Reuters Reports Russian Plot to use Internet to turn the 2016 Election

   Ned Parker of Reuters has reported documents outlining a Kremlin attempt to use the internet to elect those favorable to Russian influence. The documents are from a Russian based think tank, and the plan was to use Russian propaganda through the media. This was reported early Monday morning, April 19th on NPR from the BBC. About the same time, 4 AM, it was reported that the Facebook algorithm could be used by campaigns, for example to stop people from voting or to influence the vote, and there are as yet no laws against this. The utter stupidity of the Americans, who cannot put together the ideas of the spy-marketing system, targeted interference and Russian involvement in the 2016 election, is absolutely astonishing. While General Hayden has called this the “greatest covert operation in History,” Congress seems quite prepared to deliberate the hacking of the DNC for a year, and do absolutely nothing about the whole episode.

   The attempt to gain a revote through Supreme Court case # 16-907, to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, treating the influence through the internet as a foreign invasion under Article IV of the Constitution was interfered with. I received a long string of comments on all the tweets I had posted that angered the Russians, and a simultaneous phone call to “Stop what you are doing right now,” and go get 10,000$ by answering some telemarketer- surely a mere coincidence. The police would do nothing about the matter, and I was expelled from the internet for 2 and 1/2 months, due also to poverty. This is the third time the Russians or someone pretending to be the Russians has interfered with my work through the internet. Is it ok with our FBI if these things occur? I am afraid to even call them. Is it ok with you all, my fellow Americans? Are we still a free people?

   It is of course very difficult to demonstrate the personal complicity of Donald Trump in the election fraud that carried him though the primaries, the election, the electoral college and now through the denial of the Supreme Court case to overturn the 2016 elections. Committees in both the House and Senate are considering the matter, though none have seen what I saw them do to me on the internet, because our executive agencies refuse to look. Since I was prevented from speech and political action in violation of our Constitution, the Carter Page story and the Jered Keshner stories have emerged. Both were involved in the campaign and with the Russians in significant ways. Micheal Flynn had resigned, and of course Mr. Tillerson owned the building in Russia where Trump himself hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. At some point, must we not ask our House and Senate Intelligence Committees if they cannot see a comprehensive picture? Are there no conspiracies, and must be prey to any conspiracy, just because some hypotheses of conspiracies are mistaken? While it is of course not decisive proof, I was convinced of election fraud when I saw or heard Trump say that the methods of interference with the internet could not be detected. It seemed clear to me then that he does not know this, but that someone told him that the election would be thrown in his favor, and that the methods could not be detected. While this is not proof by itself, it is indeed plenty of reason to place this salesman on the stand and ask him some very simple and direct questions. And when he contracts himself, as he did in saying regarding Flynn that it was fake news but real leaks that they were then going to proceed against, logic itself can convict him for all to see, and logic, not just material evidence, is proof in court.

   I am also convinced that Donald Trump is guilty of election fraud because I have seen what has occurred on the internet regarding the Fourth Amendment. Companies have been allowed to spy on private citizens because rich companies have given campaign contributions to buy our congress. While most cannot see or reason out the comprehensive significance of this, I wrote in my article “The Eight Reasons for the Fourth Amendment” that this slavish ignorance of the Americans would lead necessarily to tyranny, though I did not see then just how, nor could I suspect how quickly this would occur. Spy-marketing and targeted interference were used through the internet to turn the election, and this is the secret method that the Russians told Trump could not be detected-how could it, especially if we refuse to look? If we do not restore the Fourth Amendment and just say no to the lucrative spy-marketing system, say “get the hell out of our living rooms and bodies” to these slavish money men, we will never ever have another free election, and it is just as simple as that. It is time now for us to overturn the results of this Russian election of 2016, beginning with a trial for impeachment in the Senate. While the American Republicans have indeed recently taken more control of the executive, we are left with a man incapable of the presidency at the helm, to the grave danger of all humanity, not only our nation. The original plan of Putin, to bog us down in a war in the Middle East against as much of Islam as possible, using the fascist leaning of the treasonous republicans, the Bright Bart republicans, while he rolled over Europe, may have been foiled, but we are left prey to Putin’s plan B, and fascism is sure to re-emerge from these “Republicans” as soon as possible. Trump, as said, must either be controlled by Putin, by the fascist leaning residents of our land o by the decent, centrist American Republicans, like John McCain. He had not read the Constitution at the time of his election, and may still have not, which is why he tripped over the constitution at every turn, such as in intimidating the press immediately after he swore the oath of office. Now the attempt at gaining a revote has been interfered with by what I have seen with my own eyes on my own home computer, and I have watched while police would not even look. I might have filed an Amicus Brief, but I was busy trying to persuade my relatives to allow me to do my work, to get rid of the spy-tech and then to not have me involuntarily committed for thinking such thoughts. This is grounds for a second try at the case of Jeroll Sanders to void the 2016 elections due to the requirement that the national government protect the states from foreign interference. How else, in the age of the internet, will the court say the obvious, that it is not constitutional to allow a foreign government to control American elections through the complicity and intimidation of emerging tyrants and an emerging tyranny? The majority barely understand what tyranny is, and my own Representative, Tim Walberg, does not understand the difference between liberty and tyranny, but our founding fathers did, and our constitution does.

One thought on “Reuters Reports Russian Plot to use Internet to turn the 2016 Election

  1. I am a broken record! All the above notwithstanding.

    Nothing will happen until those with the power to impeach and convict him do so. When they themselves are existentially convinced that their very lives are imminently at stake they will do it. And then, no matter of legality or rationality will stand in their way. As no matter of legality or rationality, not to mention decency, counts for them to do anything now, it won’t stand in their way then. I am a broken record.

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