaming contrast, which we are to accept as the fundamental issue- between Globalism and Nationalism. Duterte, who has killed 6000 Philippinos extra-judicially in a war on drugs that is a preview of what Mr. Sessions has planned for the U.S. and Vlad Putin, who has murdered his opponents with poison and bombed hospitals in Allepo, these are not “thugs,” as John McCain calls them, but these are “Nationalists.” Patriots, yeah, and we are to take their prescription for America, shouting “America First!” You know how often we have heard the Democrats touting that fundamental plank in their platform “Globalism” (Sarcasm)-never. “Globalism” is an invention of the new American fascists Putin has cultivated for the destruction of America, and since he has apparently failed in his first effort to get us into a war with all of Islam, following the Imprimis essay of Mr. McCarthy (Who assures us that ISIS has the correct interpretation of Islam), he is sure to revert to plan B. The fact is that the Democrats supposed plank of “Globalism” is a fascist invention, and the truth is that the fundamental contrast is not between “nationalism” and “Globalism,” but between liberty and tyranny. Shame on Hillsdale- a center of constitutional scholarship- for, as Socrates says of Euripides, “making hymns to tyrants.” Shame on the Republicans for making a corrupt pact with fascist tyranny in order to run the table with the planks of their platform, as though their petty partisan squabbles were the most fundamental contrasts in the political universe. Shame on Hillsdale for failing to read the second sentence of the Declaration and neglecting the study of the text, the meaning and the spirit of the Bill of Rights.

   But congratulations to the more moderate Republicans for gaining control of the executive, wrestling this away from Mr. Bannon and the American fascists, to the extent that this has actually occurred, and is not a temporary marketing strategy designed to “win friends and influence people.” As we have said, Mr. Trump literally does not know what he is doing, and had never even read the constitution, outlining the job at which he already has declared himself the “winner.” Putin had him elected in order to destroy America, and it is possible that the Americans have gotten wind of this fact, and what General Hayden called “The greatest covert operation in history,” the Russian control of the U.S. elections from the primaries through the electoral college and beyond, using our own vices and his control of the internet to move us just as those rich men manipulate demand in the marketplace. Or did you still think the new spy-tech, the “Internet of things,” was your instrument, your loyal servant? And not you its instrument? Yes, it sends us coupons, and with its logarithms knows us better than we know ourselves. Would not Socrates be impressed at the new use of technology in the enterprise of self knowledge? Just ask Google. Ask Duterte, the man our president once said he so admires, and ask the Philippinos burying their relatives, shot by the police  And know it was the Russian methods of control of the internet that turned the Philippine elections, gifting them with such a “nationalist.”

   Did not Nietzsche say something like “These men of today, how they fall right into my mouth!” Is that not how intelligence works? Perhaps when we get to St. Petersburg, we will ask them.

   It is, however, quite possible that when Donald Trump was shown children dying in a gas attack in Aleppo, he was genuinely moved, moved out of that place tyrants must inhabit with their brief time on earth, and that Trump has renounced tyranny rather than moved further along the path of becoming a wolf. Perhaps he pulled back from the brink at the line of murder, and really does not believe that nasty little thing he said in response to the point made by ABC news that Putin is a murderer, “Oh, we have lots of murderers too…” The first point of intelligence if you would serve free men in a free nation is indeed to know the difference. Gangsters are not slick and courageous, as the U. S. media would present them, but murderers, to a man. And do the Tumpsters know the difference?

   Indeed, as Mr. Meyer says, perhaps these free men who work in U. S. intelligence simply lack that “time to sit quietly in their offices and think.” Perhaps then they would more quickly draw accurate conclusions from just a couple examples, and be more believed when they tell the truth to our elected representatives.

