Google Lists Long Cancelled Pot Websites Third and Fourth Under mmcdonald77

   As Yahoo was doing previously, Google is allowing someone to slander my website by listing long cancelled Reddit websites related to pot, which that gut calls “trees.” Prior to my first of three death threats, a visitor with “bear” in the name asked me all sorts of questions about “trees,” which I took literally, and entered into a discussion about trees. That person sent me a nice satanic video link on my poetry page, apparently intended to prep me for what I took to be a death threat delivered through a website of another follower, ostensibly centered in Hong Kong. These things occurred just after I was interfered with, having comments and e-mails disappear, after receiving a response to a letter from John McCain, and having e-mails forwarded without permission by the editor of Interpretation magazine, apparently angered because I asked him if he was still free, or a free man. The e-mails were forwarded to former professors, who will not speak to me because I have raised questions, and asked my Senators and Representatives to raise questions, about the involvement of the CIA/ETC. in my education and career following, which involvement has been documented and demonstrated, again plenty enough to raise the questions I want raised. My representatives ignore me, apparently unable to comprehend the question or to imagine overseeing the executive agencies in a free nation.

   Oh yes, one must be mad to think there is anything unusual about a three or four year cancelled pot website being listed third and fourth after ones own website, simply paranoid! Perhaps such a one is “about to do something really scary,” as a Trumpster relative stated, either committing perjury or expressing his own delusion. Ou conversations, which led to the perjurous accusation of insanity by my Trumpster relatives, are completely recorded on phone text messages, and there is not a single thing I said that would allow one to have a man committed, except that the Trumpsters want to intimidate and attack their opponents, and the courts are being used by the rich to do so, while the lawyerless poor have no recourse. Perhaps such a one is a “danger to himself or others,” and must be seized for a nice 20 day vacation. And if his delusions, this Trumpster relative, really did do harm to a poor man who has done nothing wrong nor even said a single thing false, perhaps this one needs a little vacation, complete with free toxic and addictive drugs, if these can be taken in combination with his Oxy. Oxy does not help ones thinking, to say the least. But Donald Trump want to deregulate the companies addicting the Americans to opioids, so that not a one can stand to think.

   Are we simply going to allow actors in our own government to do whatever they like without oversight, paid with U.S. tax dollars to destroy U. S. citizens who have done nothing they do not have a right to do? And when questions are raised, will will simply allow them to attack the one raising the questions, in absolutely any way so long as it is literally unbelievable? Are we going to allow foreign interference in our elections and our government so long as it supports our apparent partisan self interest? The Republicans have allowed and are allowing Russian interference so long as it is useful to them against the Democrats- and again I am not a Democrat but a centrist.

   As it sits, I cannot tell whether it is the Russians or my own FBI slandering me on the internet and in my private life, but if nothing is done about it, they may soon do such things to YOU, if they are not already. Are you proud to be an American in such circumstances?

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