Google Lists Long Cancelled Pot Websites Third and Fourth Under mmcdonald77

   As Yahoo was doing previously, Google is allowing someone to slander my website by listing long cancelled Reddit websites related to pot, which that gut calls “trees.” Prior to my first of three death threats, a visitor with “bear” in the name asked me all sorts of questions about “trees,” which I took literally, and entered into a discussion about trees. That person sent me a nice satanic video link on my poetry page, apparently intended to prep me for what I took to be a death threat delivered through a website of another follower, ostensibly centered in Hong Kong. These things occurred just after I was interfered with, having comments and e-mails disappear, after receiving a response to a letter from John McCain, and having e-mails forwarded without permission by the editor of Interpretation magazine, apparently angered because I asked him if he was still free, or a free man. The e-mails were forwarded to former professors, who will not speak to me because I have raised questions, and asked my Senators and Representatives to raise questions, about the involvement of the CIA/ETC. in my education and career following, which involvement has been documented and demonstrated, again plenty enough to raise the questions I want raised. My representatives ignore me, apparently unable to comprehend the question or to imagine overseeing the executive agencies in a free nation.

   Oh yes, one must be mad to think there is anything unusual about a three or four year cancelled pot website being listed third and fourth after ones own website, simply paranoid! Perhaps such a one is “about to do something really scary,” as a Trumpster relative stated, either committing perjury or expressing his own delusion. Ou conversations, which led to the perjurous accusation of insanity by my Trumpster relatives, are completely recorded on phone text messages, and there is not a single thing I said that would allow one to have a man committed, except that the Trumpsters want to intimidate and attack their opponents, and the courts are being used by the rich to do so, while the lawyerless poor have no recourse. Perhaps such a one is a “danger to himself or others,” and must be seized for a nice 20 day vacation. And if his delusions, this Trumpster relative, really did do harm to a poor man who has done nothing wrong nor even said a single thing false, perhaps this one needs a little vacation, complete with free toxic and addictive drugs, if these can be taken in combination with his Oxy. Oxy does not help ones thinking, to say the least. But Donald Trump want to deregulate the companies addicting the Americans to opioids, so that not a one can stand to think.

   Are we simply going to allow actors in our own government to do whatever they like without oversight, paid with U.S. tax dollars to destroy U. S. citizens who have done nothing they do not have a right to do? And when questions are raised, will will simply allow them to attack the one raising the questions, in absolutely any way so long as it is literally unbelievable? Are we going to allow foreign interference in our elections and our government so long as it supports our apparent partisan self interest? The Republicans have allowed and are allowing Russian interference so long as it is useful to them against the Democrats- and again I am not a Democrat but a centrist.

   As it sits, I cannot tell whether it is the Russians or my own FBI slandering me on the internet and in my private life, but if nothing is done about it, they may soon do such things to YOU, if they are not already. Are you proud to be an American in such circumstances?

“Society Must Protect the Robbed and Punish The Robber”: MLK Jr’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail

   In a previous blog, St. Martin is referenced regarding our recent corruption. This paper, the Birmingham Jail letter, is pulled out of materials once used in my Introduction to American Government class, taught for ten years at Oakland Community College. Martin is answering critics, since he has some time on his hands while sitting in jail, and he has just answered the argument that civil disobedience breaks the law. King answered with the distinction we call natural right, the basis of the distinction between just and unjust laws. We like this section because his teachers are the theologians rather than the political philosophers, and he appeals to the health of the soul as did the Brown decision, though in neglect of John Marshall Harlan’s dissent (in Plessy), that our constitution is “color-blind” and neither knows nor tolerates distinctions of race. Martin then turns to the criticism that their non-violent protests are unjust because they incite violence from the unjust:

   In your statement you assert that our actions, even though peaceful, must be condemned because they precipitate violence But can this assertion be logically made? Isn’t this like condemning the robbed man because his possession of money precipitated the evil act of robbery? Isn’t this like condemning Socrates because his unswerving commitment to truth and his philosophical delvings precipitated the misguided popular mind to make him drink the hemlock? Isn’t this like condemning Jesus because his unique God-consciousness and never-ceasing devotion to his will precipitated the evil act of crucifixion? We must come to see, as federal courts have consistently affirmed, that it is immoral to urge an individual to withdraw his efforts to gain his basic constitutional rights because the quest precipitates violence. Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber.

   Indeed, women perhaps should not wear short skirts, but the raper is the criminal. Indeed, a good way to avoid thieves is to have nothing to steal. Indeed, my sister likes to say, “how’s that workin’ for ya,” and we have not yet been able to ask how perjury is working for her. And how is that “working for” Martin, and for us who let him stand up alone while our representative government with its beyond question honorable FBI committed crimes unanswerable against him, and may indeed have helped to allow him to be murdered? If you want to protect the integrity of the FBI, our suggestion is not that you suppress criticism, but rather, act with integrity, submit to oversight, and indeed learn to oversee yourselves, before the Americans do it for you.

   Beneath all this is a very profound and ironic question of political philosophy which leads us to the teaching that not everyone should literally follow the actions of these heroes. Socrates harmed Athens by giving Athens the occasion to commit the heinous sin of killing the philosopher. We really must take care of our fellow man even in their very immorality, if we would practice the complete and perfect love incarnate in Jesus. At the same time, as Martin notes, “To a degree academic freedom is a reality today because Socrates practiced civil disobedience.”

   But as for the measure of right and wrong by material success, we note that the sun shines and rain falls on the good and evil alike. By following justice, it is only apparent that we set aside material advantages. One difference is in the pleasures and health of the soul, allowing us to enjoy the wealth we have more than the rich who are unjust. Beside that, we need less than the unjust, or indeed, need less than people commonly can imagine.

Russian Methods in Current American Politics

   Russian methods for the control of opinion are being used now in the United States, especially through the internet. The familiar old methods include intimidation and slander, and things we saw once way over there, in Soviet Russia, such as branding political opponents as insane when they were so mad as not to see and believe the Marxist-Lenninist line. Our executive will not inquire into any of this, and should these methods fall short, more genuine crimes may be used, as they are still routinely in Russia. If everything one says is only used against him, a limmed bird will soon be quite stuck. (Birds were once caught with sticky stuff so that the more they struggled, the more they were stuck). Take only one side of any story or action, and the guilt of the one targeted will quickly be established. “If you hit me, I will hit you back,” one might say in self defense, and then the other tells the corrupt executive, “He said he was going to hit me,” conveniently leaving out the context and the conditional sentence. At present, Mr. Putin’s leading political opponent cannot run against him because he was charged with a crime, and none convicted of a crime can run for president.

   One single study is sufficient to demonstrate what has been occurring. The amount of money spent to employ persons to set to work defaming Hillary Clinton, or expanding her negative image, is staggering. I heard the amount reported on the radio news, but have forgotten the exact figure, which was of course in the millions. Pizzagate was one example, where Hillary was supposedly running a child sex ring through a pizza shop. If I remember correctly, a relative of Mr. Flynn was responsible for this. The Americans are unable or unwilling to distinguish between slander and genuine political criticism of an opponent, just as we are unable in law to distinguish between free speech and bribery in campaign contributions. For a disclaimer, I am a centrist, not a supporter of Hillary except by the endorsement of Barack Obama, though she seems eminently capable of being president. We leaned more toward Bernie for the Democrats, and consider what was done to him to be like the tragic flaw of a noble character, one small thing that allowed this tragedy to occur.

   We, the Americans, need obviously to insist on the liberty of communications and political speech especially through the internet, or it may soon be too late. I am developing quite a list personally of things our government will not inquire into, and I believe that my personal internet experience may demonstrate Trumpster-Russian complicity. I would call the FBI, but they are no longer to be trusted as the instrument of free government, at least not so long as one petitions them alone.

   As Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in his Birmingham address, when asked if he was not in too much a hurry to see justice reign in the United States, Society must defend the innocent and prosecute those violating rights. Once government itself is in the hands of tyranny, the control of opinion is relatively easy, as is shown in the slavish nation of Russia, past and present. The dangers of this circumstance in the age of the internet are obvious, or should be, if you, my reader, have the courage to be free. This is not to mention the dawning internet of things, so welcomed by the average suburban American. A woman won a lawsuit because her vibrator was literally spying on her, and then another because the company sold but denied selling the information. We hear these things on the news and blink like Nietzschean “last” men, but we do not insist upon putting a stop to this, and that is all we would have to do. “We are on the brink of nuclear war,” one might tell them, and they blink, staring back as though in an oxy-induced stupor that prevents anything at all of any significance from registering. Then they might ask “Where are my socks,” and “How much money do I have now on my card.” I have heard that Lincoln used to practice his speeches before herds of cows. Apparently, the Americans will as yet not say “no” to the financial interests, and when they do, the strong arm tactics of intimidation are employed, while their fellows watch them be attacked, and from fear leave them alone. “Better not get involved,” said all except the good Samaritan. It is for the few, the college students, to understand and repeat the Bonhoffer saying about how he watched as the Nazis attacked each other kind of person, and he did not stand up because he was not one of that kind, then when they came for him, there was no one left to help him.

   Is there any investigation at present, for example, into foreign control of Twitter? Why, when I receive death threats over the internet, and these then of course disappear as easily as they were made to appear, will no executive agency even inquire into the matter? It is quite possible that Twitter, based as is Gorbachev, in San Francisco rather than Moscow, is nonetheless Russian. Access or the visibility of certain writers is controlled, much as on WordPress, in a targeted if not a general manner, and this is highly illegal in the united States, and quite unconstitutional. But to return to the death threats: The evidence preserved by the destruction of privacy in America cannot be used to demonstrate genuine crimes? I received, for example, a long tweet string returning many things I had said that angered the Russians, on about February 4th of this year, and this included medical information obtained not from the internet, but most likely from my own drugstore, which sells our information because the Americans are too unimaginative to see the reasons for privacy and too slavish to care. Our political enemies will use our private information against us in now countless ways, and so the end of privacy means literally the end of political liberty. If we do not fix this issue regarding privacy and the internet, marketing, foreign hacking and our own government, we will literally never have another free election. Am I still, though, the only one writing that the spy-marketing system was the key to the Russian control of the 2016 U.S., Philippine and perhaps British and French elections? Shhh! Don’t say Kaspersky! He of course may himself be a swell guy, helping us with ISIS and all, but may himself be hacked, as his company sits there in a bit of a rough neighborhood. At the same time, I received a phone message to “Stop doing what you are now doing” (to paraphrase), then offering me 10, 000$, as though it were some telemarketing scam. The offer was up from a mere 900 which I had received previously, they apparently easily knowing that I am extremely poor, especially at this time of the year. Whether it was intended or not, the internet intimidation, together with the death threats, interfered with my attempts to work on Supreme Court case #16-907, and I may well have written an Amicus brief had I not been occupied with other things as a result of the intimidation. Eventually, this very work, or my saying that I was doing it, was used along with perjury and slander as part of an accusation which earned me a nice 20 day stay in a modern vacation resort, complete with the offer of free toxic and addictive drugs to help me stop thinking. I was indeed drugged, though, at the University of Michigan, given Atavan and a nice piss and blood test, which made me quite ill into the next day- this for asking repeatedly for a lawyer and saying repeatedly that I had done nothing wrong, said or done nothing I did not have a perfect right to say or do, said nothing false, was seized for mere speech. Any lawyers want to make a buck on commission? I cannot dink even small amounts of alcohol without getting quite sick, there being some unknown something wrong probably with the liver, so that their toxic and addictive drugs might be toxic literally and quickly- they do not care. But do the Americans care if the Trumpsters interfere with the courts? I did not know and had not been shown the accusation against me, which is itself illegal- the officer lied and tried to get me to agree in the back of the car that I had seen this. The accusation was known false but sworn to be true “under penalty of perjury.” The fact that it is an intentional lie can easily be demonstrated from phone text message conversations, unless these are scrubbed, though I have them recorded anyway. It was barely reported on the radio when threats were received by a federal judge, and then the reports suddenly disappeared. Apparently, we are now going to allow the executive, through minions and cronies, to interfere even with the courts. As I say too often now, I have presented plenty of reason to inquire into these and other things, and hypotheses need not be held to be certainties in order to inquire. But if a man steps out of a forest talking excitedly to his fellows and pointing, it does indeed matter whether there really was a leopard in that forest. Let us then not look, and teat him with our certainty that there are no such things as leopards in that forest. A Limmed bird.

   To look on the bright side, if there is one, the attraction of death threats and bizarre, irrational interference demonstrates that one is indeed on the right track. And there is the old Jitsu adage, “when you grab me, I have hold of you.” Half the nation still does not believe the “Conspiracy theory” of Russian complicity in the 2016 elections, as though conspiracies of any kind were to be dismissed with the presumption of certainty, leaving us prey to any and every conspiracy. And what are the intelligence committees of both houses of congress now considering? But everyone knows that, while they hacked the DNC, it is completely impossible that they used the spy-marketing system our FBI still wants to use with their assistance, or that they have the capacity to do targeted interference. In my second death threat, I was commenting on a letter being written to President Obama, by Dr ____, and Russian whores came on the screen, up under the page I was working on, and then a scary face with maybe four words including “Assassin” and/or “assassinate.” (The Russians have always liked to use women, and if possible love, to really get into the soul of person, say, a politics student who told them something they think he could not have possibly known and which was true). And once one gets the message they are not going to leave the evidence lying around. The police took a report, but declined to look on the computer even to see where this came in or if it was still there. Selective prosecution, and I am indeed a limmed bird, just like my father when the detective slandered him (See previous blog). But we are to feel that we can trust these police, even if influenced by local mob connections, because you know, one just has to trust the police, even after reading Serpico and Five Families. Will they protect one who spoke to expose the auto seizure or the Oxy-heroin scams? To this day, no one investigating has asked me a single question to demonstrate these threats. When I tried to show and explain one to a librarian, after asking to speak with a trusted FBI agent August 2nd, someone told her to stop talking to me, and when my father called to ask her about it, she said- with assurance of one just told by an authority- that I was “schizophrenic,” which my gullible father now believes, since I told him I had shown the librarian what I took to be a directed threat, and he called her up and asked her. It is of course illegal to diagnose a person without examining them (as we have learned from the assertion that Trump is a “narcissist”- they do not have a category in the DSM for tyrant, nor for patsy.) But someone, the very ones I have written and spoke to Senator Stabenow and to the Senate Intelligence Committee about- does have an interest in my being considered insane, so that no one will listen to me nor inquire into the things I saw occur throughout the course of my education and following.

   But to demonstrate my sanity, if any readers would like “help” me, they might invest between 900 and 3000$ dollars to publish my book on the Revelation, I will offer to double your money. You can send the $$ straight to the publisher, who might then send you the fee and then 50% till your money is doubled, or something. The amount depends upon how much editing etc. the work will be given by West Bow press, my publisher of choice, as it is connected with Zondervan, and despite not being able to understand a philosophical rather than theological approach to this enigmatic text, their work is quite good, and they work in relative liberty. My first book did not lose money, and is in many libraries including the University of Michigan, though the brilliant publisher offers the e-book for 60$, trying literally to sell zero (rather than for example 10$ for the same investment, and actually selling some). Most of the book, on Shakespeare’s King Lear, is available, pirated, on the internet anyway. The first chapter of the book on the Revelation is available for free through the Philosophy section of the menu at the top of this website. I had the rest published through an e-Junkie account hooked to my WordPress website, but, as explained on my about page here, my access is controlled, apparently awaiting an extortion fee, and congress has been paid to do nothing about it. The whole book is copyrighted and in the library of Congress, though there are still some errors, especially with capitalization (Beast and beast for example). The internet has of course destroyed the possibility of making a living for any writer who does not whore their services, as if thinkers and writers did not have a hard enough time in the old world. This book contains seven years of my labor, and I am faulted too for being extremely impoverished, beyond belief in fact. I have made the same offer to relatives, to invest and double their money for helping to publish the book, even to one who is a millionaire and owns a small investment company, and whose wife paid me quite well for yard work, but they chose rather to “help” me instead by having me committed for 20 days by means of slander and perjury. The slander was apparently related to my saying that we will send our sons and grandsons out in brownshirts and receive them home in boxes if we followed the plan that Putin had in mind for us, to start a war against all Islam while he rolled over Europe. I offered to let this Trumpster relative invest instead in a coffin company, since this too would be a bull market soon- assuming that we have the means for proper burials. One must, after all, hold the proper priorities. Sarcasm does not come across well in text messaging. He forwarded my text messages out of context to my siblings, encouraging them to have to have me put away, and I would like to ask him, just to check, if he was not in contact with other Trumpsters, such as Charles Radovich and Jade Mitchell, who indeed threatened me on Twitter January 28th, and technically with a death threat (His knowledge if his guilt is evidenced by his removing this tweet only after I accused him openly on Twitter), though I have said I would forgive them if they apologize. This threat, though, is documented- and so it is the one I am least worried about, though I asked this same uncle to inquire into and witness it. He returned saying my stuff was a “bunch of crap,” missed seeing the death threat of his cohorts, but instead focused on other things to demonstrate my insanity. I was “saying things I cannot prove,” since everyone knows that when for example the mob sends a death threat they also send a copy to the police, the press and ones slick uncle, so that these things can be demonstrated (sarcasm). It may well be that no one can prove a single mob death threat, yet no one doubts that these occur, and indeed, with a little thought, one might realize the extent to which such things are directing our world. But his question was rather about a person who wrote to me on my contact page, and if he has bothered this man, he may indeed be sued. This relative is a Trumpster first, and an uncle and American second, though I overestimated both his intelligence and his virtue. If my sister told me she had three horses in her barn and I thought she was delusional, I would not go to the wrong barn, without my sister walking me through it, and conclude that she had no horses but was delusional, then forward the information to relatives to do her harm by having her seized for treatment by our barbaric psychiatric science, you know, the “professionals” who take kickbacks from drug companies, who everyone, having never considered the human soul or the condition of the modern study, trusts. I have a B.S. in Psych, and with my PhD in politics, some standing to suggest that this is so, that our trust in these “professionals” is quite misplaced. They do not know that psychiatrists do not care about words at all, but rather, drugs and the opportunity to drug people, while our psychology is severely limited by having ignored the reading of the great minds on the soul of man, in favor of lesser studies, at best Maslow, Erikson and Jung, but at worst, things like B.F. Skinner and statistics, which have taken over academic psychology. I have read more Jung than anyone I know. But I also have not ignored Shakespeare, Plato, Aristotle Jesus and Lao Tzu, making for a more solid study of psychology than anyone I know, to this day. My own writings on psychology- and the first chapter of a book- are available for free though the menu at the top of this screen, though not a single one has read them. But without my having done a single thing wrong nor even said a single thing that is false, our courts allowed my Trumpster relatives to have me “treated” by our modern “psychiatry,” for 20 days before a few “psychologists” actually talked to me, rather than following the brilliant diagnosis of my drunken sister, who just knows I need “help,” and my ace brother, a craftsman who knows I am mad because I think the tech instruments are spying on us. (Even the FBI director reportedly puts tape over the camera eye at the center top of his computer screen. One cannot buy tech instruments that do not spy full bore camera and microphone, recording- Surprise!). What was once madness is now common sense, and it is apparently a flaw to admit that one realizes this. (And again, the old world schizophrenic delusion that one is being watched or followed demonstrates what is wrong with our tech being allowed to do this, and with our utterly unforesighted and slavish acquiescence). Indeed, everyone involved may be on either Oxy or antidepressants, excepting myself and perhaps one other- which may be why it is so hard to explain the simplest things to these people. But the perjurous accusation has different details, which I may go through in court and in a future blog. I am surprised they did not fault me for my spelling errors! But a Judge then determined that 20 days prior there was no reason to seize me, and so we will just call it even, for the lawyerless poor. Perjury- which is true, demonstrable and necessary to prosecute in this circumstance- has been reported to the county police and to the court, but they will likely do nothing: That mysterious Teflon again. God forbid anyone say anything they “cannot prove,” like Mark is just “a step away from doing something really scary,” yeah, like writing a horror film or starting up a coffin making company. And if I believe I am under a death threat which includes a threat of torture, and tell a thieving relative this is not the time to be sneaking around this property at night, this is not the foresight Hamlet should have had, but rather a threat, requiring “help.” This and the second of three death threats were reported to police, who literally will not even look onto the matter on the internet, but just know there is no such thing as internet death threats. As I told my sister, if you said you had three horses down in your barn, and I thought you were deluded, before I tried to have you evicted or committed, why, I’d just take a walk with you down to the barn and have a look! And if I did not have time or was unable, I would just believe you and leave you alone. Trumpsters, though, know ahead of time that Trumpsters and Russians are not making death threats on the internet (At least the Trump supporters who are fools, as distinct from those prostituting their wares or enslaving their labors to those who do not know that murder is wrong, let alone know why murder is wrong (Genesis 9:6; 1:26). [Yeah, why do we say murder is wrong? Ever thought about it? No one can give a sufficient answer, because it depends upon the distinction between men and animals, which modern philosophy rejects. But it is the root of the law among men, regarding both the things of anger and the things of love, the same root. Note too that I am one of very few who know this, the root of the law, or care to inquire into the matters everyone else assumes or does not assume, from having either a good heart or a bad one]). Perjury, however, was once a serious crime, and the use of the “danger to oneself and others” criteria for ulterior motives too was once taken seriously, back when America had a Bill of Rights that actually was in effect. If one had not violated the rights of another, government was required to leave them alone. The purpose of government was once “…to secure these rights,” rights taking precedence over duties because human government is too ignorant to determine for everyone what happiness is. Now one is required to have ones priorities judged and to justify ones sanity before every Trumpster and moron. Socrates, famously, described his trial as that of a medical doctor by a pastry chef before a jury of children (Plato, Gorgias). It may be worse, though, if the accusers were educated, such as the people at Trump University, those pursuing degrees in education toward the end of money-making, or the constitutional scholars at Hillsdale College, who are going to visit the Russians this very summer, since they are “nationalists,” not “globalists” or the flatterers of tyrants like Putin, and lovers of “America First” (Sarcasm). Meanwhile, Supreme Court case # 16-907 was denied, without any reason being given.

The Fear of Death

   The fear of death is a great and ancient topic. Its conquest is said to be the beginning of philosophy. Reversed, the fear of death becomes the desire for self-preservation, the great first principle of modern political philosophy. When I was first removed from the internet a couple months ago, I began to read the book of the brothers Grimm, and came across this point in the story of The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids, where the kids are told by the mother goat that they will know the wolf by his black feet seen under the door, but the wolf goes to the miller and has him whiten his feet with meal, having already had the baker rub them with dough…

The miller thought to himself, ‘the wolf wants to deceive some one,’ and refused; but the the wolf said, ‘If thou wilt not do it, I will devour thee.’ Then the miller was afraid, and made his paws white for him. Truly, men are like that.

   Tyranny advances by the fear of death that rules most parts of most people most of the time. When it reaches a critical mass, it can seize power in a regime, and so too in the world. But it can also be defeated, because the wolf or wolves cannot eat all day, and can only visit one goat’s house at a time. So too, if we all stand up at once together, tyranny will dissolve and simply go away to await another day, when men have become corrupt again and susceptible to its power.

   Why the human things are this way is of course a great mystery. But here too one sees the saying that if men would only pray and receive Him now, the age of the Messiah would come to be.

Reuters Reports Russian Plot to use Internet to turn the 2016 Election

   Ned Parker of Reuters has reported documents outlining a Kremlin attempt to use the internet to elect those favorable to Russian influence. The documents are from a Russian based think tank, and the plan was to use Russian propaganda through the media. This was reported early Monday morning, April 19th on NPR from the BBC. About the same time, 4 AM, it was reported that the Facebook algorithm could be used by campaigns, for example to stop people from voting or to influence the vote, and there are as yet no laws against this. The utter stupidity of the Americans, who cannot put together the ideas of the spy-marketing system, targeted interference and Russian involvement in the 2016 election, is absolutely astonishing. While General Hayden has called this the “greatest covert operation in History,” Congress seems quite prepared to deliberate the hacking of the DNC for a year, and do absolutely nothing about the whole episode.

   The attempt to gain a revote through Supreme Court case # 16-907, to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, treating the influence through the internet as a foreign invasion under Article IV of the Constitution was interfered with. I received a long string of comments on all the tweets I had posted that angered the Russians, and a simultaneous phone call to “Stop what you are doing right now,” and go get 10,000$ by answering some telemarketer- surely a mere coincidence. The police would do nothing about the matter, and I was expelled from the internet for 2 and 1/2 months, due also to poverty. This is the third time the Russians or someone pretending to be the Russians has interfered with my work through the internet. Is it ok with our FBI if these things occur? I am afraid to even call them. Is it ok with you all, my fellow Americans? Are we still a free people?

   It is of course very difficult to demonstrate the personal complicity of Donald Trump in the election fraud that carried him though the primaries, the election, the electoral college and now through the denial of the Supreme Court case to overturn the 2016 elections. Committees in both the House and Senate are considering the matter, though none have seen what I saw them do to me on the internet, because our executive agencies refuse to look. Since I was prevented from speech and political action in violation of our Constitution, the Carter Page story and the Jered Keshner stories have emerged. Both were involved in the campaign and with the Russians in significant ways. Micheal Flynn had resigned, and of course Mr. Tillerson owned the building in Russia where Trump himself hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. At some point, must we not ask our House and Senate Intelligence Committees if they cannot see a comprehensive picture? Are there no conspiracies, and must be prey to any conspiracy, just because some hypotheses of conspiracies are mistaken? While it is of course not decisive proof, I was convinced of election fraud when I saw or heard Trump say that the methods of interference with the internet could not be detected. It seemed clear to me then that he does not know this, but that someone told him that the election would be thrown in his favor, and that the methods could not be detected. While this is not proof by itself, it is indeed plenty of reason to place this salesman on the stand and ask him some very simple and direct questions. And when he contracts himself, as he did in saying regarding Flynn that it was fake news but real leaks that they were then going to proceed against, logic itself can convict him for all to see, and logic, not just material evidence, is proof in court.

   I am also convinced that Donald Trump is guilty of election fraud because I have seen what has occurred on the internet regarding the Fourth Amendment. Companies have been allowed to spy on private citizens because rich companies have given campaign contributions to buy our congress. While most cannot see or reason out the comprehensive significance of this, I wrote in my article “The Eight Reasons for the Fourth Amendment” that this slavish ignorance of the Americans would lead necessarily to tyranny, though I did not see then just how, nor could I suspect how quickly this would occur. Spy-marketing and targeted interference were used through the internet to turn the election, and this is the secret method that the Russians told Trump could not be detected-how could it, especially if we refuse to look? If we do not restore the Fourth Amendment and just say no to the lucrative spy-marketing system, say “get the hell out of our living rooms and bodies” to these slavish money men, we will never ever have another free election, and it is just as simple as that. It is time now for us to overturn the results of this Russian election of 2016, beginning with a trial for impeachment in the Senate. While the American Republicans have indeed recently taken more control of the executive, we are left with a man incapable of the presidency at the helm, to the grave danger of all humanity, not only our nation. The original plan of Putin, to bog us down in a war in the Middle East against as much of Islam as possible, using the fascist leaning of the treasonous republicans, the Bright Bart republicans, while he rolled over Europe, may have been foiled, but we are left prey to Putin’s plan B, and fascism is sure to re-emerge from these “Republicans” as soon as possible. Trump, as said, must either be controlled by Putin, by the fascist leaning residents of our land o by the decent, centrist American Republicans, like John McCain. He had not read the Constitution at the time of his election, and may still have not, which is why he tripped over the constitution at every turn, such as in intimidating the press immediately after he swore the oath of office. Now the attempt at gaining a revote has been interfered with by what I have seen with my own eyes on my own home computer, and I have watched while police would not even look. I might have filed an Amicus Brief, but I was busy trying to persuade my relatives to allow me to do my work, to get rid of the spy-tech and then to not have me involuntarily committed for thinking such thoughts. This is grounds for a second try at the case of Jeroll Sanders to void the 2016 elections due to the requirement that the national government protect the states from foreign interference. How else, in the age of the internet, will the court say the obvious, that it is not constitutional to allow a foreign government to control American elections through the complicity and intimidation of emerging tyrants and an emerging tyranny? The majority barely understand what tyranny is, and my own Representative, Tim Walberg, does not understand the difference between liberty and tyranny, but our founding fathers did, and our constitution does.